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Attacks, security, viruses that shook the Capitol

Washington (Associated Press)-The anger surrounding the Capitol this time is not from the rioters, but from within.

The anger shown is burning-Democrats oppose Republicans; Republicans oppose Republicans; lawmakers on both sides oppose the catastrophic security failure that made senior government leaders vulnerable to the violence of last week and the coronavirus in their ranks s damage.

The enthusiasm caused by the new impetus of the Democratic Party to impeach President Donald Trump exacerbated this anger.

A Democrat said that this is a “pink bucket”

; moment. This must be historic.

The House of Representatives is working hard to make Trump the first president to be impeached twice as part of the extraordinary effort that began with the inauguration of Democratic Party Joe Biden. The charge against him was: “Inciting rebellion.”

The founder’s words were once again dubbed the title of “high crime rate and misdemeanor”, and Trump was acquitted in the first impeachment trial in the Senate. The congressional corridors and offices are getting more and more tempered, and the attackers are still cleaning up the trash.

The long-term habit of protecting bubbles from shaking members asked if they could spend their bulletproof vests on taxpayers (yes, yes). Democrats attacked a group of people who will always be liars-Republicans made false accusations against the president’s false accusations even after the mob was finally cleared of the same lies.

Democratic Senator Bob Casey of Pennsylvania called for the expulsion or condemnation of Republican congressmen. Republican congressmen argued that if these congressmen refuse to resign, Trump’s case will overturn the wishes of voters. The Democrats’ main candidates are Senator Josh Hawley of Missouri, Senator Ted Cruz of Texas and members of the House of Representatives, who have also tried to help Biden. Barriers to election qualifications.

Casey said: “If you don’t take responsibility for the insurgents, it will be a serious injustice and give the green light to future dictators.”

Democratic Rep. Jamie Ruskin of Maryland said: “They have a mature independent reality, completely separated from the world of truth, which is the basis of fascism. When you add racism, anti-Semitism, conspiracy theories and magic thinking In terms of violating democracy, this is definitely a small bucket.”

There are also accusations from Republicans to Republicans. Some former congressmen and congressional Republican aides who remain anonymous said that most of these were directed at the California House of Representatives Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (Kevin McCarthy) because they did not have the right to discuss the matter publicly.

Some House Republicans are upset that McCarthy, one of Trump’s most staunch defenders in Washington, is too strong and defends him for too long. After the Capitol is besieged, it is difficult to break away from Trump.

In contrast, the majority leader of the Kentucky Senate, Mitch McConnell (Mitch McConnell) clearly criticized Trump’s motivation to overthrow Biden’s election, saying it would “damage our Republic forever.” Even if the mob broke through the Capitol and rushed towards the back room against the large numbers of police, he did so.

In a letter sent to them on Monday, McCarthy admitted that his Republican colleagues were outraged by the attack. They declared in the letter that “I share your anger and pain” and made sure they knew that the mob’s threat was also approaching him.

He wrote: “A zipper was found on the desk of a clerk in my office.” “The window was smashed. The property was stolen. These images will never leave us.”

Seemingly not nervous enough about the behavior of Trump and his stubborn loyalists, three Democrats in the Republican House Shelter revealed that they have been susceptible to COVID-19 since the Republican House members were refreshed to a safe room. ‘S test is positive. During those hours, some Republicans in that room refused to wear masks.

Indeed, a newly infected Washington State Rep. Pramila Jayapal said: “Several Republicans not only cruelly refused to wear masks, but also desperately laughed at colleagues who provided them with masks. And employees.”

Representatives are from Bonnie Watson Coleman of New Jersey and Brad Schneider of Illinois. They have been in the room for a while and announced a positive test, because everyone is waiting for more cases.

The Democrats are very angry.

“In the deadly attack on the U.S. Capitol, many of our Republican colleagues mocked the rules, which were not only designed to ensure the safety of colleagues, but also to protect the lives of the workers to ensure developments, law enforcement and all work in the Capitol. Personnel.” D-Mich Representative Debbie Dingell said.

On Tuesday, the sergeant of the House of Representatives Office of Ordnance issued a statement saying that all members and other personnel entering the chamber must be screened to check for prohibited items, including guns, and anyone who does not wear a mask on the floor of the House of Representatives will be taken. lay off. The House of Representatives also voted to impose fines on members without face masks.

At least one legislator, freshman R. Colo Rep. Lauren Boebert, has publicly talked about carrying guns around towns and into the territory of the Capitol, which angered gun control Democrats.

The new metal detectors outside the House Chamber also angered some Republicans, some of whom obscured or ignored these devices, claiming that they hindered their vote.

In a virtual meeting of the House Committee, Democrats begged Republicans to stop peddling Trump’s myths about election theft. For several weeks, judges and election officials have refuted Trump’s accusations, but the motive was mob, and it is still believed by many Trump supporters.

“When will the service for Donald Trump end?” asked Democratic Representative Joe Morelle of New York. “This should be easy to answer.”

“When people talk, everything is over.” He continued. Otherwise, “We have nothing. There is no America.”

There are signs that the top Republican in the House of Representatives is evading his unwavering loyalty to Trump.

McCarthy was in support of the lawsuit to prevent Biden from being elected to the majority of House Republicans in the December contract last week, and again voted against it, proving Biden’s victory. Both the lawsuit and the two votes were lost. So far, he has avoided publicly criticizing Trump. But in a private conference call with his Republican colleagues on Monday, he publicly condemned Trump.

Former Senator Jeff Fleck (R. Ariz.), who often clashed with Trump, said in an interview last week that McCarthy “amplified the president’s message about mass election fraud.” “This is irresponsible. Yes. Mickey does not fall into this category.”

“McCarthy fully supports Trump,” said Paul Cook, who retired from California in January as a Republican congressman and has been at odds with him over the years. “I think sometimes you have greater national interests and you don’t always get together.”

For Cook, this is all due to the oath of office. He said: “You swear, many people have forgotten this word.”

The legislators were sworn in and pledged to defend the Constitution “against all domestic and foreign enemies”.

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