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Biden seeks to go better with Syria strike

With his first known military strike, President BidenJoe Biden (Joe Biden) The Democrats of the House of Representatives passed the minimum wage increase. 9T COVID-19 reduction bill Try to send a strong message to Iran while trying to avoid further escalation.

Biden ordered a Thursday strike on facilities used by Iranian-backed militants in Syria in response to several recent rocket attacks on Iraqi interests that the United States suspects are militias.

This target seems to have been calibrated and can tell Iran to shut it down without getting out of control, as the US government is trying to save space for diplomacy with Tehran to restore the 201

5 nuclear agreement.

“There is a good happy middle between someone and someone [Qassem] Soleimani and stated that you mean doing business. “Barry Pavel, director of the Atlantic Council’s Scowcroft Center for Strategy and Security, said he was referring to the death of a former Iranian general in a drone strike. President TrumpDonald Trump Biden will hold a virtual bilateral meeting with the President of Mexico.More than 300 Trump indicted in connection with congressional riots.

“This means,’We mean business, you can’t continue to promote our development and attack us through agents. You will pay for it,” Pavel added to Biden’s strike. “This is a completely different approach from the Trump administration. As I said, the use of force is differentiated, calibrated, and concentrated for special military interests.”

Biden’s move won praise from some Republicans who criticized his diplomatic proposal for Iran and some Democrats who thought it was a limited and proportionate response. But other Democrats questioned the legitimacy of the strike, saying they would not shy away from the same answer that Trump used when he asked Trump to take military action without congressional approval.

Biden said the purpose of the strike is to convey the message: “You can’t get away with it.”

“Be careful,” he told reporters in Houston on Friday.

The air strike hit two gas stations where Iranian-backed militias used to transport weapons, personnel and supplies across the border from Syria to Iraq.

The Pentagon press secretary John Kirby said that the strike was carried out by two F-15E fighters, which dropped seven precision-guided munitions.

Kirby added that it completely destroyed nine facilities and damaged two other facilities, making them “functionally destroyed.” The Pentagon had “preliminary signs” on Friday with casualties, but Kirby declined to give details because the damage assessment has not yet been completed.

“I think this strike has conveyed a message to anyone in the region, all opponents-organizations, people, and leaders in the region. The operation of these organizations is not conducive to the security and stability of the region, and is not conducive to our interests. With our interests. Partners-we will defend ourselves and protect our interests,” Kirby said.

He added: “Of course we will take action to protect our people and the power of our allies and partners.” “If you want to continue to attack our people and the Iraqi people, it will be for anyone in the region. Clear, clear information.”

Biden ordered a strike after three recent rocket attacks in Iraq, including an attack in Erbil that killed a non-US contractor working with the US military and wounded several US contractors and An American service worker.

After the rocket attack, the Biden administration immediately postponed the accusation, which sparked some speculation that it tried to keep the temperature in Tehran at a low level while trying to restore the Iran nuclear agreement.

The Trump administration quickly accused Tehran after a similar rocket attack, but in a retaliation, the United States and Iran were on the brink of war.

At the end of 2019, U.S. forces launched attacks on Iranian-backed militias in Iraq and Syria in response to rocket attacks that killed U.S. contractors. The tit-for-tat problem escalated until Trump launched a drone strike on Soleimani, and then an Iraqi missile attack on Iraq, which injured more than 100 US troops.

In March last year, the Trump administration also attacked militia organizations in Iraq. Prior to this, there was a rocket attack that killed two U.S. soldiers and one British soldier. But the impact of this is small, because both the United States and Iran have turned their attention to the coronavirus pandemic.

Biden has accepted the invitation of the European Union to participate in talks with Iran and other signatories of the Obama-era nuclear agreement. The President stated that if Iran re-complied with the agreement, he would rejoin the agreement withdrawn by Trump.

Since Trump’s withdrawal, Iran has violated the restrictions of the uranium enrichment and storage agreement and has recently restricted access to international nuclear inspectors. Tehran insisted that the United States lift the sanctions imposed on Trump before Trump resumes compliance.

In Biden’s diplomatic proposal, Republicans have been warning him not to lift the sanctions. But after the strike on Thursday night, some of the critics praised Biden for sending a signal to Iran that he would not tolerate threats to American personnel.

