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Based on your zodiac signs, how the 2020 cancer season will affect you

Hello everyone, welcome to the 2020 cancer season! As the main water sign of the zodiac, here, the season of crabs will make us fall in love, keep us in touch with the roots, and encourage us to nurture ourselves and those around us. The sun enters Cancer on June 20 (also the first day of summer) and will cycle until July 22. We started the Cancer season this year because of a strong new lunar eclipse the day after the cancer season began. I hope we use this as an indicator to illustrate how drastic and changing the upcoming season is.

Cancer may be the most mother-family-centered zodiac sign in the zodiac, so don’t be surprised if you want to stay at home next month and be with your closest comrade-in-arms. “The cancer season is related to families, family gatherings and family vacations-maybe this year, stay“, Leslie Hale, an astrologer at Keen.com, told “Busy”

;. In all things in the world, all of us can comfort us with the soothing heart of love, or use a rich Compassionate ears to listen to our sufferings. This is all the energy of the Cancer season. This is a maternal, gentle nurturing atmosphere, where we make room for our emotions and breathe, and encourage us to lead with empathy .

Two days before the start of the Cancer season, Mercury’s retrograde summer 2020 also kicked off, adding a large number of other retrograde planets, which are rotating our summer in various directions. The slowdown caused by retrograde and the usual moodiness of the cancer season may be the cause of summer sadness, or just a command to improve the level of summer self-care. Haier said: “In this year’s cancer season, the key is to stay calm, maintain balance and maintain a positive attitude.” “The world is changing and changing, but in the end it will become better.”

Here are the exclusive news about how the 2020 cancer season will affect each zodiac, so you can make the most of the feeling of deep summer.

Aries (March 21 to April 19)

Margaret Flatley/Letter

Love: Aries, communicate with your lover this month, and think twice before speaking to avoid quarreling or even breaking up. In most seasons of Cancer, Mercury will be retrograde, and all of us need to be more thoughtful about our words-this is especially important for impulsive fire signs like you.

cause: Your ruling planet Mars has just entered your constellation, so when you achieve your career goals in the next few weeks, you will feel completely energized and cheering up. Get ready to cheer on all your work and personal projects.

friendship: Aries, your current focus is on work, so this month you may slow down in social situations and spend more time with family, roommates or your best friends in a low-key environment.

Taurus (April 20-May 20)

Margaret Flatley/Letter

Love: Since the beginning of Cancer, your ruled Venus has finally escaped retrograde, and you are ready to indulge in the joy of love in this world. Plan a sensual night to reconnect with your partner.

cause: It may be difficult to concentrate on large-scale work projects, so please focus on small tasks instead of large tasks. Mastering email or dealing with smaller projects will help you make the most of this time.

friendship: The cancer season is a good time to let your social nature shine. Try chatting with colleagues or neighbors and make some calls to keep up with friends you haven’t touched in a while.

Gemini (May 21 to June 20)

Margaret Flatley/Letter

Love: Gems, you feel all kinds of cute now! Embrace the entire cancer season, keep yourself sensitive, and make you happy sitting in the front row. Play with and seduce your fascination.

cause: Money is definitely in your mind, so please take stock of your financial situation and determine whether you can get the salary you deserve. If you think it’s time for a raise, please wait until Mercury ends retrograde in the last week of the Cancer season.

friendship: You are a social butterfly, but what do you really value among your friends? You may find yourself sifting through a list of IRL friends to find out who in your life is really worth your visit.

Cancer (June 21 to July 22)

Margaret Flatley/Letter

Love: You are busy focusing on the entire birthday, so that you may find that you are not too focused on love. It’s ok! Before making any commitments, give yourself some time and space to collect your feelings and figure out what you want.

cause: Cancer, this may be an important month for your career! Although no major moves are recommended during Mercury retrograde, it is a good time to review past projects and consider ways to move forward in the last week of the season.

friendship: Throughout the month, the sun shines on your constellation, which is a good time to socialize and express yourself with friends. Whether you are having a social celebration on your birthday or just gathering with friends via video chat, you must stay in touch with your friends.

Leo (July 23-August 22)

Margaret Flatley/Letter

Love: You crave social elements in your love life, especially after being isolated for a few months, so even if you keep a certain distance from the social circle, you should try to establish a romantic relationship with your social circle! Plan two outdoor picnics outdoors, or chat with some common friends during Zoom Happy Hour. This will help restore sparks.

cause: It seems that my career is slowing down, but this month can be regarded as a crazy welcome. Use this time to focus on learning new skills or setting some higher goals for yourself.

friendship: When you like to show your emotions to friends, you may feel introverted this season. Advice, but? Embrace it-because the next season is Leo, and once the transit occurs, you will want to attend the party for a whole month.

