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As the launch may approach, Spotify’s mysterious car equipment leaks again

As early as 2019, Spotify announced a project called Car Thing, which was the company’s first appearance in the automotive hardware industry, and one of its gadgets was designed to help the company collect some analytical data about the way subscribers interact with their content. .

Spotify said from the beginning that Car Thing is not necessarily aimed at the consumer market, but the new photos posted on the Internet this week seem to hint at other things.

First of all, the image you see here was discovered by MacRumors contributor Steve Moser in the iOS version of Spotify, and is believed to provide us with a nearly final version of Car Thing. We still don̵

7;t know if this is the name Spotify wants to use for the production version of its device.

Drawings found in the FCC archives not long ago point to an improved version of the device, but these new photos indicate that the design is now more polished and ready for launch.

Car Thing now has a large-size display, and may display some virtual buttons on the screen to control media playback, thereby providing touch support. There are two separate buttons, an oversized button, and a small button next to it, most likely to be used to adjust the volume and other functions.

From the appearance, the device will also support multiple installation methods, including in vents, just like a typical smartphone. There is no doubt that the goal is to enable the driver to see the screen and believe that voice control will be a key function to reduce interference.

But now, we don’t know much about Spotify’s mysterious in-vehicle devices, and the most important question may be whether the company plans to release it to consumers. So far, Spotify has remained silent on the progress of the project, so there are no other official details.

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