The congressman said: “Last night, the United States stated that it will not tolerate attacks on American people and interests.” Mike RogersMichael Mike (Mike) Dennis Rogers (Dennis Rogers) The US intelligence agency pointed out that the Saudi Crown Prince was killed in Khashoggi. The Pentagon launched an overnight defense of a civilian-led sexual assault committee: one-third of service personnel refused to use the coronavirus vaccine | Business Wire Biden takes administrative action in response to the solar wind hacking. The United States and Japan have reached a cost-sharing agreement. The US Department of Defense says that nearly one-third of service personnel are reducing COVID-19 vaccines The highest ranked member of the House Arms Committee (R-Ala.) said in a statement. “I support President Biden’s response to the provocations of Iranian-backed militias. We must defend our interests abroad. I hope that the Biden administration will continue to exert pressure to prevent future aggressions by Iran and its proxies.”

Supreme Republican on the Senate Armed Services Committee James InhofeJames (Jim) Hill InhofeSenators did not give a timetable for the removal of the National Guard, Capitol Walls Overnight Defense: New Senate Armed Forces Chairman talks to Pentagon policy nominees, Afghanistan, more | Biden Read about Kashu Report on the murder of Khashoggi | Austin emphasized the safety of vaccines in a new video. The passage of the John Lewis Voting Rights Promotion Act is the first step to cure our democracy.learn more Oklahoma (Okla.) also praised Biden for his “correct and proportionate response to protect American lives.”

However, Inkhov added: “The fact that Iran chose to escalate soon after the government announced that it hoped to resume negotiations with Tehran did not attract people’s attention.”

He said: “I hope that the government will reconsider its current negotiation strategy with Iran and cooperate with Congress to adopt a bipartisan approach to resolve Iran’s support for terrorism and its nuclear and ballistic missile program.” Continue sanctions against countries that target the Americans and their allies for murder.”

Pavel, a former Pentagon official, said that the strike is unlikely to harm diplomacy with Iran on the nuclear agreement.

He said that after the strike, Iran may initially refuse to negotiate, but it is in its interest to eventually comply with the agreement and lift the sanctions.

Pavel said: “So, in any case, this will not change their calculations. At least the same as the Biden administration and the same as the United States. It is in the United States’ interest to restrict Iran’s nuclear program back.

At the same time, progressive Democrats are frustrated with Biden’s turn to military action, especially because Biden has attacked him without seeking authorization from Congress in advance.

“There is absolutely no reason for the president to authorize a military attack that is not capable of defending himself without authorization from Congress to withstand an imminent threat. We need to be liberated from the Middle East, not escalated. Ro KhannaRohit Khanna’s overnight defense: Biden sends a message to Syrian airstrike | US intelligence agencies point out that the Saudi crown prince was killed in Khashoggi’s decision. The Pentagon established a civilian-led sexual assault committee Biden in the Senate’s ruling. Feeling “disappointed” but “respecting” the decision Democrats want to improve ties with the Asian and Hispanic communities (D-Calif.) Said in a statement. “I oppose the endless war with Trump, and when we have a Democratic president, I will oppose this war.”

The White House invoked Biden’s authority to defend American personnel under Article 2 of the Constitution as a domestic legal right to strike. According to international law, the government cited Article 51 of the United Nations Charter, which allows self-defense in the event of an attack.

A spokesperson for the National Security Council (NSC) said: “We have carried out strict procedures, including legal reviews of strikes.

They added: “The targets were chosen to correspond to the recent attacks-these facilities were used by KSS and KH-and prevent the risk of further attacks in the coming weeks,” they added, which is Iran’s support in Iraq.​​ The acronym of the two militiamen. Iraqi attack: Qatab Hezbollah and Qatab Said Shuhada.

The White House said the Pentagon briefed congressional leaders before the strike, while administrative officials briefed individual members and staff on Friday.

The NSC spokesperson added that a comprehensive briefing will be given to members of Congress early next week, or “faster if Congress wants it.”

Chairman of the House Arms Committee Adam SmithDavid (Adam) Adam Smith’s overnight defense: Biden launched an airstrike on Syria. The US intelligence agency pointed out that the Saudi Crown Prince was killed in Khashoggi. The Pentagon established a civilian-led sexual assault committee. Hill’s 12:30 report-submitted by Facebook-the House of Representatives has fully demonstrated that approximately 5,000 National Guard soldiers remained in the District of Columbia for fear of possible violence in March. (D-Wash.) Support for this strike is an “appropriate and appropriate” response to the recent rocket attack, but emphasizes the need for diplomacy.

“Although military strikes are necessary to protect our personnel in the area and prevent further attacks, I have talked with the National Security Team of the Biden administration, who are committed to diplomacy and engagement with Iran, and are committed to communicating with Iran. Our allies and partners cooperate, he said in a statement. “I firmly support this effort. “

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