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Check out Thanos Dance and Emote

Fortnite Players find that Thanos is much less daunting when dancing, dancing and the rest of the best dances of the Battle Royale game

With Thanos now in Fortnite thanks to the crossover event Avengers: Infinity War it did not take long for players to realize that the big guy himself can do everything from the emotes that could be normal characters. This means that from Orange Justice to bring the L to float, nothing is taboo for players, if they are lucky enough to get the Infinity Gauntlet first.

The above video comes from YouTube users drawohkan and is one of the better emote compilations without intrusive elements. You will see that Thanos plays all of the above dances as well as many other Fortnites best emotes. The purple Titan looks pretty ridiculous if it makes any moves, but the Float Dance may be one of its best. There's also a bit of Thanos gameplay showing that Thanos is just as capable of knocking out opponents as he breaks out some dance moves.

If the first video could not satisfy your need for Thanos-Emotes, it's not like you have to go far to find more. This video was just one of many options on YouTube that included compilations of Thanos emotion and dance. Over in the Fortnite Battle Royale sub editorial, players are constantly recording their own emote adventures in-game. Some emotes are even significant enough to show their own individual clip, such as the one with which the world was blessed, as Thanos dabbed. A redditor even has the task of creating a list of all possible emotes with the help of other players. The list is already growing, as more and more players are playing with their own contributions to the collection.

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