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Big E Fair Food is now available in three locations

The pandemic denies one of our precious seasonal rituals, which is to indulge in national fair food.

In the year before the coronavirus outbreak, the midway from Texas to Minnesota would be crowded with people who paid carnival fares. In western Massachusetts, our hometown meeting place, such as Big E, will host market vendors, including jalapeno corn dogs, roast beef sun sundae ice cream and Belgian waffle ice cream sandwiches, etc.

However, just because Big E’s voice is silent and hollow does not necessarily mean that state fair food fans cannot get an annual solution.

The Student Prince and Fort Restaurant in Springfield usually operates The Wurst Haus in the Big E block. The restaurant has created the Fort Fort menu and will be available at the Student Prince Restaurant throughout September. The Fair Food lineup includes Fort Poutine and Loaded Tater Tots, the latter with barbecue pork and beer cheese sauce.

Main dish options inspired by fair eating traditions range from turkey drumstick plates and pork belly Rueben to baby back ribs and blackened kielbasa.

The Big Cabin in Hollyokeoke hosts a large restaurant pop-up inspired by E, the New England Craft Pub, which provides the Delaney House- Log Cabin) some of the favorites offered by the brand at previous fairs.

Big E itself has prepared a plan called The Big E Food-to-Go Drive Thru, which is a four-week opportunity to enjoy a fair eating experience, and public health considerations are not available.

Sponsored by the Bank of Texas (Westfield Bank), it runs from September 22 to Sunday, until October 1

8, and lasts from Tuesday to Sunday. The weekly Drive Thru will be provided by three vendors that normally operate in Big E.

Unlike the early driving sponsored by Big E in the summer, this series will reserve time slots in addition to the entry fee of $5 per car. Must be booked online and paid in advance on TheBigE.com.

For more information about Big E Food-to-Go Drive Thru, including details of the time slot program and a list of suppliers and the foods they will provide, please visit thebige.com/BigEFoodToGo or facebook. com / TheBigE /.

The coffee and snack chain Dunkin’ is actively promoting its DD Perks loyalty program, and its DD Perks offers are related to one of the most popular sports franchises in the region, the New England Patriots.

To celebrate the start of the NFL 2020 season, Dunkin’ offered DD Perks members of Massachusetts a $1 medium fire or iced coffee on each Patriot’s game day. Members of the loyalty program can download Dunkin’s mobile app and use it to order in advance for subsequent in-store, through train or roadside pickup to get special prices. Each DD Perks member can only purchase one discounted coffee, and other dairy products, espresso and/or flavored beverages may be charged extra.

The discount is available at participating locations in Dunkin, Hampden, Hampshire and Franklin counties.

Holyoke’s Delaney House, Cabin Ballroom and Conference Hall have all begun to promote Thanksgiving.

Each location offers a four-course feast, starting with the first course (roasted pumpkin soup with marinated shrimp) to the second course salad selection.

For the main event of Thanksgiving, both locations proposed eight different main course possibilities. In addition to the traditional turkey dinner, there are other options such as cider pork chops, sesame salmon, black Angus ribs and vegetarian casserole.

Four areas will provide family style, dessert pumpkin, apple and pecan pie will be on the agenda.

Both locations accept bookings for less than 6 people, but the chalet also requires a minimum of 4 people per booking.

Seating starts at 11:30 am on Thanksgiving Day; dinner is $49 per adult for dinner, and $20 per child from four to 12 years old. Taxes and tips are extra.

Reservations can be made online on OpenTable.com.

Buffalo Wild Wings has added new options to the menu.

Breaded and deep-fried broccoli “cauliflower wings” are paired with Asian-style “seasoning” sauces. The buffalo wedge salad features tender fried chicken nuggets topped with buffalo sauce.

Two salads-chopped Cobb salad and upgraded chicken Caesar salad-have earned a permanent reputation on the chain’s menu, plus three new wing sauces: Chinese orange juice, lemon pepper sauce and ultra Spicy Carolina Harvester Hot Sauce.

There is a Buffalo Wild Wings wing on Memorial Drive in Chicopee, just south of the entrance to Mass Turnpike.

The Irish House Restaurant, located in the Irish Cultural Centre of West Springfield, recently added a menu and added a “family dinner special.”

A hearty Irish-style dinner with multiple options including pot roast with fingerling potatoes and carrots, shepherd’s pie with peas and carrots, and roast chicken dinner with mashed potatoes and vegetables. Each set dinner includes salad rolls and bread pudding desserts.

There are two kinds of special dinners, four and six servings; a set menu for two starts at $30.

Orders are made between 2pm and 8pm from Wednesday to Saturday, and pick-up time starts at 4pm. Family dinner specials can be further enhanced by choosing wine or beets (additional charge). Can provide roadside pickups.

Call (413) 342-4358 to call Irish House Restaurant (Irish House Restaurant) to place an order.

Denny’s location showcases the signature flavor of autumn in the form of autumn-limited pumpkin pecan pancakes. The pancakes are made of pumpkin and spread with pecans, and the pancakes are sprinkled with pecan pie sauce.

Pumpkin pecan pancakes are available as part of a full breakfast, which also includes eggs, potato pancakes, bacon and sausage. You can also enjoy them with other Denny’s breakfast platter.

Denny’s locations in the Springfield area include Boston Road on Pasco Road and Holyoke on Northampton Street.

Restaurants throughout the region are increasingly promoting and socializing special events held outdoors. This month, the Suckbridge Duck Club will attend a harvest dinner at 6:30 pm on September 24.

Duck’s chef Eric Jolin (Eric Jolin) created a multi-course farm-to-fork dinner with a strong emphasis on the latest and most delicious from local farms and food producers.

The $55 per person fee for dinner includes a choice of beverages, and the wine pairing for each dish during the meal will also be charged extra.

For more information, please contact The Duck at (508) 347-2321.

The Chick-fil-A location recently added two new items to the menu, namely desserts and coffee drinks.

The chicken sandwich chain creates a chocolate fudge brownie, which is characterized by a semi-soft chocolate paste mixed with fudge chunks. Chocolate brownies are individually packaged or placed in trays.

THRIVE Farmer’s Hot Coffee is a special blend with a smooth flavor and texture, which is very suitable for people who like coffee mixed with cream and sugar.

Chick-fil-A also offers a limited-time special menu, including cold brewed coffee with mocha cream. It will be available at participating locations before mid-November.

Hogh Robert is a faculty member of the hospitality and culinary arts program at Holyoke Community Community, and has nearly 45 years of restaurant and education experience. Robert can be contacted online via the following methods OffTheMenuGuy@aol.com.

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