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Brave reveals new agent in episode 2

Riot Games revealed that a new agent is coming Value With the release of the second episode, the second episode will be released on January 12. The new character is named Yoru, and it seems that his arrival may represent a major change in the game. This character will provide players with a variety of unique abilities to use in the game, which will make the battle with Yoru a little difficult! The character can be teleported due to the ability of Gatecrash, can use Dimensional Rift to avoid opponents, or use Blindside to throw unstable Dimension fragments, which will flicker when it is connected to the surface.

However, the most interesting feature of Yoru may be Fakeout. As Yoru, players can create echoes that sound like footsteps. As Yoru, the player can send footprints, or place the footprints in an appropriate position to throw away opponents. Sound plays an important role in any FPS title, and this ability makes it harder for opponent players to know if the sound they hear is legitimate or part of a well-designed trick!

The trailer embedded below contains the movie trailer for Episode 2, which includes Yoru.

Riot Games refers to Yoru as the “Infiltrator Duel,” and his abilities seem to reflect this fact.See how Value Players choose new agents and how they find creative uses for their character abilities! Adding any new character to such a game usually makes a big change to the playing field, and the interesting part is seeing the way players respond to the challenge.

Released last year Value It is a team-based tactical FPS. The main mode of the game is to allow players to participate in a five-on-five match. The game currently offers 13 agents with different abilities for you to choose from, and the release of Yoru will double this number.Released on Tuesday Value Episode 2 will also provide a new battle pass, which will last until March 1. Players who missed some of the early appearances in the game can also check out the Run-It-Back bundle, which will provide some early products.

Value It is now available on PC. You can view all our previous reports on the game here.

What do you think of Yoru? Are you interested in being a new broker? Let us know in the comments, or share your thoughts directly on Twitter @Marcdachamp and talk about everything about the game!

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