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Belkin’s new MagSafe-compatible products include face-tracking iPhone holders

Belkin has released a series of magnetic accessories for the iPhone 12. The most interesting in the series is a mobile phone holder with face tracking. The stand comes with an accompanying app that can recognize your face and control the device, so it can follow your movements when you shoot. It has a complete 360-degree rotation coverage, and can support iPhone 12 horizontally and vertically, so you can take a variety of photos.

That said, the face tracking feature is only available for Belkin’s app-you can’t use it with Zoom or FaceTime, and you can’t expect it to follow you. If this restriction does not bother you, please note that the device is also compatible with the official MagSafe case and is linked to social networks such as Facebook, Instagram, TikTok and YouTube. It is not yet available, but it was priced at $65 at the time of listing.

The company has also introduced a fitness phone holder, which can fix your phone on the magnetic surface of indoor fitness equipment, or on the handlebar of a bicycle/treadmill with an attached strap. Because there is a ball joint inside the mount, it can also rotate 360 ​​degrees, so that the phone can be set to any angle. The price of the fitness stand is $35.

In addition, Belkin also launched a portable 2500 mAh power bank, which is magnetically attached to the back of the phone for $50, while a larger wireless charging pad can double the price of a 1

0K power bank at $70. . Finally, the list of new accessories includes a portable charging pad similar to the official MagSafe charger and a 7.5W wireless charging stand. The retail price when the shelf came out was $35, and the charging board was already available for purchase at $30.

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