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Chris Harrison said that Clare Crawley had no other leader to make it to the final, right?

Until now, Clare Crawley bachelor It is about to end, and Tayshia Adams is about to intervene. Twelve days later, Crawley said goodbye to all the other contestants to focus on the only one she wanted: Dale Moss.

Host Chris Harrison said in a recent interview that no other leader can reach the finals as quickly as Crowley. But is this the complete story?

Dale Moss and Claire Crowley
Dale Moss and Clare Crawley | Craig Sjodin via Getty Images

Chris Harrison’s comments on Clare Crawley’s early end of the “bachelor” season

After Crawley “liked” a Twitter clue that she was “powerful,” Harrison accepted an interview with tonight’s entertainment show.[d] Production”. His response to this was that it was Crowley’s choice to leave.

He also talked about the speed at which Crawley was placed on the moss.

“When it comes to the first night, I’m more just to capture that moment, and then hold on to that moment,” he said, his reaction to Crowley’s statement about meeting her husband after Moss entered. “I kind of thought,’This will be great because we won’t be moving in this direction in a week or two. It’s funny because she fell so hard for this guy and feels very strong, but here we are On the other road. This is often what happens.”

He continued: “This is not what happened here, it was just the tip of the iceberg, and it became more severe in this direction.” “So, I go back there, and then I want to go,’Wow, well, maybe she’s here On something, maybe she does have that strong feeling.'”

The host went on to say that he “has never seen such a heavy lead fall on “First Night”.”

“I once had a clue that said,’Wow, I was really scared to death. He said, “I really like that person,” and finally got together with that person, but that was not an accidental experience, “Let’s Stop this feeling”.

Other examples of the rapid decline of bachelors

In an interview with former bachelor Nick Viall Vail FileABC executive Robert Mills said that it is not uncommon for clues to consider ending time as early as possible. But this has never been as serious as Crowley.

“As a leader, you will feel for a moment,’I’m done, I’m out,'” he said to Viall who agreed. “[But production never thought]”Oh my God, what if they meet this person [early on] And we must close the whole process. ‘”

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Mills also cites other instances where bachelors have long fallen into their favorites. Andi Dorfman’s relationship with Josh Murray and JoJo Fletcher’s relationship with Jordan Rodgers are famous.

“Nick didn’t offend you, but I think Andy’s season is a bit problematic. … Actually it was always Josh.” Mills said. “JoJo will be on the court later this season and she will be [Chris] Harrison also talked a little with her. …This is the biggest worry right now [that] From episode 1 to episode 10 is just Dale. “

Hannah Brown also said that it was love at first sight for the controversial player Luke P.

Clare Crawley is the only single woman to end the season early

Dorfman, Fletcher and Brown may have commented on their forwards early. Comments like this: “Can we solve it sooner?” Re-hold the cocktail party or mention that they want to be one-on-one with others.But we didn’t hear any sound bites because we usually don’t understand leads true Until the end of the season

Harrison responded in a Twitter post in an interview with ET that Crowley was “force.”[d] come out. “Since Crawley liked this tweet, many fans speculated that she agreed.

Although Harrison insisted that Crowley left La Quinta alone, it’s interesting that Undergraduate, No leader has done this before.

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“I think they are trying to force her out of reality. According to reports, she resigned twelve days after the filming and locked herself in her room and would not come out. It is hard to believe that considering she wanted How bad it is,” ET reported. “And I really think they did a bad editor for her (just my opinion). They are narrating and rumoring, it seems that Claire’s decision is over. I don’t think it is the case.”

We just have to wait and see what the conversation between Crowley and Harrison sounds like when the Sacramento decides to leave. Did Crowley really “explode to death?” bachelor? “Still sticking an explosive to her back for production purposes.

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