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Changes to Fortnite’s “Arena” mode in Season 6

The new competitive preseason will help Epic Games decide the best thing left in the casual game mode.

For the past two years, the arena playlist has been the core portal for Fortnite to enter competitive games. It is used to gain access to cash prize tournaments, and for many people, it is largely our closest thing to the ranking model.

Except for the adjustments to the division and points system in August 2019, since the arena was released in Chapter 8, Chapter 1, there have been very little changes. However, it seems that at least some minor changes are being made.

Previously, Arena Hype has been reset to 0 at the beginning of each new season. However, for Season 6, Epic has confirmed that this will not happen immediately.

In the latest FNCS status update, they explained that the “competitive preseason” will be held from March 16 to 23 for a week. After this period, the points will be reset as usual.

The preseason is designed to give players the opportunity to test any new items, mechanics, and gameplay features that may be introduced, and to provide feedback to developers.

At this time, it is not clear how exactly this feedback will be obtained. Epic may have conversations with some professionals and analysts, or they may just use email or in-game surveys.

If executed correctly, this will help avoid previous problems, such as defeating fabulous loot and unnecessary AI characters, making it a highly competitive game. In any case, this is definitely a big step in the right direction.

In addition, earlier this week, the @FNCompetitive Twitter account announced that “Arena Duos is no longer available in OCA regions.” The post also pointed out that they will continue to offer Arena Solos and Trios “for the time being”.

Although this may seem trivial to people outside of OCE, it shows that developers are actively seeking ways to improve the arena experience. Of course, this may be just to reduce queue time, but this may lead to greater changes in the future.

Many people in the community agree that Arena should have been completely reworked long ago. In the current system, individual rankings hardly reflect their true skills, and there is little motivation to compete in an “appropriate way of competition.”

This competitive preseason idea, as well as increased transparency and communication skills, demonstrates Epic’s commitment to the scene. Maybe this means that fans who want more support from Arena are hopeful.

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