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Oscar-winning actor Jeff Bridges revealed to fans on Twitter that he was diagnosed with lymphoma, a cancer of the lymphatic system.

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Jeff Bridges is open to fans while undergoing cancer treatment.

More than a week after sharing that he was diagnosed with lymphoma, the actor shared a tall photo of herself when she was being injected intravenously. Dude looked proud and stared into the distance, which made him look cool in his hospital gown, and this was quoted when sharing the first article on the new website, he quoted his beloved The role of “Great Lebowski”.

He wrote on jeffbridges.com: “New things have been discovered…I have cancer.” The site features handwritten contemplation and warm graffiti.

He said: “This carcinogenic thing brings preciousness, gratitude, love for old fashion and a lot of good times. I feel a lot, this is my way, and I, I am very grateful.” On his website Said. “This is a kind of contagious love, like a positive virus. I want to thank and thank you for helping during this time. It feels good, with all the blessing and love!”

He wrote notes about trees under the graffiti of Man and Guitar (Bridges, himself, a talented musician), and plans to continue sharing his thoughts online.

Bridges tells readers: “I am working with you to create a better life and world for all of us. All of this is together.”

When the Oscar winner announced his diagnosis on Twitter earlier this month, he assured his fans that the “prognosis is good.”

He thanked his family and friends for their love and support, and then shifted his focus from being healthy to encouraging his fans to vote in the upcoming election: “And, even though I have you, please remember to vote. Because we are all voting together. .”

Contributor: Cydney Henderson

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