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Bill & Ted facing music is the movie of the year we lost

Bill and Ted face the music Kind of prank. Franchising filmmaking is now king, so any revival will feel cynical by default. The wonderful adventure of Bill and Ted And its sequel, The false journey of Bill and Ted, Perhaps one of the most cynical movies of all time: sincere play through time and space, and the afterlife starring an idiot who loves rock. They lack any form of edge or hint of darkness (even when going to hell), and they are happy with their lack of skill. There are not many things there, but that is what makes them fascinating. This makes the idea of ​​the third film a bit far-fetched in the 30 years after the release of the first film. But this may be my favorite movie this year.

I see Bill and Ted face the music In the driving theater. This is my partner, what I always wanted to do (test ride, not Bill and Ted), but lack of opportunity. However, in a pandemic, driving in is one of the only safe ways to watch a movie outside your home, so we borrowed a car and drove to see the only new movie that was shown in the driving yard that night. Neither of us have a particularly strong feeling about the movie-we are more excited about the act of watching the movie than the movie itself-but it feels like the right person to see on a warm summer night, the windows are closed, really It̵

7;s terrible to make concessions to keep the food balanced on our legs.

Bill and Ted face the musicLike its predecessors, it is a simple movie. Ted “Theodore” Logan (Keanu Reeves) and Bill S. Preston, Esq. (Alex Winter), has been told since his teenage years that their rock band Wyld Stallyns will create songs that will unite the world. However, they are now middle-aged men, who somehow failed to achieve their goals. Therefore, the world is collapsing. Time and space are collapsing, and the future messenger Kelly (Kristen Schaal) comes to tell Starlings that they must write this song before 7:17 in the evening, otherwise it will be over.

In order to solve the problem with minimal effort, Bill and Ted decided to try the past method: use a time machine to jump to the future where they have written the song and bring it back to the present. This is wrong. When they continue to ignore the present, the duo spends the rest of the film trying to eliminate the increasingly serious mistakes they made in the future.

We have never thought about the present as clearly as we think now. I suspect this is more real than ever. I want to know, will the hindsight reveal this year and how we received it? I watched Bill and Ted face the music Driving in a remote area of ​​New Jersey, because as the world collapses, driving is one of the few diversion routes I can use. That crash was never unexpected. At least in this 91-minute movie, it was about two middle-aged men staring at the end of the world and trying to avoid doing anything.

Always Face music, Bill (Bill) and Ted (Ted) go further and further, discovering that they will never change. Their lives will only get worse, because they will never escape from the problem and solve the problem from the job of trying to deceive themselves. Their future selves Can’t Until Bill and Ted stopped looking for them, and then improved, because that meant they had stopped deceiving the song that saved the universe, and actually started making it.

Last year, I have been planning to get married this month. Like many other things in 2020, this situation no longer happens and has been delayed for a year. I don’t know if that is enough time. I doubt if time is enough. However, this feels trivial. So I don’t know. Instead, I look at all the other things that are angry now, and I feel that way.

I don’t know where to put all my anger. I can send it to the future, and it will look worse if it reaches further afield. I can send it to the past and despair at every incremental step that brings us here. For those who live here now, these two decisions seem to be terrible decisions.

So in the end Bill and Ted face the music, I cried, because it has been a disaster for six months, one thing I haven’t thought of yet. I don’t know if the decision I made today was a right or wrong decision, and my novels have ran out of myself to justify my life, work, and paying bills, just like the world is not burning on fire . The reason why I cry is because we think that the wedding that could have been held may never be held, because no one can realize the tomorrow they hope. I cried because at the end of the movie, everyone indeed Stand up and face the music. Not because they have figured out something, but because they both like hell a lot. That’s all they really know-behave well to each other, and damn it when playing music. This is all I know.

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