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Mental Health Help Law: "I will do everything to prevent this law"


Psycho-Ill-Aid Law "I will do anything to prevent this law"

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 Swearing in of the Bavarian cabinet  Swearing in of the Bavarian cabinet

Criticized with its bill: Melanie Huml (CSU), Minister of Health of Bavaria

Source: dpa / Sven Hoppe

In the debate on the Bavarian mental health aid law associations raise alarm. Even with the opposition, the planned reform causes displeasure. The charge: The law puts depressives on a par with criminals.

D Reduce the number of shelters and manage psychological crises right from the beginning – that's the idea behind the new law written by Minister of Health Melanie Huml (CSU). But experts in Bavaria are dissatisfied with the current draft. Although the establishment of a nationwide crisis service is welcomed, says Margit Brendl, chairman of the Joint Welfare Association of Bavaria. However, this is almost the only help aspect of the law: "Instead of emphasizing the help and the healing, the law is primarily about security. Mentally ill people are treated like criminals, "says Brendl. For mentally ill offenders, however, there is the execution of sentences.

The law creates neither legal certainty nor transparency

Contrary to claims, the new law creates neither legal certainty nor transparency – if legal certainty means that a person in an acute crisis according to the rules of the sentences for offenders can be forced into the hospital. The FDP also harshly criticizes the draft bill: "The state government is putting the basic rights of the mentally ill at stake," said Martin Hagen, top candidate of the FDP for the state election. Above all, the central accommodation file, ie the planned introduction of a card index of the mentally ill, which should also be passed on to the police to prevent and prosecute crimes, is unacceptable for the Free Democrats.

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Also Kathrin Sonnenholzner (SPD), chairwoman of the health committee of the Bavarian state parliament, warns of a file "Which allows authorities to determine if someone was hospitalized for depression, for example." The doctor announces: "I will do everything I can to prevent this law in its present form." The law was "a disaster for the mentally ill". And the free voters accuse the state government: "Instead of a modern law on the way, which offers people in mental crises quickly effective aid and the destigmatization of the mentally ill advance, the idea of ​​security is in the foreground."

Prime Minister Söder defends the planned reform

Prime Minister Markus Söder (CSU) defends the amendment to the mental health aid law against the criticism of opposition and associations. "We do not want to stigmatize anyone and take the concerns seriously," said Söder on Tuesday after a meeting of the cabinet in Munich. The protection of the population and those affected were important goods, which should be taken into account in the law. Söder announced that the government was "open to change" in the forthcoming discussion of the bill in the state legislature. This applies to detailed questions, "but we want to get the basic direction". The first reading of the planned amendment in Parliament is scheduled for this Wednesday. An expert hearing will be held on April 24.

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