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Cashier-free Amazon Go stores come to Chicago and San Francisco

  Amazon Go Outside

Amazon's Grocery Store of the Future Comes to San Francisco and Chicago

The company expands its experimental Amazon Go Store into both US cities, but has not said when would open. It has published job listings for city store managers on its own website, which were first noticed by the Seattle Times.

Amazon confirmed that it expanded into the two cities, but did not say when. Previous reports from Curbed and the San Francisco Chronicle found evidence that Amazon viewed retail space in the two cities.

There is currently only one Amazon Go Store: a small room in the center of one of Seattle's skyscrapers, which was opened to the public in January.

The store uses a collection of cameras and sensors to constantly monitor customers and inventory as they move. Buyers need to open the Amazon Go app to enter them, and any products they take out of the store will automatically be charged to their account when they leave the store.

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There are no cashiers, but there are many human employees who fill shelves, check identification for wines and work safety.

Amazon is already in the grocery store. In addition to its own selection of food for online purchases and the Amazon Fresh caterer, Amazon owns Whole Foods. She bought the upscale chain in June 201

7 for $ 13.7 billion.

  Amazon Go inside

While the Amazon Go store in Seattle does not carry the branding of Whole Foods, it has many of the store's 365 branded products in store.

CNNMoney (San Francisco) First published May 14, 2018: 9:19 pm ET

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