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California State Capitol “Everyone is on high alert”

The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and others have warned that the siege of the U.S. Capitol last week may cause repercussions across the country, and law enforcement officials are taking “additional security measures” at the Capitol in Sacramento, California.

Efforts, which can be described as cautious, are astonishing, to rob statehouses and the government against white supremacists and other radical supporters of President Trump, who actively encourage unfounded conspiracies. On questioning the victory of President-elect Biden in November.

Officials declined to disclose the details of the new security measures or whether they have any specific information on the planned violence in Sacramento, but said that they were working on the inauguration of Biden on January 20. Increase preparation for problems.

“Any potential threat to the security of the Congress has been taken very seriously,”

; said Alisa Buckley, a military sergeant in the California Congress. “In view of the recent armed protests in the U.S. Capitol, the General Assembly is taking more security measures, although we will not publicly disclose the nature of these security measures.”

State Senator Katrina Rodriguez of the Senate said that the Senate “keeply monitors potential security challenges and threats” and will “implement other security measures.”

Two state legislators-Senators Henry Stern (D-Canoga Park) and Tom Umberg (D-Santa Ana)-also announced plans to enact legislation requiring the legislature to establish new departments. It specifically targets white nationalist movements and domestic terrorism.

Stern said in a statement: “We must not only make a strong condemnation, but also make a specific response to this threat to family safety.”

Outside the State Capitol on Monday, the number of law enforcement officers has increased significantly from the previous few days.

At about noon, when an anti-vaccine group was scheduled to protest, dozens of California highway patrol personnel scattered around the ground. Near the main entrance, legislators are usually crowded, and the sidewalks for staff and visitors are blocked by roadblocks and are closely monitored by officers wearing plain clothes, uniforms and riding horses.

Only four women participated in the protest and were held at the other end of the roadblock.

Governor Gavin Newsom said on Monday that “everyone is on high alert to ensure everyone’s safety” and “can increase people’s freedom of speech without violence.”

The governor said he plans to call in the National Guard to support law enforcement “as needed” in the next few days. A National Guard source familiar with national intelligence said that they do not currently expect a large number of protesters in Sacramento, but there are still several guards ready to deploy.

The California Highway Patrol is responsible for protecting the Capitol and is supported by local police. The state patrol said that “personnel are ready to respond to protect state property and ensure public safety when necessary.”

These preventive measures reflect the nervousness of the law enforcement community towards Trump supporters. Many officials have previously regarded Trump supporters as law enforcers and are therefore less likely to challenge the authority of the police than other demonstrators. When the insurgents beat US Capitol police on the road to the Capitol last week, many people changed, which wounded dozens of police officers and killed one police officer.

While conducting the reassessment, law enforcement agencies also received a warning from the FBI this week that Trump’s supporters launched armed protests across the country before Biden’s inauguration.

An unnamed law enforcement official said: “We plan to conduct armed protests in all 50 state capitols from January 16 to at least January 20, and at the U.S. Capitol from January 17 to January 20. Protest.”.

Another law enforcement official told The Times that the FBI notified the police that after pro-Trump organizers saw such a call on the fringe website to take action, they tried to trap extremists into the state capitol, and then further encrypted the message. spread.

When asked about contact with local law enforcement agencies, the FBI said in a statement that it is supporting its state and local partners to maintain public safety.

The FBI said: “Our focus is on identifying, investigating and sabotaging individuals who incite violence and engage in criminal activities.” “Just like we do in the normal course of business, we are collecting information to identify any potential threats. And share this information with our partners.”

The FBI stated that it “respects the right of individuals and parallels their rights to the First Amendment.” The focus of the FBI is “not against peaceful protesters, but against those who threaten their safety and the safety of other citizens with violence and destruction of property. Demonstrator.”

Security breach destroyed the U.S. Capitol Still under investigation last week, the authorities there, including the Chief of Police of the US Capitol and the US House of Representatives and Senate Weapons Sergeants, are under close scrutiny because they are not prepared. Everyone resigned.

The issue of why the National Guard did not stand by to assist the Capitol Police has also sparked controversy. Washington officials have given the green light for large-scale security measures in the national capital before Biden took office, including the reinforced fence around the Capitol and the surrounding area. Thousands of National Guards have been deployed in the area.

Officials in state capitals, including Sacramento, are trying to increase their vulnerabilities, avoid trouble in a similar way and avoid being caught off guard. In Lansing, Michigan, state officials banned people from publicly carrying guns in the Capitol there. In Madison, Wisconsin, the governor deployed the Wisconsin National Guard to the State Capitol to support the police, and the windows of the Capitol were also mounted.

Brian Levine, director of hatred and extremism studies at California State University San Bernardino, said it’s wise for state officials to set a larger border around the Capitol and warn state staff because it might “ “Cascade” threats from the Confederation. Targets like the U.S. Capitol are intensifying.

In Sacramento, attention has increased, in part because the counties north of Sacramento are considered hotbeds of extremist activity.

In order to prevent the spread of COVID-19, since last year, the State Capitol has generally been closed to the public, despite the limited number of participants in hearings or on-site discussions. The Health Protection Center has sealed off the immediate area around the building and restricted access to the Capitol grounds.

Since Biden’s election, the Highway Patrol and local Sacramento police have increased their presence around Congress as small groups of pro-Trump protesters and anti-fascist counter-demonstrators have broken into fights on a nearly week-long basis. The police have blocked the surrounding streets to ban vehicle traffic to prevent pro-Trump supporters of popular music from patrolling the Capitol in their vehicles, as well as less frequent but similar incidents by protesters.

Brian Ferguson, a spokesperson for the California Governor’s Office of Emergency Services, said that the state will call in the National Guard only after all mutual assistance from local agencies has been exhausted.

The Sacramento Police Department issued a statement stating that its criminal intelligence department “continues to monitor information about potential demonstrations that may occur within the Sacramento city area” and that the department is “coordinating with other local allied law enforcement agencies to prevent Any demonstrations in the future.”

On the day Trump supporters rushed into the U.S. Capitol, the U.S. Congress sent more than 200 officials to demonstrate outside the State Capitol. The agency reported the “physical dispute between the two groups of demonstrators” that day and said it arrested 11 “people involved in illegal possession of pepper spray”.

On Wednesday, when Trump supporters and counter-protesters gathered outside Los Angeles City Hall, the Los Angeles police arrested them and sometimes fought. The city hall and the LAPD headquarters across the road are under close surveillance.

LAPD spokesperson Captain Stacy Spell said the department “has planned to increase activities during the inauguration week” and “will have sufficient resources to deal with any situation, maintain order and peace, while protecting and serving all members of the community.”

Spell asked anyone planning to protest in the city in the next few days to “do this in a responsible and safe manner.”

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