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Clayton Kershaw “absolutely” considering returning to the Los Angeles Dodgers

Clayton Kershaw calmed down some questions about his future with the Los Angeles Dodgers, saying on Sunday that he will “absolutely” consider the possibility of re-signing with the team after the contract expires this season.

The future Hall of Fame pitcher will be 33 years old less than two weeks before the opening day, and because his midfielder has been carrying an elusive championship title, it is widely believed that this may be his last baseball year, let alone with the Dodgers. Together.

The Los Angeles Times profile published earlier this month reinforces this view. Kershaw said he did not discuss a contract extension with the Dodgers and is not sure if he wants to.

Kershaw said in the first media interview of this season: “I am here every year.”

; “I want to reassess at the end of each year to see our situation-as a family, myself, as a team position-and then from there Make a decision. I have no intention of hanging them. I am only 32 years old. I think I have many years left.

“If you ask me now, I really still like to play, and now I feel healthy, I feel the ball is in good condition. I am very excited this year, that is all I mean. [by his answer in the L.A. Times profile]. I focus on this year, trying to win the World Series, and after this year, we will solve the problem. “

Kershaw, a three-time Cy Young award winner, has consolidated his position as the first Hall of Fame. But he experienced a career revival in the shortened season of the 2020 season. He returned to the regular season with a 2.16 ERA, 62 strikeouts and only 8 steps in 58 1/3 innings.

Kershaw signed a three-year, $93 million renewal contract shortly after the end of the 2018 season. In the final year of the deal, he will receive $31 million (partly as a signing bonus).

The Dodgers will exceed the luxury tax threshold this year and have accepted the strong possibility that they will do so again in 2022. They also have the upcoming free agents Corey Seager (after the 2021 season), Cody Bellinger (after 2023) and Walker Buehler (after 2024) to consider.

A source familiar with the team’s thinking told ESPN, but these decisions will not affect their ability to retain Kershaw. If Kershaw ultimately hopes to stay in Los Angeles before 2021, the Dodgers will be motivated to find a way to achieve this goal.

Kershaw said: “I like to be here.” “I love the Dodgers, I love everything about this organization. I’m really lucky, I got as many opportunities as I need to win the World Series, and now we finally win Once again, you just didn’t know “This is not taken for granted.” I really enjoy my time here and continue to do so. “

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