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Are the Broncos and Panthers important contenders for Deshaun Watson?

According to reports, almost a month has passed since Deshaun Watson asked Texas for the deal, and it is clear that he hopes to exit the industry a few weeks before that. During that time, Watson has almost entered the jersey of every NFL team. Moreover, even though the three NFL starting quarterbacks (Matthew Stafford, Jared Goff and Carson Wentz) were traded to the new team of that period, Watson does not seem to have made a deal yet. Houston hired a new head coach and firmly insisted on his position: “We have zero interest in trading players,” general manager Nick Caesario said in late January. We have reached the old western gunfight scene, and the only action that took place was a billowing grass.

The NFL draft is still a few months away. Since the capital draft will obviously play a role in any potential transaction, Texans will have their own options. On Monday morning, NBC Sports̵

7; Peter King wrote that although at least two unnamed teams have submitted proposals, the Texans are still not listening to Watson’s offer. Currently, they have no incentive to take immediate action. Tactically speaking, this makes sense for Houston: Rejecting any initial offer may drive up the transaction price or prompt Watson to reconsider life with the Texans. However, we see that the buzz around Watson is changing. Although the New York Jets and the Miami Dolphins are still possible destinations due to large draft funding, the Denver Broncos and the Carolina Panthers are still working on Watson’s theoretical combination. The question is: why?

On Monday morning, the FanDuel betting line listed Denver as the most popular event with odds of +150, followed by the Panthers (+250) and Texans (+250). Considering that neither Denver nor Carolina can provide the kind of draft funding that Miami or New York can provide, this is bound to attract attention. Nevertheless, both teams have the top ten in this year’s draft, and it is worth studying how the two teams landed on Watson.

Denver Broncos

Notable capital draft: No. 9 pick (2021)
2021 QB stipulated in the contract: Drew Lock, Jeff Driskel, Brett Rypien
Estimated salary space (per Spotrac): 39.8 million USD

Obviously, in addition to their own talents, the Broncos are also interested in Watson. Denver’s lineup can now win, and new general manager George Paton (George Paton) has revealed that he is determined to promote the QB position.According to reports, the Broncos are playing for Stafford, allegedly Sports IllustratedAlbert Breer (Albert Breer), they hope to exchange draft picks, equivalent to “first round late draft picks.” Provocation? Sure, but Paton and Co. understand that the window to compete with Denver’s current defense will not remain open forever.

Watson will make full use of the talented Mustangs. Despite leaving behind his problems, last season Jerry Jedi proved to be one of the most explosive rookies in the NFL. According to the professional football focus, they recorded 26 low-court games of 15 yards or more (Rookie second last). Another 2020 rookie KJ Hamler (JJ Hamler) flashed outstanding performance, which made him the second round of the Penn State University draft. The catcher Courtland Sutton will only play once in 2020 due to a knee injury at the end of the season. Noah Fant was followed by Noah Fant, who was also the best choice last year. They led the team at the reception last year (62), while the former undrafted receiver Tim Patrick (Tim Patrick) Then led the team’s touchdown (six). In addition, Melvin Gordon became the number one man in the Denver backcourt after rushing for 986 yards and nine points. Locke, who has struggled with injuries during the year, has been working hard to continuously improve his approval rating, finishing 29th in QBR (48.9) and completing 57.3% of his passes. Watson will be an obvious upgrade.

However, the Broncos’ defense can also compete. Last season, Denver’s defense ranked 13th in the “Football Outsider” DVOA score, but the team ranked 30th on the offensive end. The Broncos will return some key contributors to their units, including pass-lovers Bradley Chubb and Jurrell Casey and corner guard Bryce Kara Han (Bryce Callahan) is the title. Renewing star security expert Justin Simmons (Justin Simmons) is still a key decision. Justin Simmons will become one of the most popular defensive products of the offseason, but it may become a franchise target. Denver must also decide whether to choose experienced veterans, sprinter von Miller and safety Jarim Jackson. Spotrac expects their total expenditure to reach $35.1 million (17.3% of Denver’s 2021 salary cap). Denver is expected to have the eighth highest salary space in the NFL during the offseason ($39.8 million), so it’s strange to see how Watson (who signed a four-year, $156 million renewal contract last year) Calculate salary space.

Watson may be an ideal candidate for Denver, but what does it take to acquire him? On Monday, Anthony Treash, the focus of professional football, put together a mock draft, and Denver bought Watson for the value of Broncos. The finals are ranked 9th, including the second round in 2021, the first round in 2022, the second round in 2022 and the first round in 2023. This situation requires Trey Lance of North Dakota (currently No. 11 potential customer in Danny Kelly) to be available. 9th, but considering the number of teams most in need of QB training in the trials, there is no guarantee that Lance will still be on the board for Houston to choose.

The Broncos are a viable trading partner, but the reason for betting on Watson is very clear. Denver’s current draft picks may exceed one of the top four QB prospects: Clemson’s Trevor Lawrence, Ohio State University’s Justin Fields, BYU’s Zach Wilson and Lance. This will mean Houston will not be able to obtain a direct successor to Watson, unless Houston believes that Locke can be the central solution. Maybe Denver can recruit many old players, but who can make enough contributions to Houston? The left-handed Garett Bolles and the young missionary may make sense, but trading decent players will hurt the Broncos’ favorable environment for QB inheritance. Maybe Payton is smart enough to make a high bid for Watson, but to achieve this goal, it may take a lot of picks.

