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Can Trey Sermon be the next Ohio State RB to beat Nick Saban’s defense?

A casual smile will give you the first sight. Then came the omniscient, perfectly timed camera.

Everything Ohio State University (Trey Sermon) can do-after officials reviewed whether he scored a touchdown against Clemson in the semifinals of last week’s college football playoffs, did it for television ready. He knows-we all know-he obviously doesn’t.

Maybe this joke is on the rest of us. Of course, it becomes an instant meme. No, the smiles and eyes didn’t make the officials sell on touchdowns that never happened. However, Servin’s thoughtful expression pursed with his lips turned into an unstoppable playoff force like his Ezekiel Elliott in three seconds, sending a message:

Hey, world, I have always been here.

After two games, Sermon ran for 524 yards and scored 3 touchdowns, which became the biggest revelation to Ohio State’s offense. It was not until after he defeated the Northwest in the Big Ten team that the world had just See it championship game. His rise took several years, first as a good high school recruit, then as a defender from Oklahoma. He slowly fell from the top of the depth map, and now he is a terminator-like troop, ready to push away. And he passed the defender to prove his quest at last.

Preaching is on the verge of what Ohio State University (Elioott) did before winning the national championship last time in 2014. Elliott created the three most dominant games in the school’s history. In the Big Ten Championship and CFP semifinals and championship games, 696 yards and eight touchdowns carried the Buckeyes-that’s how it was based on its elite , Subordinate support.

Now, no one will lose this comparison, because the No. 3 Buckeyes are ready for the No. 1 Allah in the American College Football Playoff National Championship held by AT&T at Hard Rock Stadium in Miami Gardens, Florida on Monday. Bama (8pm EST, ESPN) and ESPN applications). In fact, Sermon surpassed Eliot in both playoff games.

Simon said this week: “I have encountered a lot of great errands here-and Zeke is one of the best-it is an honor to participate in this conversation.” “With the help of the offensive line, I can so far The work done makes me very happy.”

The SFC has done this in a resilient way, which has become one of his hallmarks. And to understand why he continues to work under such uncertain circumstances-between the current season itself and his role in the team-you have to understand his mother.

Natoshia Mitchell survived abuse and domestic violence, and survived. Her 2-year-old son died in 1993, six years after Trey was born. At that time, her boyfriend was convicted of murdering a baby and sentenced to life imprisonment. Mitchell testified against him in the trial. Mitchell endured the pain and immeasurable loss, and turned to grandmother and aunt for help. She began to think about her life. What does she want? Does pain define her or is she able to move forward and use her experience to help others?

Mitchell decided she wanted to be a role model for others. After her child divorced Trey’s father when she was in elementary school, she began to change her life. She moved with Trey from the Bay of the same name to Trey, Florida, and his sister Oneisha got a new job and started working again.

She said in a recent telephone interview in Georgia: “I am sure I will be my best mother to my children, and I am sure I will maintain a good relationship with them.”

Mitchell stopped dating, focused on them, went back to school, and always paid attention to who was next to her child. She invited Trey to play football when she was 5 years old, and Oneisha started cheering. Trey started to defend, and Mitchell fondly recalled that every time he confronted someone, the announcer would say: “The Terminator is attacking again!”

They eventually moved to Marietta, Georgia, and Trey started running at Sprayberry High School. He originally intended to make a breakthrough in junior high, but after getting a touchdown pass in the preseason, he landed on the helmet and injured his back. The doctor initially thought it was a kind of pressure, so he participated in the competition next week. At the time, his coach Billy Shackelford (Billy Shackelford) recalled that the sermon had a 200-yard sprint distance.

Shackleford said in a telephone interview: “This guy can hardly bend over to touch his toes.”

The sermon went to the doctor again, because he was very painful. He fractured his bone.

Shackleford said: “It was an honest mistake, but he actually ran for 200 yards and broke.” “This is a perfect example of his resilience, tenacity, love of the game and ways to overcome. . He usually encounters obstacles and tries to find gold from the situation. This is a real wealth for him, the way he grows and eventually grows. The warrior in his heart.”

Mitchell said her insurance did not cover all the necessary rehabilitation and treatment for Trey, so she sold the car and moved out of the apartment with the children for 11 months. She used the money she saved to get Trey’s top care.

