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Bill Belichick was feared but never loved.Then he stood up to Trump | New England Patriots

largeThe others start with a simple fact: Bill Belichick is a damn good football coach. Let’s take it one step further: After leading the New England Patriots to 9 Super Bowls and winning 6 championships, Berishick has established a very powerful case and became the greatest coach in NFL history. This is another unavoidable fact: Belichick has also received surprising criticism during his 46-year career. Then, on Monday, he did what many people thought was incredible. Belichick is a taciturn, old-fashioned curator who seems to be the opposite of the progressive movement against Donald Trump. After the violent attack on the Capitol by the Maga mob, the President The Medal of Freedom was rejected.

On Monday night, Belichick issued a statement saying that he will continue to fulfill this honor. The statement read: “Recently, I was given the opportunity to receive the Presidential Medal of Freedom. I was flattered out of respect for the honorary representative and admiration for the previous winners. Subsequently, last week̵

7;s tragic incident occurred and I decided not to Advance the award.”

The negative voice stating that “a decision has been made” indicates that this is not just Belichick’s request, but even so, he should be praised for doing the right thing in the end. Despite the incidents last week, Berichik’s rejection of Trump is something that many of the president’s friends and allies have refused to do.

There is no doubt that until this moment, Bericchik has fully established his position in Trump’s corner. When Trump campaigned in 2016, he proudly shared a letter apparently written by Belichick. “Congratulations on your participation in a great campaign,” it started with a voice that sounded like Trump himself wrote it, which is suspicious. “You have dealt with incredibly skewed and negative media, and you have performed well. Beautifully.” Given the history of Trump’s fabricated story, one has reason to suspect that Bericzick is actually writing this letter.

However, Berichik quickly announced his support for Trump. He said: “Our friendship has a long history, and I think anyone who stays with me for more than five minutes knows that I am not a politician.” For people like Trump, judge how high they praise him. For Berichick, this alone is enough to win America’s highest civilian honor. In view of Trump’s treatment of minors so easily, no matter how subtle this statement expresses, Belichick’s decision is likely to end their friendship.

In addition to the personal consequences, Berichik also rejected the country’s most prestigious honor in most cases. This is not an easy task, and this move is likely to surprise Belichick’s critics, who criticize the head coach’s “win at all costs” thinking.

After all, Berishik’s Patriots have been at the center of two high-profile cheating scandals. The most notorious is that in the 2007 spygate, the Patriots were punished for illegally stealing signals from their opponents, followed by Deflategate in 2015. The latter is absolutely stupid. Belichick claims to be completely ignorant, but it adds firepower to those who starred after tapping throughout the Brady-Beliek era. How much benefit the Patriots have gained from these events is still an open question, but Berichick’s coaching strategy obviously involves a certain degree of quick and loose rules. Thinking of this, Trump might also consider him a comrade.

In any case, even if he did not encounter these flaws in his coaching career, Berichik’s public personality will ensure that he is among the league’s least popular figures. In addition to serving as the head coach, Belichick also participated in the assembly of on-site products. General Motors did not hesitate to run around in Patriots Land in Patriot Land, even if his beloved players are the reason for a pay cut, or he just thinks that the salary cap is too high, he will not hesitate. He also earned the reputation of being the on-site mission leader.

Other members of the NFL celebrated the Patriots’ first loss record since 2000 this season. Part of the reason is that sports fans increasingly hate winning teams. Just take the NBA’s Golden State Warriors as an example. The company’s franchise has changed from a bunch of cute scrappers to a super team that has been despised for several seasons. However, the truth is that the biggest reason why the Patriots are not loved, especially when Tom Brady is not present, is because of their head coach. Not only did the Patriots keep winning, but Belichick seemed to have no joy in the process.

Private Belichick is likely to be different from any of these different versions of Belichick: is it a sudden contempt at a press conference, or a bend in the imagination of his opponent, or an indifferent businessman if he can do it tomorrow He saves money and he will trade your favorite player yesterday. There are many stories about Belichick off the court, and he looks more amiable than any face he shows to the public. Oh, there are even rumors that he has an evil sense of humor.

Belichick yelled from the field at the beginning of the season.
Belichick yelled from the field at the beginning of the season. Photo: Charles Krupa/Associated Press

We cannot be sure about someone’s inner life, but we can judge them by their behavior. In this case, Belichick got it right. According to reports, Belishik will receive a medal at a private ceremony on Thursday, just over a week after the president himself instigated the attack on the Capitol by pro-Trump mobs. Five people died. This incident has led to premature estimates of how radical and dangerous the president’s more stubborn supporters have become.

In response, the House of Representatives is launching impeachment proceedings against the president. In this case, Trump’s appointment is dwindling, and he is essentially planning to use what should be regarded as America’s highest honor to repay a wealthy, well-known friend for his kind words.

If in the days following a coup, Berishik received a medal from a shameful dictator, he would confirm the worst accusations of his most passionate critics. In the era when most black game teams in the NFL enjoyed white supremacy, Berishike could have always aligned with a man who made great efforts to promote this work.

In contrast, Belichick’s position does not involve personal sacrifice. At least once, Berishik proved his critics were wrong. The head coach ended his comment on the Patriot’s commitment to social justice: “Keep working hard while being loyal to the people, team, and country I love. Its value exceeds any individual award.” Sometimes, it turns out that this has nothing to do with winning.

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