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Spoiler alert: This story delves into the end of “Forever Devil”. If you haven’t watched Netflix dramas, please stop reading.

Lodi, Lodi. “The Devil All the Time” led the audience with its all-star lineup-Tom Holland, Robert Pattinson, Sebastian Stein, Mia Vasikovska and Riley Kiov 2 hours and 18 minutes past the emotional twister.

The heartbreaking character is killed in the Midwestern Gothic drama due to the impunity of the “Game of Thrones” because of the sinister, powerful people (and the people of God) wreaking havoc on the decent people.

The loss was so heavy for me that in the last moment of irritation before reaching a conclusion, I spoke from the sofa of any powerful god on earth-Arvin Russell, who tried to escape the troublesome Dutchman.

“Of course, in all the heartache, pain and death of this movie, don’t we get a happy ending?” I pleaded.

To make sure that my prayers are answered, because the ending is very subtle, I talked with director Antonio Campos.

If you haven’t watched a movie, that’s actually the time you stopped reading.

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Campos told me emphatically that Alvin was hopeful at the last moment.

He said: “This is not a happy ending.” “But I hope you feel that you have the potential for a happy ending.”

A brief review of despair: In this epic story, the Dutchman Arvin and his troubled life are a beating heart covered in scars. When he was young, his mother (Haley Bennett) died of cancer. His father, Willard (Bill Skarsgård), who was worried about the Second World War, killed Arvin’s dog Jack as a victim of saving his wife, and then committed suicide after his wife’s funeral.

Arvin was briefly satisfied with living with his grandparents, until his beloved sibling Lenora (Eliza Scanlen) was pregnant with the dirty preacher Preston Teagardin (Robert Pattinson), and accidentally committed suicide while denying that he was a father. Arvin seeks revenge and kills Teagardin with his father’s Luger. He fled and hitchhiked with serial killer Carl (Jason Clarke) and Carl’s unknowing victim, Riley Keough (Riley Keough).

Arvin eventually fired in self-defense and continued to fly in search of rest in the troubled past. He went to his childhood home, intending to finally send his pet dog to a funeral that his companion deserved.

Sheriff Lee Bodecker (Sebastian Stan) traces Arvin there to seek his revenge to commemorate the death of his sister Sandy. Arvin was forced to kill Bodecker, actually shooting the sheriff. He buried Lugar with dog bones.

Campos said: “Alvin did not plan to keep the guns, but after the final gun battle with Bodeker, he fully understood the danger of this matter inherited from his father, and he needs to get rid of it.” Burying the bones of the dog, Jack and his father’s gun, he is ready to let go of the anger against his father and the violence he inherited from his father.”

Arvin embarked on the final hitchhiking journey. In a movie that proves to be dangerous, getting into another stranger’s car will make those who have invested their souls in Arvin’s plight upset. When radio reports about Lyndon Johnson’s upgrade of the Vietnamese army, he was exhausted and struggling to stay awake.

But this time, the driver is a hippie in a Volkswagen truck, not a serial killer.

Campos said: “This hints at the coming new era.” “It’s not Karl and Sandy. It’s this man who really doesn’t know where he is going, maybe he just smoked a cigarette. Arvin is about to leave what he has been living with. A small bubble may experience something different.”

The ending paragraph that the storyteller said made us tired of Arvin’s nodding:

“Then the idea of ​​conscription came into his mind. He wasn’t sure if he was thinking about himself or Willard. He didn’t want to participate in a war like his father. But he was good at fighting. Maybe that was his home. His grandmother. He will be called to pray, and then he will laugh at her, but maybe she knows something he doesn’t know. Now, he needs to sleep and he feels lucky that someone is driving.”

Campos said that the character is at a crossroads, but this is progress. Even after seeing what World War II did to the father of the survivor, one way is to go to Vietnam. The scene also shows Arvin who grew up in a happy family.

He may make life choices, thus ending the tragedy cycle of the story.

Campos said: “I hope that when this child who has experienced all the madness wakes up from a rest, he may walk on a road that his father has not walked, or he will not walk at that age.” “So I hope you I can finally feel that hope.”

For a tragic movie like “Forever Devil”, that’s all.


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