She said: “I just want to make sure he gets the best treatment. I want to afford the extra treatment.” “I’m sure he will get better, and he did.”

By his senior year, scholarships began to appear. The sermon finally decided to be established in Oklahoma. In 2017, Sermon was the 12th freshman of the year, ranking second in the team with 744 sprints and 5 touchdowns. His first professional result was at Ohio Stadium-Baker Mayfield (Baker Mayfield) 10 yard catch-won the Sooners 31-16 victory, during this period, Mayfield famously inserted in the midfield The flag of Oklahoma.

Although he rushed for 947 yards as a Sooners starter in the following season, Sermon seems to have fallen out of favor in the 2019 rotation. His season ended in November that year after he tore the collateral ligament of his knee. In March, he announced that he would be transferred. Sermon insisted that he just wanted to start again, but Mayfield suggested in a tweet that Oklahoma state back coach Jay Boulware (who left Texas after last season) had The following answer:

Sermon finally chose Ohio State because he had a good relationship with running guard coach Tony Alford during his high school recruitment. But the pandemic has brought new challenges. The preaching had to continue to repair the knee injury, and Columbus did not allow face-to-face exercise. Finally, he worked out with trainers in Houston and Georgia. When he was finally able to start working with his teammates, his long-term relationship with Buckeyes quarterback quarterback Justin Fields helped them transition easily. Even so, the sermon still missed the conditioning procedures throughout the offseason, and also missed the opportunity to develop natural chemistry and rhythm, which requires running to find success.

When the Big Ten decided to postpone the start of autumn in early August, his plan to start again almost disappeared. To make matters worse, Big 12 chose to participate in the competition. Preacher had to sit down and watch his old teammates start their season, and he didn’t know whether he would get the opportunity he desperately wanted.

Mitchell said: “He was destroyed.” He said: “I can’t prove my true identity.” This is the biggest thing for him, he thought: “No one can see who I am or I can What to do. They saw a little bit, but they haven’t seen the real me.” I have been trying to encourage him, and he came back later and he said, “Mom, I think we will have a season.” I said, “You You must continue to work; you must continue to believe.”

After the Buckeye was launched in late October, it was difficult to find a role in the sermon due to the first job of Master Teague III. In the first four games, Sermon made 45 passes for 232 yards and no touchdowns. But Ohio State University coach Ryan Day said that he noticed a change in the Michigan State University game on December 5th because the sermon started to have a better sense of offense, and he gained with 10 yards of passing speed. 112 yards and two touchdowns.

Despite this, Day can never predict what will happen next. Ohio State University and Fields won nothing in the top ten championship games with Northwest Airlines. Then Teague was injured. Day fully believes in Sermon, and the latter responded with a school record of 331 yards and two touchdowns, almost similar to his total score of 344 in the first five games.

Dai said: “You are seeing the best version of Trey.” “The best part is that when everything happened, he never complained about my office in the future, never said:’I need More things to carry with him, none of these things. He just goes to work every day.”

Although Fields rebounded with an outstanding six touchdowns in the CFP semifinals against Clemson, it is unforgettable that Sermon scored 193 in addition to his instant memes. The rushing and scoring of yards gained an advantage. (By the way, his mother said that he has been giving it to her and his sister.)

Mitchell played in the semi-finals in New Orleans. She said she plans to be in Miami with her 9-year-old granddaughter A’mia on Monday night, and A’mia maintains a close relationship with Uncle Trey.

Mitchell kept his promise to help others and wrote a book about her experience, entitled “When My Soul Cries: Healing, Forgiveness, and Release”. She is expected to receive a PhD in psychology from the University of Arizona in April. She also founded Aith by Faith Inc., a non-profit organization for domestic violence and family bereavement, aiming to provide resources and help for those in need.

The resilience shown by Mitchell has set a lifelong example for her two children.

“I just saw all the things she went through, how she can persevere and continue to work hard for our family. I think that has helped me throughout my career because I have faced many challenges and a lot of adversity. “But I know that the end of the tunnel lights up again, so I just have to keep working hard, I know everything will be rewarded.”

It’s like he’s always here.

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