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Chuck Schumer has big ideas-the deadlocked Senate is damned

His personal interests at this political moment cannot be underestimated: After spending Donald Trump’s presidency to lead a minority ethnic group, that ethnic group was trampled on by the Republican Party’s sharp tax cuts and three conservative Supreme Court justices, Shu Mo is seeking re-election next year, becoming one of the three in the three-person alliance. Democratic leaders can achieve achievements comparable to those of Roosevelt’s New Deal.

That is to say, if they can achieve the next more difficult legislative feat by investing more than $2 trillion in new expenditures into the economy and at the same time canceling the tax cuts of the Trump era. Schumer has sold this idea to his caucus and the American public.

Schumer said on the phone during a visit to counties in New York this week that the continued and significant increase in work, wages and productivity “will change the United States.”

; Americans’ optimism about the United States will return to the United States again, and the sourness of the land will also Will reappear because people worry about their lives. Futures-will dissipate. “

Of course, even with these attractive possibilities, Democrats have never been easy to lead. This is why Schumer tries to maintain momentum, because he always knows the risk of introvertedness.

Senate members have stated that he may be able to avoid Republican obstruction many times in this Congress, which may enable him to pass a number of comprehensive economic bills and redefine how the majority exercise power in Congress. Almost any plan he can pass can certainly include his electric car plan and his efforts to formulate Trump’s hawkish policy on China, while Schumer had no results in the Trump era because he might become independent. Republican buyer.

Schumer, the leader of the majority party, confidently said that “failure is an infeasible option”. This is a political blade, sometimes a trader, to appease progressives and avoid confrontation with moderate parties. As Senator Joe Manchin (D.Va.) said, the word “bold” never came to his mind, because he drew up a route for a fragile majority vote that lacked the right to vote, but they also united in worship. Deng succeeded. it.

After many dramatic changes in the 11th hour, Schumer persuaded Manchin to adopt a partisan approach to Biden’s $1.9 trillion coronavirus law. But his next round of legislation will be more difficult than the emergency “Kvid” package, which was reversed on a tight schedule due to the expiration of unemployment benefits.

“This will be a huge challenge. Schumer admits, “Everyone will have a different view. However, the advantage of the Biden administration is that they are very willing to listen to opinions. “

Manchin has raised the level of the bill to increase corporate tax rates, and said that six Democrats want to reshape a broader proposal. Although Schumer has memorized the phone number of Ron Klain, the White House chief of staff, and often has conversations with Biden and senior officials, ordinary Democrats who helped establish Schumer’s majority also want to express themselves the opinion of.

Senator Mark Warner (Virginia) said: “Chuck has done a great job of bringing together very different cores, but we all have different ideas.”

The neutralist Warner said he has not had the opportunity to help formulate Biden’s plan. But the fingerprints of majority leader are all over the Democratic agenda. Schumer, a member of the Democrats, is pushing Biden to expand his coronavirus spending bills, adding funds to entertainment venues, states, cities, and public transportation-all of which is great for New York. It is very important and the key to his smooth promotion to the fifth term.

During the campaign last summer, Schumer began to push his clean car bill to Biden’s campaign policy adviser. According to people familiar with the matter, once Biden wins the White House in November, Schumer will continue to lobby to ensure that the president’s “Building Better Proposals” include major regulations for phasing out gasoline-powered cars.

White House spokesperson Andrew Bates referred to Schumer as Biden’s “extraordinary partner.”

Bates said: “Schumer is “relentlessly and competently with the comprehensive efforts of a diverse democratic core group to pass historic legislation to defeat this epidemic and reverse our economic situation.” Biden “appreciates. They share values ​​and regard their relationship as the key to restoring trust in the government. “

For now, Schumer’s China and electric vehicle legislation seems popular enough to survive the bargaining in the next few weeks-at least among Democrats.

“There is never a guarantee; I have to work hard to see it. I am very happy that the Biden administration includes both of them. I think they have broad support.” Schumer said. In the China package, he added that the Republican senator. “Todd Young is my sponsor. He has been working hard on the Republican side and we have been discussing.”

Young (R-Ind.) had a different view of the situation and warned Schumer not to include his legislation in the settlement plan. Schumer’s congressional committee is studying its Chinese legislation and hopes to produce a work product and vote this spring. However, if it fails, he can try to unilaterally pass Chinese hawks legislation.

“Adopting partisan tax and spending proposals and increasing bipartisan bills will not reduce partisanship. While discussing the Infinite Border Act, young senators have been warning that adding non-Chinese clauses will end any hope of Republican support. Indiana · Young’s spokesperson said.

Regarding electric vehicles, Senator Susan Collins (R-Maine) complained that Biden’s package focused more on electric vehicles than on “traditional infrastructure” such as roads and bridges. For Republicans, she said, this is “a signal that this has been used as part of the Green New Deal, a means of large-scale policy changes, rather than modernizing and rebuilding our infrastructure.”

For Schumer, this is the point.

“I said yes. We all need it. This bill has both. It has one of the largest traditional infrastructure financing [numbers] He said that we have seen it for a long time, and it recognizes a new type of infrastructure. The connection between the two is work. “

The impression of Republicans is that Democrats are preparing to lose the House of Representatives and Senate and are striving to pass the majority before the difficult midterm elections in history.

But Schumer is not ready to push the current trillion-dollar Biden into the most fertile legislative period. In addition to the multi-gunners who passed large-scale legislation in the next 18 months, after McConnell transformed the court into a conservative authority, he still needs to do a lot of work to restore the work of the judiciary.

Schumer said: “Until the mid-term, we will continue to work hard.” “We still have a lot to do.”

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