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Biden is betting that he can change America’s perception of immigration

Biden administration officials repeatedly emphasized in a phone call with members of the House of Representatives this week that they inherited a disaster from the Trump administration and said that the solution will not be easy. Several people on the phone said that in another phone call with Hill’s Democratic communications aide, White House officials reiterated that “the real crisis is in Central America.” Biden and his team are highlighting the “root cause” of the surge in immigration and their new diplomatic efforts with Central American countries under the leadership of the Trump administration.

The White House also communicated over the phone with external groups and staff, and asked well-known Democrats outside the mountain to coordinate the message transmission, with the purpose of ensuring that all stakeholders are working in the same direction.

This coordination and recognition of the scope of the situation has been welcomed by many Democrats. House of Representatives Emanuel Cleaver (D-Mo.) and House Democrats in a private virtual session held by the Secretary of Health and Human Services Xavier Becerra and the Secretary of Homeland Security Alejandro Majorcas At the meeting, “Hallelujah”

; and his other notes were written on paper.

Cleaver said: “Because they said,’Look, this is not a HHS or DHS issue, but every federal agency will now be involved.'” “The important thing is to hear that the government doesn’t believe it has reached Nirvana. We There is a long-lasting problem on the southern border.”

The Obama administration’s revised approach was a tacit understanding that their initial attitude—they played down the problem and firmly refused to call it a crisis—at least politically would not work. However, the White House has done some work to solve the conditions that forced immigrants to flee their country.

For the president, this is not as simple as picking up the plane from where he left during Obama’s administration, when he made diplomatic efforts with the northern triangle countries of Guatemala, Honduras, and El Salvador. It also needs to overhaul Trump’s drastically changed immigration system and increase the ability to handle large numbers of immigrants at the border, many of whom are immediately deported.

The number of unaccompanied children arriving at the border in March hit a new monthly high, surpassing the highest record in May 2019. Last month, border patrols arrested about 170,000 people. Approximately 100,000 of these immigrants are single adults, and under the leadership of public health authorities in the Trump era, the Biden administration often deports them from the United States.

Despite these problems, in such a narrow Congress, the prospects for immigration reform are almost zero. Multiple Democratic sources said that Biden’s comprehensive immigration plan is trapped in the House of Representatives, but the House still lacks the right to vote in his party. Senate Republicans were present to discuss reforms in 2013, but they will travel to the border before the midterm elections in November next year to weaponize the issue.

Some border Democrats said they appreciate Biden’s efforts to address the long-term root cause of the surge in immigration. But they believe that the government now also needs a plan to address the immediate influx of immigrants.

“We already know what the root cause is. We can send researchers there, but we already know the answer.” House Democrat Henry Cuelar (D-Texas) said he was one of the few who expressed it publicly. One of the Democrats who expressed concern about Biden’s handling of this issue. “The question is how do you solve this problem? Private investment will be the key. Foreign aid and private investment will take time. Today, it will not be done tomorrow.”

In the first few months of Biden’s presidency, the taxation and immigration system remained one of the biggest challenges Biden faced. The president enjoys a high evaluation on issues such as pandemics and the economy. However, according to an NPR/Marist poll conducted later last month, only 34% of Americans said they approved the president’s handling of immigration.

Some immigrant rights advocates say that part of the reason is that Biden and his government have been slow to formulate a clear strategy in the first few weeks of his term. The main focus is on the coronavirus pandemic and the aid package to help solve the problem. on.

“The White House must or should be more proactive, frame and tell this story three weeks before they actually start doing things,” Lorella Praeli, executive director of the Progressive Grassroots Organization “Community Change Action” Say. “If you don’t define the narrative, you can give your opponent the power to do so.”

Biden continues to use the authority of the Trump era-known as Title 42-to expel most people killed on the border, which also frustrated Democrats and activists. The White House told reporters and Hill staff publicly and privately that they did not stop using the authoritative timetable.

In recent weeks, the US government has tried to show swift action by sending delegations to the border. After some of these members initially stated that they were excluded, they also increasingly coordinated with Democrats in the border areas.

Last week, Biden appointed Vice President Kamala Harris (Kamala Harris) as the new coordinator of the Northern Triangle and Mexico, and on Thursday overturned the Trump-era policy that allowed the immigration services department to work in any An asylum application is rejected in the blank space. Conservatives claim that the reversal of Trump’s policies and Biden’s language are causing the situation at the border to deteriorate, but immigration experts say that few immigrants make dangerous journeys based solely on who is in the White House.

The government also terminated Trump’s “stay in Mexico” policy, which forced immigrants to wait in tent camps for claims on the Mexican side of the border, and resumed the Central American Minors Program, which allows children to send money to their home countries. File an asylum application. The Secretary of Homeland Security Mayorkas still stated that the United States is encountering more people at the border than “the past 20 years.”

When Biden faced an increase in the number of immigrants fleeing violence, poverty, and hurricane damage, he and his officials emphasized the cyclical nature of immigration waves to Democrats and the public, which was also true in the Obama and Trump era.

As Vice President, some of Biden’s most high-profile visits to Central America at the time coincided with a surge in unaccompanied young immigrants crossing the US-Mexico border, and he served as a government spokesperson.

In the spring of 2014, when transit migrants made headlines, Biden stopped in Guatemala. He told reporters that the border situation is “unsustainable and unsustainable.” But even so, Biden talked about the issue because it was a human issue. He shared that he “cannot imagine despair”, which caused a family to send their children into the arms of criminal traffickers on a dangerous journey in.

Aides and officials recalled that a few years ago, when Biden traveled to Central America for the first time as vice president, he tried to change the way the United States handled this relationship. Obama and Biden prioritized deepening their partnership with the government while investing more money in the downturn in the region.

The process of releasing funds takes time. But by mid-2015, Congress had invested more than $1 billion in the Northern Delta in two years. Obama and Biden have launched a more focused effort to encourage people fleeing violence, especially children, to seek asylum abroad instead of trying to enter the United States from Mexico.

Some progress has been made. Mark Schneider, a senior consultant at the Center for Strategic and International Studies and former Latino head, said that the study found that between 2014 and 2018, American immigrants from 50 cities in El Salvador had a sharp decline in concerns about the border. The Americas and Caribbean of the United States Agency for International Development. In the same city, homicides have been reduced by 40% in about three years.

Schneider said that despite the relative success of El Salvador, the number of immigrants from Guatemala and Honduras to the United States has indeed increased.

“Does it solve the problem? No, obviously not.” said Francisco Gonzalez, a Mexican scholar and professor at the School of Advanced International Studies at Johns Hopkins University in Washington. “Did they allocate enough resources? No, the distance is far from enough. Did Vice President Biden finally know more about the southern border of the United States and Central America? The answer is, yes, he did it.”

“He joined this portfolio. He did what he could. But this is a spot in the ocean.”

Fast forward to Biden’s Oval Office, and he once again urged Congress to provide assistance to Central America and Mexico. His government is also working to expand its capacity to humanitarianly place more and more child immigrants in emergency entrance locations such as stadiums, church facilities, and summer camps, rather than leaving them in dense border patrol facilities.

Faced with calls to allow the media to enter the facility, the Obama administration only allowed a handful of reporters to enter one of the border patrol facilities this week. The overwhelmed government agency also released some border immigrants who did not have any paperwork.

House Democrat Claver said: “We can’t just address these symptoms.” “In the past two, maybe thirty years, we have been dealing with symptoms only. That will no longer work.”

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