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“Black Ops Cold War Season 2” reloaded version revealed by Leaker

“Black Ops” season 2 cold war has not ended yet, because a leaker revealed that the “season 2 has been loaded” update is in progress.

“Black Ops Cold War Season 2” is here, and players are already looking forward to the future that this game can provide.

The latest update brings new multiplayer maps, zombie content and more to the title, and so far, it has proven to be quite popular Season. In other words, there have been some complaints.

(Source: Activision)

Since “Battlefield”

; and “Zombies” are the top priority so far, Cold War multiplayer fans are angry with Activision. After all, there is only one new 6v6 map in Season 2 so far.

“Black Ops Cold War Season 2 Reloaded” can really help. And, if we have to guess, in the upcoming update, the Cold War will get one of eight leaked remake maps.

Black Ops Cold War season 2 reload update

According to industry insiders, “Black Ops” and “Cold War Season 2 Reload” have been confirmed to be launched in the future.

In a recent tweet, “Call of Duty” leaker Tom Henderson (Tom Henderson) shared his knowledge of the upcoming update. But it seems that Season 2 will not be the only situation where we will see the term “reload…”.

If Henderson is correct, then each season of the Cold War in Black Ops will undergo a “massive mid-term” update. Just like reloading Season 1, these updates will come with new weapons, maps, modes, and updates.

Black Ops Cold War Season 2
(Source: Activision)

Last time, we got a remade Cold War Express map, as well as some incredible new game modes for multiplayer and zombies. Of course, technically, Fireteam Z is also part of the Reloaded update.

Although the burst mode has been acquired in “Cold War Season 2”, maybe we have another major zombie update in “Reloading”. This may be the long-awaited remake of “Cold War Zombies” by Kino Der Toten, which has been leaked for some time.

If you missed it, then a new Cold War Zombies bug will send out billions of free Aetherium Crystals.

And there is a new way to use it during the XP doubling period, you can easily get a crazy amount of Cold War weapon XP.

At the same time, in the battle royale news, it seems that we already have a release date for the new “War Zone” map, and there is a big nuclear bomb about to head to Verdansk!

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