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Bethesda teases a pre-E3 announcement following the Rage 2 listing

Update: Bethesda has shared another teaser image on Twitter, further reinforcing the theory that May 14 will bring some kind of announcement. This shows a rocket with the numbers "5-14", which are decorated on the side. It is clear that something comes on Monday.

Rage 2 still seems to be a likely candidate, provided the Walmart list was not a mistake. The smoke behind the rocket is the same pink color used in Bethesda's tweets on the Rage 2 collection. Whether this means anything at this point is unclear, but the choice of color between each of these posts is significant. Whether the actual pictures – the rocket and the Big Ben ̵

1; have meaning remains to be seen. The original story follows the tweet.

Bethesda appears to be annoying an upcoming announcement with a vague picture of the Big Ben Clock Tower in London, England. A tweet consists only of a picture of the tower, with bright pink strands of graffiti over his face. The Internet is already browsing the picture for clues.

Recently, Walmart Canada appeared to have leaked several upcoming gaming announcements, including Bethesda's Rage 2. The company had an atypical reaction to a publisher who responded with a gentle censure publicly to the leak. The official Twitter account for Rage made it its mission to deride the placeholder image because of the wrong font and the wrong key-art. All of this is remarkable, as the pink color used for the logo and the anarchy of anarchy resembles that on the Big Ben dial. The color even looks like it might be a partial anarchy symbol.

Also, a reference may be time set to 5:14. That could correspond to a date that would be this Monday. All in all, it seems possible that a Rage 2 announcement will come next week. Whether that would have been the original plan or if the company only reacts quickly to the cat being let out of the bag is not clear.

Or all of that could be completely wrong and Bethesda teases something completely different. When E3 2018 approaches quickly, we will know soon. Bethesda's E3 showcase is scheduled for Sunday, June 10th at 6:30 pm. PT / 9:30 pm ET

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