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Chicago White Sox DH Yemin Mercedes started season 8, and won the Major League Baseball (MLB) championship.

Welcome to the record, Yermin Mercedes.

The rookie of the Chicago White Sox scored three-pointers in the first three games against the Los Angeles Angels on Saturday, and increased from the 20th season to 8 into 8 lives. This is the most consecutive shooting percentage in any season since the modern era (since 1900 ).

Mercedes (Mercedes) entered the Major League Baseball this season and achieved a 1-0 record in 2020. In the past two games, Mercedes has started playing DH and his two hits have hit the Angels-five of the eight hits have come and two strikes.

After getting a home run in the second inning on Saturday to make his first professional home run, Mercedes hit the sixth inning for the eighth time in a row, and the double shots bounced off the warning track on the left center line.

After the White Sox lost 5-3 at Anaheim, Mercedes said: “I just want to wait for my pitch, not do too much.”

; “Just stay there and swing. . Whether it’s two strikes or no strikes, I just want to watch the ball.”

Eight hot spots:


on Saturday

  • 6. The 421-foot home field escaped from Alex Cobb’s 2-2 splitter

  • 7. The ground ball came out of Cobb’s 1-2 sinkers

  • 8. From Cobb’s 1-0 drop ball to the left deep center doubled

In the ninth batting, Mercedes flew to midfield to end the winning streak. He ended four-thirds of the game with two RBIs and scored a goal on Saturday.

Manager Tony LaRussa said: “All his hits were caught, and he has been making us work hard to win.” “He took a good approach, especially two strikes.”

Mercedes is a 28-year-old rookie who has rebounded in three organizations, was originally signed by the Nationals, and was with the Orioles before the White Sox signed him in 2018. But Eloy Jimenez’s injury extended the game time, and DH Andrew Vaughn is expected to start the first two games on the left court.

La Russa said that Mercedes was supposed to take a vacation on Saturday night, but he entered the lineup with a 5-5 night.

Mercedes spends most of his time in the catcher’s minor leagues, but does have a professional minor league average of 0.302, and in 2019, he has had 95 games between Double-A and A 23 home runs reached .317 / .388 / .581. Triple A.

Mercedes said of his beginnings: “I never imagined it. This is great for me.” “Now, this is a new day for me. I want to continue to be in good shape and take my own I want to play every day and I’m very excited about it.”

Before Mercedes, Cecil Travis was the only player to achieve five successes for the first time in his career since 1900. He entered in 1933 with a 7-5 record. Senator from Washington.

The total record of consecutive hits at any time in a season is 12, composed of Johnny Clin (1902) of the Cubs and two Red Sox players, Pink Higgins (1938) and Walter Debord (1952). )share together.

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