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Bryson DeChambeau’s probing action kicked him out of the Masters

Augusta, Georgia — It is almost certain that Bryson DeChambeau will do something memorable at this year’s Masters. It doesn’t have a tee shot so high in the skies of Georgia that it can’t be seen.

It’s also surprising that this swing and the penalty for losing the ball may cause DeChambeau, his favorite before the game, to miss a chance to advance and be sent home by the 2020 Masters on Saturday. The missing tee on Friday triggered DeChambeau’s three-hole collapse when he hit the ball with a racket on the court and dropped sharply to the leaderboard.

So far, for DeChambeau, it is such a masters. He was flooded at Augusta National Golf Club because of his excellent long-distance driving. But in his first two rounds, keeping the pen-hold shot has been a major problem.

Consider the last two days of communication between the reporter and Jon Rahm, one of DeChambeau’s playmates on Friday night:

Reporter: “Are you involved in finding Bryson’s ball?”

Ram: “Which one?”

talk about it later. DeChambeau’s forced play begins in the third hole.

At that time, DeChambeau scored a par in the championship on Friday, with six holes left in the second round of the elimination game, and he was enjoying a game revival. After the ups and downs in the early hours of Thursday morning, he bounced back to a 2 under par position, which put him lurking behind the foursome and now leads the race: Dustin Johnson, Justin Thomas, Abraham Anchel With Cameron Smith, they both finished the second round with a score of under 9 years old.

The 350-yard par-four hole was originally easy to hunt. On Friday, DeChambeau smashed a ball that landed less than 20 yards from the green and left some tall grass on the left side of the fairway. The ball disappeared on the grass. When played on multiple slow-motion TVs, the white sphere appeared to have dropped about 330 yards from the tee and disappeared when it came in contact with the grass.

In golf, this is referred to as “insertion of the ball” and it is only visible when someone is standing directly on the ball and looking straight down. However, since the 2020 Masters Tournament is played without spectators, no fans are surrounding the hole to guide DeChambeau to the right position.

When De Chambeau reached the landing zone of the teeing zone, it was clear that if he were to find the ball, he would need reinforcements. Augusta National Course is usually an outlier of championship golf courses because of the lack of tall grass outside the fairway. But this is during the traditional April setup period.

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, the game was postponed to November. The game site had some tall grass a few inches high, and Friday’s site was still soaked by the rainstorm the day before.

De Chambeau stepped on the grass near where his ball seemed to land. Ram and their partner, Louis Oosthuizen (Louis Oosthuizen), as well as his caddies and game officials also joined him. Once, a group of 14 people were stepping on the grass, looking for DeChambeau’s Bridgestone golf ball.

According to the TV replay, it appears that they are looking for 10 yards to the left of where they should be searching. A rules official began to time the episode because after three minutes, any ball that was not found was considered lost, which would result in a free throw and require the player to return and replay from the hitting point. This is considered the third time the player hits the ball and is enough to make any golfer feel uncomfortable.

DeChambeau, who was increasingly annoyed, asked the rule officer Ken Tackett schematically when the clock was ticking: “So, you are saying whether we can’t find it-this is a Lost ball?”

Indeed it is. De Chambeau began to wonder aloud whether the wet conditions constituted the so-called “leisure water” in the golf rule book, and whether it would protect him from a free throw and having to return to the teeing ground. Tucker shook his head: No.

When the time is up, the ball is officially lost. DeChambeau climbed into the golf cart and hit another ball from the third tee. It bounces and remains visible, and the hit position is almost the same as the previous ball. But when De Chambeau returned to the scene, it was obvious that the whole incident shocked him.

He sent a short chip, and his fourth time hit the hole and flew 20 yards on the green. He jumped another 15 feet from the hole there. After two putts, De Chambeau had a confusing, frustrating double bogey.

Ram said: “I know it affected him a bit because he didn’t play his best golf since then.”

Ram is very understanding and diplomatic.

DeChambeau looked tired, hooked the driver on the fourth hole, and hit an iron from the rough iron-“Oh, I popped it,” he yelled after the swing.

He started playing faster, and barely zoomed in some shots before hitting, as if he had an Uber car waiting to remove him from the scene. This is an unconscious reaction that any daily interrupter will be aware of-something golfers will do when anger and embarrassment conflict.

Then bogey consecutively on the fourth and fifth holes. DeChambeau, who now refuses to go to the club meeting area, is four shots above par this round.

Ram was also a member of the search team that helped DeChambeau find the ball he exploded in the azalea bushes behind the 13th green on Thursday, and he understood what his companion was going through.

Ram said: “Unfortunately, the rules of golf do not allow you to figure out where it is and continue the game-because he has to serve again.” “I mean, when you make Bryson suffer When hit hard, it barely rotated to a soft area. We all believed it was buried and it would be difficult to find.”

It is commendable that De Chambeau has indeed made a comeback. After the third hole collapsed, he caught 3 birdies in the next 9 holes, but after excellent driving and precise close shots, he missed a four-foot eagle putt on the 8th hole Rod. He hasn’t quit the game yet, despite finding a competitive method that will make an amazing rebound in his last six holes to complete the second round on Saturday.

Ram said: “He is a fighter and is showing it.”

All in all, this is not how DeChambeau wants to make his mark on golf’s most meaningful event.

There was one last insult to DeChambeau’s days: Rahm said that the lost golf ball was found in the tall grass near the third green minute after it was abandoned.

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