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Biden faces a fight with Congress to further ease the coronavirus

Elected president Joe BidenJoe Biden grounded his flight to Nashville due to telecommunications issues related to the RV explosion. Does the Harland draft show show Biden’s commitment to a public land fracking ban?Police: Vehicles that exploded in Nashville broadcast warnings before exploding more At the beginning of next year, Congress has put pressure on Congress to pass more coronavirus mitigation measures, laying the foundation for a fierce battle between Republicans and Congressmen soon after taking office.

After months of bargaining, Congress passed approximately $900 billion in new aid, as COVID-1

9 cases increased, businesses closed, cities re-imposed lockdown restrictions, and thousands of Americans died from the virus.

Bill President TrumpDonald Trump (Donald Trump) in Trump’s confrontation with Congress, millions of people will lose the unemployment memo: Can Penny run for and win in 2024?Due to telecommunications problems related to the RV explosion, flights to Nashville were stopped Criticize the veto, but it does not threaten to veto it. It is intended to help the country’s winter through the warnings of public health experts that it will be cruel, even if two vaccines are started. However, Biden and Democrats see it as “next year’s down payment” and they hope to get more aid next year.

“I have always said that this bill is only the first step in solving the crisis-a down payment… We are working hard. There is still a lot of work to be done. At the beginning of next year, I will submit my next plan to Congress.” Soon after the plan, Biden told reporters at a press conference that the rescue plan was linked to 1.4 trillion U.S. dollars to fund the government by September 30.

Biden’s pledge was responded to by the Democratic leaders, who vowed to cooperate with him and seek more funds once he was sworn in on January 20.

“We have new hopes from vaccines and promises that President-elect Biden must follow the spring of science. We are ready for the next step,” the spokesperson Nancy PelosiNancy Pelosi’s bailout bill sent to Trump by Meghan McCain in Florida stated that, in addition to “healthy people under 65,” front-line workers, the House Republican Party (GOP) ) Rejecting everyone’s consent to pay directly to 000 people, except for “healthy people under 65”, everyone wishes a Merry Christmas (D-Calif.) In a letter to colleagues from the Democratic Party.

Senate Minority Leader Charles SchumerTrump (Chuck SchumerTrump) and Pelosi (Pelosi) should unite and carry out a check of 000 relief funds. Schumer (Schumer) responded to Trump’s request to pay K directly: “I am” Progressive Democrats said Support Trump’s higher direct payment requirements more (DN.Y.) told reporters that he had a conversation with Biden after the bill passed. He said they agreed that the country needs a “bigger and bolder bill” and in “January, February, we will start.”

But Biden may face significant adverse effects from the Republicans in the Senate, regardless of which party controls the Senate after the two runoff elections in Georgia on January 5.

If the Republicans win one or two games in Georgia, they will get 51 or 52 seats in the House of Representatives, which means the Senate majority leader Mitch McConnellAddison (Mickey) Mitchell McConnell GOP strives to avoid chaotic Trump fighting for the election college bipartisan, the bicameral group urges Trump to sign the COVID-19 relief package, Megan McCain said, except “Healthy people under 65” were vaccinated before the front-line staff, everyone wished Merry Christmas.More (R-Ky.) Will control what measures are taken to vote. If Democrats get two seats at the same time, they will be able to force a 50-50 majority to pass, but they still need Republican support to pass most legislation.

The top Republicans warned that although they expect Biden to request more COVID-19 assistance, there is still no guarantee that Congress will approve the assistance.

“There are no guarantees… I believe you will receive a letter from the government, especially from the state and local governments, Senator. John CorningJohn Cornyn (John CornynGOP) sought to avoid the chaotic Trump fight for the passage of the Electoral College Relief Act, triggering a declaration of contention, announcing that he blamed Congress for passing a seven-day expedient measure to buy time for the COVID-19 funding transaction. (Texas) (R-Texas) said that there will be more relief possibilities next year.

its. John ThunJohn Randolph Tunney GOP strives to avoid Trump’s chaotic chaos in the final weeks of election academy, which gives Congress Republicans a chaotic chaos to prevent a legislative disaster at the end of the year. More (SD), the second GOP senator, said that efforts to push for more coronavirus mitigation may depend on the outcome of the two Georgian races.

“I think the incoming government sees it as something they can do now, and then they can come back this year next year. This is likely to depend on the situation in Georgia.” Thune said, asking him if he considers the year-end plan as a down payment .

In a recent inquiry, McConnell did not comment Fox News Interview About providing more assistance.

McConnell said: “If the new government comes to power, they want to advocate more, we will conduct research based on the country’s conditions.”

This fight may come soon, even if Biden struggles to deal with other priorities in his first 100 days in office, he must work hard to get his administration running.

Biden plans to start seeking more assistance as early as January or February. At the same time, Congress will face a series of so-called relief cliffs as plans authorized under its latest bill begin to phase out. The biggest deadline will be that the 10-week unemployment extension included in the comprehensive year-end agreement will begin to be phased out in mid-March. Moreover, depending on the time of application, small businesses may begin to reach the end of their “Salary Protection Program” loan at about the same time.

“I think everyone knows that Vice President Biden is about to introduce another bill, so we will have another opportunity to review the bill soon,” Corning said of the impending unemployment cliff.

Biden outlined a broad, ambitious wish list of potential options, which could be of great help, as Republicans have become increasingly wary of deficits after accepting a large spending bill under President Trump. Biden called for more funds for COVID-19 testing and vaccine distribution. He also expressed his hope to obtain state and local funding, expand federal unemployment benefits and rent assistance, and the third round of stimulus inspections.

But in the $900 billion deal, the two parties still diverge on their respective priorities: provide more assistance to state and local governments, and provide Republican push to prevent coronavirus-related lawsuits.

Pelosi and Schumer vowed to provide direct funding to state and local governments, and their officials warned that they may need to cut services because the coronavirus has exhausted their tax base.

Schumer told reporters: “I think, under President Biden’s leadership, we will make stronger bills on state and local issues and many other issues.”

However, the state and local government funds are regarded as disgusting by some Republicans. Republican leaders have warned for months that these funds will reduce the number of votes they can get to support the new package. A bipartisan group added funds for a compromise measure to its framework, but this was missed by the final agreement made by the leadership.

McConnell has stated that he will “persist in” any additional COVID-19 relief to include protection from coronavirus-related lawsuits.

McConnell said: “I think it’s really important to reduce liability.” “If there is another coronavirus relief bill after the first year of this year, I will insist on the protection of these universities and healthcare providers. Is part of it.”

Democrats have been vigilant about these efforts, worrying that any statutory protection measures will undermine the regulations passed by the country and may undermine workers’ safety standards.

“We could not reach an agreement on liability. I spent two weeks trying non-stop, but we were not successful.” Dick DurbinDick Durbin Warren and other senators seek an investigation into the Trump administration to resume the federal execution. Biden hires senior Hoyer staff to join the government’s communications team. Legislators anticipate COVID -19 relief agreement will be reached soon (D-Ill.) Regarding the recent efforts of Congress to seek consensus on this issue.

Biden seems to have admitted that Congress can make detours for his further relief plan.

The reporter asked him if he could guarantee that MPs would take action as soon as possible. Biden seemed very happy.

You all asked the most interesting question. Do you want to know anyone in the United States that the United States could become president and make sure that it is exactly what Congress will do in history? “Biden said. “I can’t guarantee anything, but I can tell you my expectations.” “

Biden added: “There are still people who don’t want to help, and there are still people who insist on my roads or highways.” “However, I believe that the vast majority of congressmen will be able to solve specific problems that have national impact.”

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