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Chrishell Stause responds to criticism of family photos

Chrishell Stause understands (but does not apologize for this) the criticism of family Christmas gatherings during the coronavirus pandemic.

The 39-year-old “Selling Sunset” star expressed angry comments to fans in a series of group photos shared by fans, saying that she and her family were tested for COVID-19 before and after the celebration.

“For those who raise Covid issues, I understand and agree that this is not a good use for my platform. I usually always try to take social responsibility for my posts, because I am naturally a compassionate person. She is here Wrote on Instagram.

Stause’s boyfriend Keo Motsepe is also in the photo. She said her followers may not agree with the party, but she hopes they can “see where I come from”.

She wrote: “This is the first Christmas when our mother is absent. It is important to get together during a difficult year.


7;s mother died of cancer throughout the summer. Her father died in 2019.

As for Motsepe, she said: “​​Keo has brought such delightful happiness, I am very happy to selfishly post.

Stause, who separated from “This Is Us” star Justin Hartley (Justin Hartley) last year, confirmed his relationship with “Dancing with the Stars” professional player Motsepe earlier this month. She and Hartley have been married for two years.

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