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Biden leads a bipartisan meeting at the White House

President BidenJoe Biden (Noeem) touted South Dakota’s coronavirus response to break the blockade in CPAC speech: Cuomo and Newsom-the story of two troubled governors Biden celebrating vaccine approval, But warned that “current improvements may be reversed” more The bipartisan meetings that had been convened in the White House were reduced under the auspices of his predecessor, trying to find common ground with Republicans, even if they are still far apart on issues related to the next round of coronavirus mitigation.


7;s first meeting with members of Congress in the Oval Office was with Republican senators on the coronavirus proposal. Since then, he has met with members of both parties in Congress on infrastructure and subsequent supply chain issues. Biden’s influence on Republicans has also extended from Capitol Hill to governors and local leaders as his administration struggles with the coronavirus and the recent winter storms in southern states.

These meetings are another example of the restoration of a more traditional governance under Biden, which he hopes to make routine.

White House spokesperson Michael Gwin said that the president “is pleased to welcome the efforts of lawmakers from both sides of the White House to find common ground for the challenges we face, and he will continue to do so during his tenure.”

Democratic strategist Joel Payne said: “Biden’s brand is bringing people together, so it is always helpful for him to remind voters that he is working hard to unite.” “At the moment, this helps him get out of trouble. ”

As Biden struggles to cross the tunnel, the real test will be whether this contact will produce any results. Discussions with Republicans on COVID-19 relief have brought neither side close to reaching a compromise condition. Democrats have pushed Biden’s $1.9 trillion proposal through budget reconciliation, which has created tensions with Republicans.

Republican strategist and former George W. Bush White House spokesperson Alex Conant said: “When the two parties reach a consensus, there are obviously some problems, but this requires presidential leadership and political capital to stop the extreme left. Or the extreme right will stop it.”

Biden’s hard work in the aisle reflects his campaign promise to become the unifier and “president of all Americans.”

A longtime Biden adviser said: “He said he wanted Republicans to come to the meeting from the beginning.” “You can’t run for a year and a half and then stop.”

The consultant said that Biden’s goal has always been to downplay the speech and “fever.”

The consultant said: “Let them become the opposition rather than the enemy, this is part of the deal.” “Part of the goal is to normalize conversations with them. This is what he wants to send not only to Republicans, but also to Democrats. information.

The consultant went on to say: “He is not illusion that we will get 67 votes, but this is the way of decision-making.” He added that Biden is a “product of the Senate.”

Biden predicted that a plan for restoration and infrastructure plans would be passed, and the Democrats also presented an immigration proposal on Capitol Hill, introducing his next test of working with Republicans. . Biden needs Republicans to join the Democratic Party to pass immigration reform.

The White House stated that in addition to Biden’s liaison, officials still maintain regular contact with Republican offices on Capitol Hill and states.

Former President Obama also tried to contact Republicans during the first few months of his presidency. On the first day of his inauguration in Washington in January 2009, he met with bipartisan Senate and Senate leaders to discuss economic recovery.

“President Obama wants to do everything possible to get in touch with Republicans in Congress,” said Phil Cirillo, Obama’s Director of Legislative Affairs. “If he is not receptive, he doesn’t want a lack of interest to prevent us from taking action. Move forward.”

Obama’s propaganda initially included several small bipartisan social events, including Super Bowl parties and some cocktail parties at the White House. But these actions ended shortly after they started, because Obama found that they were largely unsuccessful in helping his legislative agenda.

A former senior government official said: “He hates them.”

Indeed, he does occasionally hold meetings with bipartisan organizations, “Only when the problem requires it, [and] It’s not for the courtesy of the two parties,” another former official said, referring to meetings on government funding and the Iran nuclear deal.

Biden is in sharp contrast with his predecessor President TrumpDonald Trump Noem touted South Dakota’s coronavirus response and blocked the CPAC speech “walk”: Cuomo and Newsom-two embarrassed Governor McCarthy’s Story: “I bet my house” Republicans retake the House of Commons in 2022He is campaigning on the role of outsiders, not on the ability or willingness to work in the aisle. Although there were some two-party moments in the Trump era, such as the passage of the “First Step Act,” they were briefly overwhelmed due to constant friction between the then president and the Democrats.

“From the moment Trump won, the Democrats have been committed to defeating him in four years. The Democratic base has no interest in cooperating with Trump.” Conant said. “Trump has never shown that he is the president of all Americans. If you don’t support Trump, he will see you as the opposition on the first day.”

Trump did hold some meetings with leaders of the two parties at the White House, but they withdrew from the meeting at the end of 2019 because the House Democrats began impeachment proceedings. The last meeting between Trump and the leaders of the bipartisan Congress was held in October 2019 and involved Syria. The meeting was swept by Democrats. Both sides were insulting. Trump did not speak to the Speaker of the House of Representatives. Nancy PelosiNancy Pelosi McCarthy (Nancy PelosiMcCarthy):’I bet’ the Republican Party will take back the House of Commons in 2022 (D-Calif.) The encounter afterwards.

Nonetheless, all five emergency coronavirus funding bills passed last year by the Democratic-controlled House of Representatives and the Republican-controlled Senate were bipartisan, even though Trump played a small role in the negotiations and even temporarily threatened the final approval passed in December. The fate of legislation.On the contrary, it was the then Minister of Finance Steven MnuchinSteven Mnuchin in “Money: Schumer” urged Democrats to stick to the .9T bill | Collins ruled out Republican support for Biden’s relief plan Powell fights inflation concerns Mnuchin is expected to launch investment The fund seeks support from the Persian Gulf region: Report that Larry Kudlow was first well received on Fox Business Network He led a discussion with Pelosi on coronavirus mitigation.

Conant called the lack of bipartisan support for Biden’s coronavirus rescue plan as an “ominous beginning” and said the White House may hope and need Republican support to pass major immigration and infrastructure policies.

Conant said: “I think if Biden is sometimes willing to break with the person on the far left, then Biden is capable of doing it.” “If you are not willing to give the other party anything, you cannot expect the two parties to cooperate.”

The Democrats currently hold only a majority in Congress, and Vice President Harris (Harris) will vote in a 50-50 tiebreaker in the Senate when needed. The senator is in the struggle for Biden to nominate Neera Tanden for the office of management and budget. Joe ManchinJoseph (Joe) Manchin (Joe Manchin) feels radical politics rather than racism or sexism about the setbacks in the Senate, an opposition to Biden’s cabinet nominee, which was an increase in the minimum wage by House Democrats. 9T COVID-19 relief More reasons for the bill (DW.Va.) The opposition also emphasized the work that the President needs to do while maintaining his party unity while working hard on the aisle.

Participants said that Biden’s first meeting with Republican senators on February 1 was very cordial, but Biden is still committed to his $1.9 trillion rescue proposal, which the Republicans think is too expensive.

Biden met with senators from both parties on February 11 on infrastructure and this week’s meeting with 11 lawmakers, including six Republicans, to address vulnerabilities in the supply chain.senator John CornynThe politician John Cornyn (John CornynPolitics), rather than racism or sexism, explained the opposition to Biden’s cabinet candidates. Biden promised to support Texas after the recovery of the winter storm. The headwinds of the guerrilla party threatened Congressional Riot Committee. (R-Texas.) Last Friday he met with Biden in Texas, where Biden was hit by a storm. He called the meeting “very positive.”

Cornyn said: “The political process has its ups and downs, and I hope this is our opportunity to do something really important in a bipartisan way.” “So far, the $1.9 trillion COVID-19 relief bill is being passed strictly in accordance with the party line. I think this is unfortunate.”

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