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Biden’s first month is to erase the stigma of his “ex-boyfriend”

Washington (Associated Press)-When Joe Biden walked into the Oval Office for the first time as president a month ago, his pen was ready. already.

They were lined with a beautiful wooden box with the presidential seal and his signature affixed on it. This was a small task before he was sworn in.

Four years ago, the pen was just another small play in Donald Trump’s White House. The gold-plated signature pen he likes must be ordered urgently at the beginning of the business. Over time, he became more fond of Sharpies than government-issued pens.

In something deeper than pen, Biden It is to prove that the days of presidency are over.

He wanted to show that the atrocity inflation cycle can be curbed. Things can be solved by books. Biden called Trump as a newcomer who can obliterate the legacy of “predecessors.”


In terms of policy, symbolism, and style, from the climate of the earth to things that are not on the desk (Trump’s button calls Congress Coke), Biden has been touting Trumpism, but he can be in an open period Totally different from turbulence and trouble His predecessor’s first month.

The test for Biden is whether his style changes will be complemented by Trump’s significantly improved policies. One month is not enough to measure this. In addition, in polarized Washington, Biden’s honeymoon may be short. Republicans have already said that he has succumbed to the Democratic left.

A few hours after being sworn in, the country visited the Oval Office for the first time in Biden. He was sitting behind a resolute desk with a mask on his face.

Of course Trump avoided masks. Not only that, even though tens of thousands of Americans die from the virus every day, and wearing a proper mask can resist the virus, he used the totem and political means of the culture war.

Although Biden wore a mask during the campaign, the mask seen in front of the new president at his desk in the famous Oval Office conveyed a different message. Biden hopes to be very different from his predecessor, and his government is about to usher in the deep and difficult crisis waiting for him.

The strategy has been in development since before the election, starting with Biden signing a series of executive orders at his desk. The intention is clear: to eliminate the core of Trump’s agenda on immigration, pandemic and other issues, while at the same time rejoining the League of Nations, and trying to assure historical allies that they can rely on the United States again.

“The text under every picture we saw in the White House was a banner:’Under the new management,'” said Robert Gibbs, the press secretary of President Barack Obama.

“Whether it was publicly or cleverly presented, the messages they were trying to convey did not involve the former president, but to make sure that everyone understands that things will be different now and hope that the results will be different.”

In the whitening of administrative action In the first few weeks, Biden changed Trump’s approach to the environment, placed Obama’s health law at the center of the pandemic response, and extended special admissions. Trump vowed to kill the insurance plan.

Iran Nuclear Agreement The abandonment of Biden’s predecessor has returned to the diplomatic field.U.S. returns to the World Health Organization And the Paris Climate Agreement.

However, membership and diplomatic ties have only gone so far. The world wants to know how far Biden will actually go in achieving climate goals, whether he will provide more help to poor countries in the pandemic, and whether his renewed solidarity with NATO will only last until the next US politics swing.

In addition, Biden also faces the reality that in the past four years, China has begun to fill the gap left by the United States in trade, and in the more hostile Trump era, allies have also learned to reduce their dependence on the United States.

One month to Trump’s president, he has lost his national security adviser and he chose the Secretary of Labor scandal. The revolving door of the exhausted, dissatisfied or dissatisfied assistant has squirmed.

The forces in the bureaucracy are leaking information and resisting his policies. News about the FBI’s investigation of his campaign and contacts with Russian intelligence officials are gradually emerging. This is the predecessor of a special investigation and will eventually evolve into impeachment. The judge has blocked his order to suspend the refugee program and ban tourists from seven Muslim-majority countries.

Biden’s first month was relatively non-dramatic. Many of his cabinet draft picks were approved. Apart from the departure of the White House press officer, there were no obvious convulsions among his employees. A profanity threat to journalists.

Biden has worked in Washington for 40 years, served as Vice President Obama for 8 years, and failed twice before losing the election campaign. Biden has spent his entire life thinking about his brand of wanting to be president and how to move on.

Senior adviser Anita Dunn said: “No one considers Joe Biden a candidate. “He has no detours in learning about issues and how to be president. “

Nonetheless, challenges remain: Trump’s post-president impeachment trial has distracted, the Senate is more narrowly divided than his predecessor has faced, and the nominee is the head of the Office of Management and Budget Who has been busy deleting social media posts for years to evaluate Republicans and some Democratic leftists.

Most of what Biden began to do was to mark Trump’s change in style and substance.

The Democratic Party set his first month as a symbol of beginning to “heal the soul of the country,” repairing the presidency and restoring the White House, which is a symbol of stability and credibility.

He has taken action to reduce the hatred of the Washington guerrillas and almost completely got rid of Trump’s impeachment scene Capital was spent for most of the month without being broadcast live on TV. However, his early efforts to work with Republicans to resolve COVID-19 stopped.

Gone are the shocking Washington pre-dawn tweets that promoted policy announcements and incitement. Gone are the extensive, impromptu, and combative exchanges with the mainstream media of the “enemy of the people”.

The optimistic predictions about the virus are gone, but promises of unclear fate have allowed the country to “turn from danger to peace” in the pandemic.

Compared with his predecessor, Biden has learned from the public about the pandemic and the economic damage it caused, and admitted that the situation will get worse before it can get better.

Biden said at the first town hall meeting as president last week: “You let the previous guy say, well, you know, we just want to let things go, that’s all we have to do.” “We said No, you have to deal with this disease before dealing with economic development.”

A pattern has emerged: the president and his team will deliberately lower expectations, especially in terms of vaccinations and reopening schools, and then fight for political victory by defeating the timetable.

In Michigan on Friday, he only raised the possibility of the country returning to normal before the end of the year. He said: “God is willing, this Christmas will be different from last year, but I cannot make this promise to you.”

Biden’s team established a new discipline within the walls of the West Wing. The new president only had an extended question and answer session with reporters, and his exchanges in the Oval Office or before boarding the Marine Corps were very brief.

The message from the White House traced Biden’s assessment in his inaugural speech: The United States is undergoing a test, and the answer will not be easy.

The daily press conference is back again, this time in sign language. Pets roamed the White House lawn again. The fire crackled in the White House fireplace. Biden said that his first day was to exercise, make coffee, and eat yogurt or raisin bran.

At the Wisconsin City Hall event, Biden repeatedly talked about not wanting to talk about his predecessor’s ideas.

He said: “I hate talking about Donald Trump and I don’t want to talk about him anymore.” “For four years, the news has been Trump. For the next four years, I want to make sure that all news is American.”

This is a very high requirement.The former president continues to control millions of supporters And he locked most of the Republican Party, regardless of whether he eventually re-runs.

But within his reach, if the Democratic Party wins, he is doing what Obama foresees during the 2020 election. Obama told Biden and his running mate Kamala Harris at a rally that it is possible to ignore the circus in Washington again and provide Americans with some predictability, whether they like Biden’s route or not.

Obama said: “You don’t have to think about them every day.” “It won’t be too tiring. You will be able to live your own life.”

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