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This is what the park looks like when the gate is reopened.

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Under pressure from the entertainment industry and cities that rely on tourism, California Governor Gavin Newsom vowed on Wednesday to take action “very, very quickly” and may reopen Disneyland and other closed theme parks .

In his briefing on the coronavirus and wildfires in the state, he said: “We will announce information related to theme parks and amusement parks as soon as possible.” “I am not going to speak here today, but hope people know that we are actively working in many areas. “

Even the partial reopening will help Anaheim and surrounding cities in Orange County, California, which rely on tourists from all over the world to spend a lot in Disneyland and Knott’s berry farms, hotels, restaurants and shopping areas.

The pressure on Newsom has been increasing.

The mayor of Anaheim, Harry Sidhu, invited Newsom to visit Anaheim to witness the economic damage the pandemic has caused to the city and how it can be reopened to safety. He specifically pointed out that the shopping and dining area of ​​Downtown Disney attached to the 65-year-old theme park has been successfully held, which has been welcoming guests since July.

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Sidul said in his prepared speech: “Don’t get me wrong. This is not a choice between public health and the economy.” “There is a way forward that can prevent new situations and restore our economy.”

Anaheim spokesperson Mike Lyster said the unemployment rate in Anaheim is currently about 15%, up from a peak of about 12% during the recession a decade ago. The city expects a deficit of at least $75 million this fiscal year, rather than a surplus expected before the pandemic.

He added that apart from the convention center, the two largest hotels in the city are still closed.

The person in charge of Disneyland said frankly.

Ken Potrock, president of Disneyland Resorts, said in a statement: “We are disappointed by the state’s lack of progress in providing guidance and clarity in reopening the industry.” We have proven that we can Strict health and safety agreements for responsible management of our properties around the world and Downtown Disney in Anaheim. “

He continued: “The livelihood of thousands of people depends on our ability to operate. We are always ready and willing to speed up discussions with the Governor and his team to make “real progress” in our reopening.”

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The number of COVID-19 cases has dropped enough for Orange County to be reopened by the state to more businesses on September 8. These include 10% of the stadium’s capacity, 25% for indoor dining in restaurants and 25% for cinemas, and 50% for indoor shopping malls and shops.

The mayor’s words were made on the second day of the head of the California Attractions and Parks Association. The members of the association include Disneyland and Universal Studios, and called on Newsom to issue reopening rules.

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Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida has reopened.

CAPA Executive Director Erin Guerrero said in a statement to USA Today: “California’s amusement parks urge the governor to issue amusement park guidelines as soon as possible so that these important community attractions can act responsibly. Ways to reopen the door and return residents to work.”

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