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7;s Mackenzie Salmon (Mackenzie Salmon) and Paul Myerberg (Paul Myerberg) talk about the state of college football during the pandemic.

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After Arizona State University (ASU) was forced to cancel on Friday, Arizona State’s first football match with California on Saturday will not be held. The game will not be compensated.

The Pac-12 conference issued a statement saying that ASU could not participate in the competition because there are not enough scholarship providers due to the positive COVID-19 case. Sun Devils coach Herm Edwards is a test subject for ASU.

The Sun Devil (0-1) will be on vacation until November 21st in Colorado.

Edwards said in Friday’s statement: “First of all, I want to say that Lia, my girl and I are both pretty good, and I’m coming back faster than you can say’ !’Secondly, even though our medical professionals have provided excellent care for myself, my staff and my team in the past few months, the virus can still find me, so I encourage everyone to take the virus seriously and wear Masks, practice physical distancing, and test as much as possible.”

Karl missed his second game in a row and has not yet opened the season. Last week, a Bears player tested positive for COVID, coupled with contact tracing isolation, leaving the team understaffed to play against Washington on November 7.

Due to COVID, who else is not playing this weekend?

More than half of the Southeastern Conference, including Alabama first.

Ohio No. 3.

Two of the three military academies.

A total of 13 games have been postponed or completely cancelled. Combined with last week’s changes, only the first two Saturdays of November affected 23 games. In another week like this, the league has no time to reschedule the game.

US Securities and Exchange Commission Commissioner Greg Sankey (Greg Sankey) said: “Usually, our experience this week is simply extraordinary.” “This year, unlike the past, this is a special week.”

Shut down: Ivy League cancels winter sports season, postpones spring

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The SEC’s Arkansas is playing, but no coach Sam Pittman has tested positive for COVID-19.

Clemson (Clemson) ranked fourth, but in the past two weeks without quarterback Trevor Lawrence (Trevor Lawrence) played, he was selected as the No. 1 pick in the NFL draft next spring because of his The test is positive.

On the other hand, there will be 40 games on Friday and Saturday (although one of them, Louisville, Virginia was supposed to be played last week). This is the latest, but please keep in mind that it may change at any time:

The game is postponed or cancelled this weekend

The Wyoming Air Force has been cancelled. It was announced that there was no competition.

LSU, Alabama, has been postponed. No makeup date is set.

Auburn University in Mississippi was postponed. The scheduled makeup date is December 12.

Arizona State University, California, has been cancelled. It was announced that there was no competition.

Troy Coastal Carolina, postponed. No makeup date is set.

Georgia, Missouri postponed. No makeup date has been set.

Monroe, Louisiana, in Arkansas, has been postponed to December 12.

Memphis Navy, postponed. No makeup date has been set.

North Texas in Birmingham, Texas, Alabama, has been cancelled.

Ohio State University in Maryland has been cancelled. It was announced that there was no competition.

Pittsburgh, Georgia Institute of Technology, postponed to December 12.

Rice of Louisiana Tech University postponed. No makeup date is set.

Texas A&M in Tennessee postponed until December 12.

Still playing games


Florida Atlantic Ocean at Florida International Airport, 7 PM

Minnesota, Iowa, 7 PM

7:30 PM in East Carolina, Cincinnati

on Saturday

Army in Turan at noon

Gardner-Webb in Charlotte at noon

Rutgers, Illinois, noon

Noon in Indiana, Michigan

Noon at Virginia Tech in Miami

Noon in Marshall, Tennessee

Pennsylvania State University of Nebraska

TCU in West Virginia at noon

Vanderbilt in Kentucky, noon

Noon in Wake Forest, North Carolina

Noon in West Carolina in Free State

2 p.m. in South Alabama in Lafayette, Louisiana

Fresno, Utah, 2:30 PM

2:30 p.m. in Georgia, Appalachia

El Paso, Texas in San Antonio, Texas, 3 PM

Stanford, Colorado, 3:30 PM

Louisville, Virginia, 3:30pm

3:30pm at Notre Dame at Boston College

Southern California, Arizona, 3:30 PM

3:30 PM in Southern Mississippi, Western Kentucky

Houston, South Florida, 3:30 PM

Texas in southern Georgia, 3:30pm

Baylor of Texas Tech University, 4 pm

San Diego State University, Hawaii, 4 pm

New Mexico, Nevada, 6:30 PM

7pm in Arkansas, Florida

Washington State, Oregon, 7 PM

SMU, Tulsa, 7 PM

7:30 PM in Florida, North Carolina

Purdue University Northwest District, 7:30 PM

7:30 PM in South Carolina, Mississippi

Sanctuary in Central Florida, 7:30 PM

Michigan, Wisconsin, 7:30 PM

10:30 pm at San Jose State University (UNLV)

UCLA, Utah, 10:30 PM

Oregon State University, Washington State, 11 PM


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