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Asian giant “murdered the Hornet” queen arrested in Washington

However, two queens survived and were captured by entomologists from the Washington State Department of Agriculture (WSDA). WSDA said that it is not clear whether the two queens are virgin queens or whether one is a virgin queen and the other is an old queen.
Washington State Department of Agriculture arrests two Asian Hornet queens

Entomologists said in a Facebook post that they were able to clear 85 bumblebees from the nest and all the wasps survived. WSDA opened the nested log on Thursday and is analyzing its content. There are some adults in the nest preparing to come out of their cells, and WSDA will not have the final number until they can count all the wasps.

WSDA said that all specimens will be researched.

The Asian giant hornet nest was originally discovered in a tree hole near Blaine, Washington on October 22. WSDA researchers used a new type of trap to mark several captured bumblebees with radio trackers and then take them to the nest.

Asian hornets usually build nests on the ground, but occasionally they nest in dead trees.

The Asian Hornet was first discovered in Washington State in December 2019 and is an invasive species that is not native to the United States. They are the prey of the world’s largest bumblebees and bees and other insects. WDSA says that a small group of Asian hornet can kill an entire hive within a few hours.
Bees are not the only reason these creatures are nicknamed “killer bumblebees.” Experts from Washington State University said multiple stabbings from the Asian Hornet may kill a person.

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