The Houston Astros reviewed a maneuver they performed on the opening day against Joey Gallo of the Texas Rangers .

The left-handed thug has the reputation of pulling the ball, and opposing teams shift accordingly to the defense. The Astros, however, use this defensive shift to the utmost, probably because Houston relies heavily on mathematics. The analysis department of the Astros considers this defensive formation to be what means unorthodox alignments.

The Astros positioned all but one of their seven outfield players well to the right of the second base. Alone on the left was field player Marwin Gonzalez. Look at all this space on the left side of the field. Look at it!

Unperturbed by the wild defenses and not by all the open green in the left field, Gallo went straight ahead the teeth of Astros defense. That did not work. He landed on the short right field.

Gallo went 0-for-3, but that counted little in the long run. Rangers pitcher Cole Hamels combined with three relievers to hit the mighty Astros lineup in a 1-0 win. That helped Justin Verlander to another brilliant start, which threw six innings and rejected seven, but allowed a run that eventually seduced Houston to victory.



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