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Big game publishers are retreating from the security of the Hollywood unsubscribe catalog

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This week, the video game industry injected new vitality into new vitality. Announce new Indiana Jones game.At the same time, there are A kind James Bond Works in the gameUbisoft Announcing that an open world is being developed Star wars game-After the exclusive deal between EA and Lucasfilm ends in 2023, it is likely to be the first of a large number of new games taking place in the galaxy. Far away, the big publishers hoping that Hollywood will provide their next blockbuster may be smart business, or just another fashion. In either case, only a few months later in the next console cycle, it seems there are ominous signs of creative surrender.

Hollywood rushed to buy Video game movie rightsNow the game industry seems to be ready to rely more on Hollywood’s mature blockbuster franchise. These are not the market synergies I have been looking for. Both media (and their respective corporate hegemons) have a lot to learn from and can help each other, but it took years and hundreds of millions of dollars to exchange the same old stories (mostly white stories). Oops. Hollywood has eaten its own tail, which has produced endless sequels and replays, thus making its own growth full,Independence Day: Revival, Jurassic World, Ghostbusters.smallTransitioning it into the game will feel even more exhausting.

“Some good studios are making licensed games,” Game Awards host Geoff Keighley Wrote on Twitter yesterday. “Do you want to realize the studio/franchise cooperation you dream of one day?”

Your favorite developer creates fantasy of your favorite game genre based on your favorite existing novel, just like Square Enix made an open world RPG based on the work of Frank Herbert dune, Nothing new. As the cost of making large-scale budget games is withdrawn from the hands of the public, these illusions are increasingly becoming reality.Seek safer bets.successful dark Knight Movie leads Arkham Trilogy followed by insomnia Spiderman with Miles Morales Even Crystal Dynamics Marvel’s Avengers: The hot studio behind tomb Raider Restart and beat each person’s favorite Marvel character.

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The disappointment of Square Enix proves that this is not a bad thing, nor a guarantee of success. The Avengers. Some great games have appeared in this promotion, but it may also be the secret to the death of imagination. Killer Manufacturer IO Interactive is moving from its unique Agent 47 to seize the James Bond license. German headquarters Developer Machine Games will revive Nazi puncher and colonialist Tiv Indiana Jones. At the same time, there are decades of history, and these stories are novel and relevant.

Disney will withdraw Lucasfilm’s video game legacy from the Sarlacc pit through Lucasfilm Games, which shows that this large media company is likely to set its sights on the new licensed game market as the newly licensed game. Movies and TV shows. Of course, all of these are based on existing standards and are all owned by a company whose net assets exceed the GDP of most countries.

EA’s 10-year contract to become its exclusive distributor disappointed him Star wars Only three games were released until 2019. Now it seems that the monkey’s paw wish has been fulfilled, and we will get more.

Douglas Reilly, Lucasfilm’s vice president of games, said yesterday: “We are looking to work with first-class teams that can create great games on all of our IP.” Reilly specifically pointed out that he hopes The game “crosses various platforms, genres and experiences”, and many “professionals” at Lucasfilm Games will help ensure that developers shape the creative vision for the adaptation. In other words, the open world Ubisoft game is just the beginning. For comparison, Investors in last December Disney Phone announced nearly ten new “Star Wars” movies and TVs.

Of course, there is Star wars EA continues to develop the game. EA spokesperson told Kosaku Yesterday, the terms of the exclusive agreement it reached with Lucasfilm have not changed, and it will remain valid until 2023.According to sources familiar with the transaction, only EA can publish Star wars For games before 2023, the partnership with Lucasfilm will continue, but it will no longer be exclusive.This means Ubisoft’s Star wars The game will not be released until the second half of 2023 at the earliest.

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smallSome of these games may be great. Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order In the 2019 and 2020s Star Wars: Squadron It’s fun, but I don’t know that we need more large budget games to try to play games in this area. I would love to see Respawn or EA Motive produce original works, and so does Ubisoft. Despite the striking name, Fenyx: The Rise of Immortality Even the previous Ubisoft games and Nintendo games have a big impact, it’s still cool Breath of the Wild.

Imagine how the studio can easily mix and match game types and mechanics with established and popular virtual worlds. Due to the integration of media, it is difficult to conceptualize all unrealized ideas and projects.

“None”, former naughty dog ​​developer and director of “The Last America” ​​Bruce Stray Winking friendly Responding to Keighley’s thought experiment. “We need all the talent and money to focus on creating new content, new IP, and innovation in Geoff, the AAA space.”

A sensational game release has never been a bastion of adventure and creativity, but if it is further monopolized by the existing entertainment monoculture, it may become older. So no, I don’t want to see BioWare make another Star wars Role-playing games, and I’m very satisfied with the prospects of machine games, which are trying to change Indiana Jones to make it less culturally annoying. As always, it’s great to see video games try to create new things. After all, where will the future blockbuster of Hollywood go? From?

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