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Bill Murray’s golf company responds to legal threats from Doobie Brothers

Attorneys for the golf apparel company of the band Bill Murray responded humorously to Doobie Brothers. The band issued a similar comic letter accusing Murray of using their ” Listen to music” without compensation.

On Wednesday, Doobie Brothers’ lawyers publicly issued a weird legal warning about advertising to William Murray Golf. “This is a good song. I know you agree, because you have been using it in advertising to design zero-damage golf shirts,” wrote lawyer Peter Paterno. “However, since you have not paid to use it, maybe you should change the company name to’Zero Bucks Given’.”


Paterno added: “This is the part of the US Copyright Act that I should invoke, and I feel excly ashamed for not complying with certain clauses that I lazily raised my head and threatened you to do so. But you have already made money from those Garfield movies. And you already know that if you don’t pay, you can’t use music in advertising.”

When hoping to reach an out-of-court settlement, the lawyer finally made the final decision on the comedy and his golf shirt, “If the shirt is not so ugly, we can almost accept it. But it is like that.”

The company of Yoffe & Cooper, a golf company representing Murray, responded to Doobies’ legal notice on Friday night, with a clever letter of its own.

“First of all, when the world and this country can definitely laugh, I want to commend your importance in the law. Your customer’s needs can eliminate the noise of the news cycle and remind us that we are all missing live music these days,” Lawyer Alexander Yoffe wrote.

“We also want to confirm that our company and good friends of William Murray Golf are indeed lovers of Doobie Brothers music, which is why we appreciate your company’s choice of’Takin’ It to the Streets,” not the court, because the court is actually It has been too much in operation”.

The lawyer then pointed out that Howard King, a lawyer at the law firm representing Doobie Brothers, also represented Robin Robine in the singer’s “blurred line” struggle with Marvin Gaye’s property, and added that Doobie Brothers was not subject to the lawyer’s “hurt”. Advertisement for golf company.

“In Mr. Murray’s immortal words-the more relaxed you are, the better everything will be for you… So let us dump and relax, listen to the recently released’Quadio’ box, and plan to have the On the 50th anniversary of its founding in 2021, a certain degree of normalcy has returned.”

“As your client aptly pointed out in this classic song,’What people need is a way to make them smile’-Bill and Doobies have been world-class artists for decades.”

Yoffe ended his response by sending William Murray golf shirts to every member of the band, “and hope that new fans of this brand will win each of you… at least this is’ What this fool believes’.”

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