Virgo (August 23-September 22)

Margaret Flatley/Letter

Love: Virgo, you now have a love relationship with your work. Although this is important to your career, don’t let your love life suffer. Open up information about work to your partner and find common ground instead of completely separating these parts of life.

cause: Even if your ruling planet Mercury is retrograde, you cannot stop because your career is fueling the fire. You are now passionate about your career goals and working well with others. Use the power of teamwork to refine your ideas and make them the smartest ideas.

friendship: Virgo, your social awareness is naturally very high this month, so please make the most of it. Rather than chatting with colleagues and replying to a million stories on Instagram, it is better to plan something with your friends to remind yourself that you are still part of the community-even if you stay away from society.

Libra (September 23 to October 22)

Margaret Flatley/Letter

Love: Love can really take you to distant places-even if that is in your mind, Libra. Don’t put romantic things in boxes of any kind now. Your ruled Venus (the planet of love) has finally gone retrograde during the Cancer season, so everything inside you is now possible.

cause: Libra now brings vigorous energy to your career, Libra! Although Mercury retrograde may force your work to slow down, your passion and energy can make up for these setbacks. Express yourself and immediately improve your public image, it will be well received.

friendship: Because you put your energy into work, you will naturally attract friends who understand your career path or have similar career paths. Get immediate feedback and support from people you trust.

Scorpio (October 23 to November 21)

Margaret Flatley/Letter

Love: Scorpio, love is now about your intimacy, but this is exactly how you like it. Shallow affairs are not your true style, because if you want, you are more willing to learn more about someone and interact with others. Just to determine the boundaries, so as not to completely overwhelm you with romance.

cause: You want to take a vacation now, but with the advent of the pandemic and Mercury retrograde season, this is not an ideal time. Keep the holidays later in the summer, and focus on improving the workday and re-creating to-do items to make the schedule more fresh and practical.

friendship: You crave mental stimulation, and your friends can become a truly satisfying source this month. Ask friends if they are interested in setting up a book club to gain a deeper understanding of the social justice issues we are currently facing.

Sagittarius (November 22 to December 21)

Margaret Flatley/Letter

Love: Sag, for you, love is mainly in your brain. You are putting all your energy into the closest romantic relationship, or even crushing on formal things, and you will eventually feel that all the challenges facing romance are paying off.

cause: This is not the most expensive season for you, so it should be considered as a time to slow down and clean the house so that you can achieve new goals later this summer. Try to complete old, lingering projects and make sure you don’t owe anyone an expired email or deliverable.

friendship: Now, you are more interested in the heart-to-heart connection with your closest friends than the life at the party, Sag. Make your conversation with you deeper and more intimate-just make sure to establish appropriate boundaries with your friends so that your loopholes are not exploited.

Mori Block (December 22 to January 19)

Margaret Flatley/Letter

Love: This month we will focus on the closest partnership with you, and you may have some serious experiences with your lover. Although you may not feel spectacular and shining about all these heavy emotions, please believe this is a necessary step to establish an open and more honest connection.

cause: Throughout the cancer season, Mercury has been confused by us, so please concentrate on making your communication with your supervisor and colleagues clearer. One-on-one discussions will be easier than large meetings.

friendship: Both love and work take up a lot of your energy, so the cancer season is a good time to slow down and only connect with your closest friends. Keep a low profile and allow your contact with friends to recover from the bottom of your heart.

Aquarius (January 20 to February 18)

Margaret Flatley/Letter

Love: Oh, Aquarius, you may not be the type of Cancer, but this season you are 100% flirting. If you are single, please be prepared to have some fun in love and date the scene. If you have a romantic relationship, plan some pleasant outings and try to seduce each other again.

cause: The cancer season is all about solving the smaller items on Aquarius’ list of your tasks. You will be inspired to be organized in your work, and will feel super motivated when catching up with various correspondence. Make the most of this clarity.

friendship: If your friendship focuses on health and supports your self-care, your friendship will feel the best this month. Connect with friends who can inspire you to be your best and healthiest friend, and avoid using energy vampires.

Pisces (February 19 to March 20)

Margaret Flatley/Letter

Love: Pisces, you just want to hug your partner at home during this year’s Cancer season-it doesn’t matter! By planning many comfortable nights together, evoke the nurturing nature of Cancer and embrace the most comfortable part of your relationship.

cause: Pisces, you feel very motivated in making money, entering passion projects, and financial management, so please make the most of your motivation. At the end of Mercury retrograde, you will gain more traction in the last week of the Cancer season.

friendship: This is a very interesting season, you can connect with friends through your creative efforts, especially for people like you who naturally like art. Share your thoughts with friends to get more inspiration and do something creative with Socializing, such as the daily drawing challenge or virtual art class.

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