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Cindy McCain looks to the future of the Republican Party: “We must overcome this.”

Former President Donald Trump’s impeachment trial may have ended, but the Republican Party’s future struggle continues. “CBS Sunday Morning” reporter Lee Cowan sat down with Cindy McCain, wife of the late Republican Senator John McCain, to talk about the future.

McCain revealed to Cohen: “I still have some pain and sometimes discomfort. You will say, “Oh, who will listen to me, something is wrong.” She expressed “thank you” for this.

McCain (McCain) is no stranger, because her surname was popular in politics for a while, and she appeared in public with her husband and received enthusiastic applause.

In the late Arizona Senator̵

7;s public service career, she has been by his side for nearly 40 years-including two campaigns for the White House.

She lost Her husband in 2018 Brain cancer.The man who has never been president is Mourn.

Cindy McCain said: “I never thought to say that. I miss the chaos in the house.”

McCain said it was the “chaos” that her husband “want to walk in” and the moment she missed the most since her death.

She said: “There is always action happening. This is always one thing.” “So I miss it. I miss the commotion,… I miss his partnership. And his friendship. And his love. This is-you know, you just-day after day.”

It is said that because of her loss, the Senate also lost its conscience. But McCain believes that it will once again find its moral center.

She said: “Our side swings to the right. It will come back. It will come back.”

McCain said that if you want to know how far the political pendulum has gone, it would be farther than the second impeachment trial of the former president.

She said that his acquittal of charges of inciting a rebellion in the Capitol proved that the Republican Party is in danger of becoming a party defined by a person’s character.

McCain said: “We must overcome this. We must do this. Not just as a party. But as a country. We cannot allow this.”

When asked if she would split within the party, McCain replied “maybe”.

She said: “I know what will happen. I know a lot.” “Otherwise, our party will die.”

McCain said that if her late husband were alive due to the rebellion, he would “walk into the hall and start fighting.”

“I mean, he absolutely-he won’t hide,” she said with a smile. “I promise he will not go to the safe room. I am not saying that there is anything wrong with going to the safe room. But-it’s just that he is a fighter. He will never stay by and let this happen. He just won’t do it. .”

In the months before the attack, Cindy McCain publicly urged her Republican colleagues to support the party’s Trump faction and voted for Joe Biden as president.

Looking back, McCain said that this was not a decision she made lightly.

She said: “I thought about it and prayed for it.” “I can no longer sit down and yell at the TV like everyone else, what is going on, and complain without doing anything. So I Doing the only thing I know, this is to support him.”

McCain also responded to rumors about possible roles. Biden Administration -Commit to “do whatever the president wants me to do”.

“If he comes back to suggest,’Look, we need you here, I want you to do something.’ Of course I will. You can’t refuse, when a president makes a decision, you say to you,’We need you ,'”she says.

McCain and the Biden family have been friends for a long time. In 1979, the current first lady Jill Biden recommended John McCain to Cindy Lou Hensley at the time.

“It was at a cocktail party in Hawaii, and I was with my parents. Jill is that person-‘Why don’t you go over and talk to him?’ I think he is walking towards me. I’m not paying attention anyway,” she Say.

John McCain later joined Biden in the Senate. Although their views on the aisle are different on many issues, their friendship has never wavered.

“I watched my husband arguing and fighting with Joe Biden, Ted Kennedy and others. But he did it for the benefit of the country. This is what we do now. We must do it for the benefit of the country. , McCain said.

However, she said: “This is by no means private.”

McCain said: “They are best friends.”

However, her recognition of the current president is the personal responsibility of the Arizona Republican Party, which voted to condemn McCain’s apparent betrayal in support of the Democratic Party.

McCain said of this move: “God, this is ridiculous, I’m sorry.” “Arizona Republican Party has many names that have been censored… I’m going to make a T-shirt with all the names printed on it.”

But she is not just a maverick wife, Cindy McCain has her own political life. She has a long history of advocating human rights issues around the world and has always been a strong advocate for veterans and their families at home. In 2019, McCain served as an observer in the Ukrainian election.

She is currently the chairman of the board of the McCain Institute for International Leadership, where she focuses most of her energy on measures to combat human trafficking.

However, McCain never had any desire to run for office by herself, and said she still did not.

The widow discovers her own rhythm of life without a spouse, feels joy among her grandchildren, and spends time with her family.

During the pandemic, she and her daughter-in-law have started creating recipes that she calls “isolation cocktails”-and posting them on Instagram, which have become popular.

McCain smiled and said, “It did take off, I didn’t expect it.”

One of the most popular is her mixed margarita margarita:

  • 1 cup frozen fresh watermelon chunks
  • 8-10 ounces of tequila
  • 4 ounces for three seconds
  • 4-6 ounces freshly squeezed lemon juice
  • 10 ounces fresh watermelon juice
  • Fresh watermelon triangle (for decoration)

Lee Cowan’s comment “It’s powerful, but it’s good!”

Although Cindy McCain was toasting, she toasted and had fun-a stroke in 2004 made her mobility and mental state very rough.

In order to cheer up, McCain returned to the love he had loved for a long time-especially cars, especially racing cars-and took a drift racing art class.

She said that returning to her favorite hobby “100%” contributed to her recovery.

She said: “Learning to celebrate what I can do, it means everything to me.”

McCain faced her fear of speaking the same way. She bought a Cessna-182 there in the 1980s and learned to drive it herself.

She said: “Fear of flying is ridiculous for me. So I think I will do it to increase my confidence. At least I will know what happened. And I fell in love with it.”

However, grief has proven to be a greater obstacle to climbing. She moved out of the Arizona house she shared with the senator and bought a house near Phoenix, where she grew up.

However, Senator John McCain is still faintly visible-Cindy McCain’s new house has spread throughout his life. The shoes that McCain wore when he first ran for Congress in 1982 were burnt.

McCain smiled and said, “The bronzing company wrote back to me saying:’Are you sure to make these shoes?'” “‘We usually get these baby shoes!” I said, no, I want them! Look at the hole and everything! “

John McCain was a war hero and politician, for which history will record his achievements.

But for Cindy McCain, it has more personality. She said that his politics is rooted in the family, which is still the most important.

She is seeking to inherit his estate-what McCain says she needs to do.

She said: “This is the right thing. Maybe for my grandchildren. This is also part of it.” “I want them to know him. Even if they never do it, they never will. I want them to know he.”

The McCain Institute’s website provides more information about Cindy McCain’s work, including the latest plans, True friends don’tIt aims to raise “awareness and increase the awareness of parents, caregivers and young people aged 8-16 about online safety and the risks that young people may face online”.

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