Last week, the Broncos defeated writer Troy Renck (Troy Renck) reported that if the Texan allows him to work with Watson, the team will seek a trade. There are also rumors that Watson will consider giving up his no-trade clause to join the Broncos, but considering that Watson will have to compete with the Chiefs and Patrick Mahomes twice a season for the foreseeable future, this is strange. Good value for money, Houston Chronicle Long-time reporter John McClain promised not to trade Watson to Denver. We will see if this is true.

Carolina Panthers

Notable capital draft: No. 8 pick (2021)
2021 QB stipulated in the contract: Teddy Bridgewater, Philip Walker, Will Greer
Estimated salary space: 39.9 million USD

The Panthers are very popular in 2020. Although their offensive trajectory has risen after coach Matt Rhule’s first season, they have not performed well. This is why they have been a surprising participant in the premature Watson draw. Like Denver, Carolina has also participated in Stafford’s trade negotiations, but GM’s Scott Fitler has been more aggressive and reportedly not. Eight experienced QB Teddy Bridgewater (Teddy Bridgewater) went to Detroit.

There are signs of dissolution between Leopard and Bridgewater. In one season of a three-year, $63 million contract, Bridgewater cancelled the Panthers’ official Instagram account and made it a private account. Rhule’s offseason comments implied that he was not committed to Bridgewater, because after the Panthers coach worked with him last month, the coach referred to Alabama QB prospective player Mac Jones as “Alpha.” Someone guessed Jones-ringDanny Kelly is. 5 QB prospects, no. There are 32 players in total-never surpass Carolina. 8. Is he free?

Carolina seems to take the quarterback upgrade seriously. Bridgewater is too conservative to exceed the average QB of the previous quarter. According to the database of Ben Baldwin and Sebastian Carl, he ranks 20th in EPA passers per game (0.128), but his completion rate is 7th higher than expected (72.5%, 4 points higher than expected). Bridgewater lacks aggressive low-post offense-according to next-generation statistics, his pass 7.3 expected open position ranks 11th among passers, which gives the Panthers a little bit of improvement in passing potential. In contrast, Watson’s EPA average points per game (0.228) and CPOE ranked fourth (73%, 6.5 points higher than expected). Watson’s average expected flying yards per attempt is 9, ranking sixth among pedestrians. Why Carolina would try to move from Bridgewater to Watson, it makes sense.

Just like the Broncos, the Panthers have a fascinating offensive support lineup. Christian McCaffrey is one of the best dual-threat runners in the NFL. DJ Moore, Robby Anderson and Curtis Samuel form a multi-functional Receiver trio. But the Panthers defense is not as strong as Denver. Stealer Brian Burns (Brian Burns) is one of the league’s breakout stars, and safety Jeremy Chinn (Jeremy Chinn) is one of the most impressive rookies in the NFL. Rhule has a good foundation for continued development, but currently only has its potential. Last season, Carolina’s defense ranked 24th in the “Football Outsider” DVOA score; offensive ranked 17th.

The Panthers may see a window of opportunity for the NFC South in the near future, as the Falcons will have to pair up with QB Matt Ryan after another losing season. The Saints will now lose QB Drew Brees and retire. And the pirates, they are the reigning champions, but Tom Brady didn’t really participate in the competition until he was 50 years old… Is he? Hiring Watson will immediately make Carolina a competitor in its department and rank NFC as the youngest and brightest star in the sport’s most important position.

But the Panthers face similar problems with the Broncos, because they are too late in the first round of selection and cannot guarantee one of the top four consensus QBs in the draft. (However, they may succeed Mac Jones, ringDanny Kelly (Danny Kelly) recently mocked for reluctance to fall into a bear market. 20.) In any case, remember that to persuade Texans to make a deal, Carolina will spend a considerable amount of money.

There was a fire on Twitter last week, when a fantasy football writer misunderstood ESPN reporter David Newton’s “bold prediction” about the roundtable discussion of the Panthers’ views on the Watson deal. The hypothetical deal involves McCaffrey and three first-round picks. Although there is no indication that such a deal is already on the table, it is not easy for the Panthers who need to exchange to get Watson. thing. King’s hypothetical transactions in his Monday column include: Carolina dispatched McCaffrey, Bridgewater, Anderson, first and second round picks in 2021, first round picks in 2022 and No. 2023 picks Three-round pick. It’s okay. Even with McCaffrey (McCaffrey), it’s not enough, but considering that Tepper and Rulele are striving for a starting QB that can provide more production for the Panthers’ offense, this seems unacceptable. Row.

Carolina has always been one of the more active teams in moving personnel during the offseason. They have released veteran defensive tackles Kawann Short and safety Trey Boston. The Panthers also restructured the contract of starting center Matt Paradis (Matt Paradis), creating a salary of $4.7 million. According to Spotrac’s prediction, they will occupy the seventh highest position of all teams in the offseason. Maybe even if you don’t buy Watson, these moves will pay off. No matter what happens to the quarterback, Carolina is a team that deserves attention, even if the results of their hard work cannot be realized soon.

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