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Apple’s Mac Mini is killing my Hackintosh

Apple's M1 chip

Apple’s M1 chip is hailed as a leap forward for Mac. But this is the death of my Hackintosh.


One of my favorite nerd toys is about to become a relic. It’s Apple’s fault.

Back in 2016, I was frustrated that Apple has not updated its Mac Mini, IMac or Mac Pro Use the computer for at least one year. Although the company regularly releases new iPhones, iPads, AirPods and MacBooks, desktop Macs have not received the same attention.

I want a low-cost multifunctional machine that I can rely on for work and entertainment in the next few years. However, if I spent the $499 starting price of the Mac Mini computer Apple wanted, I would pay the full price of this machine with more than two years of history. not good.

Therefore, I decided to do one of the most interesting things a highly skilled Apple user can do: Built a computer.

I bought all the parts needed, including storage drives, system memory and Graphics card. Next, I put them in a seemingly common case. Then, I tricked Apple’s MacOS software to power it.

The project cost about $800, spent many nights squinting at the computer code, and there were a few frustrated f-keys on the keyboard, but in the end I did it.


Apple’s $699 M1-powered Mac Mini is a low-cost machine with amazing chip speed.

And Ackerman/CNET

I have turned my DIY computer into Hackintosh.

This content is not supported by Apple and may violate the MacOS software license terms. (Apple declined to comment for this article.) But the end result is, as I mean, I have a desktop Mac computer. I will take control away from Apple.

Moreover, I feel like a winner. During the day, I use Hackintosh for work and use all the dedicated Mac software I rely on to keep track of the task list, manage the calendar and find smart GIFs for small talk.

At night, I switched it to Microsoft’s Windows, which powers more than 73% of the world’s computers.This is also one of the only ways to be famous Virtual Reality For games like Valve’s sci-fi shooter Half-Life: Alyx, CNET’s sister site GameSpot has just named it the best game of 2020.

If some components (such as the video card) are not doing well enough, then I can easily upgrade the machine. A nerd’s paradise.

Unfortunately, when Apple CEO Tim Cook entered the company’s virtual live broadcast stage and said Mac changes forever. Their previous micro-processing brains made by chip manufacturer Intel were replaced by Apple’s custom-designed M1 chip. Apple said it did this because since 2006, the Intel processor that Apple has been powering the Mac is more suitable for Mac computers than the Mac.

Cook said in a speech in November: “Such progress comes only from making bold changes.” The event announced three new devices with the new M1 chip.

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The new M1 Mac is a huge shift for Apple


The first Macs equipped with M1 included MacBook Air, 13-inch MacBook Pro and Mac Mini, all of which were released in November. CNET critic Dan Ackerman said that their performance is much better than their predecessors, and even beat the Intel-based Macs released in early 2020.

For me and many other Hackintoshers, unfortunately, you cannot buy Apple’s M1 chip yourself. This means that I cannot plug them into my computer, nor can I make Apple’s MacOS software run on it.

Apple said that the transition from Intel to the transition will take about two years. In the next few years, the company is expected to stop upgrading Intel-based Mac software.

By then, my Hackintosh dream will officially end.

Apple is notorious for how much control it exerts on its devices. Unless you go through Apple’s App Store, you will not be able to download apps for iPhone or iPad, and the company will review each app before releasing it.

Not surprisingly, Apple will also exercise stricter control over its computers. But I still sadly saw Hackintoshes go.

Therefore, I decided to build another hula. The brightest fake apple I can call.

Hobbies and main force

Intel chip

For more than a decade, hackers have made MacOS run on PCs powered by AMD chips inspired by Intel and Intel.

The internet

In the past few years, it has become much easier to combine Hackintosh. This is largely due to better hacking tools and an active community, which is full of people who are eager to help. Some of them even wrote a step-by-step guide that lists the parts you can buy, how to configure them, and what you should do when not working.

One of the positions I rely on is Mykola Grymalyuk, a 20-year-old college student studying computer science in Canada (what else?). He entered Hackintoshing through his stepfather, and he has his own stepfather. Once, Grymalyuk found that he had recovered from a medical accident and had a lot of time on his hands.

Grymalyuk said: “I have been in the hospital bed, can’t really walk, can’t really do a lot, and I feel like I’m worthless.” “But the Hackintosh community gave me something.”

He noticed that there are not many up-to-date or comprehensive guides to help people build Hackintoshes, so he decided to write some himself. Initially, he created a list of video cards that best matched Apple’s software. Then he wrote an article about how to adjust your computer to make everything work properly. He was most helpful to me, and he created a detailed guide to help you understand the applications and process you need to follow to set up Hackintosh initially.

He said: “It just hovered up from there.”

Earlier this year, he incorporated his work into a website he co-founded called Dortania. It was named after a flower, so much so that he hoped it meant that the site could easily capture Google’s top link (it did). There are no ads on the site, and he does not ask for any money. He does encourage people to donate to Crohn’s disease and colitis in Canada.

8k edit PC custom build scan Puget-5

Building a custom PC has many advantages, such as the ability to customize memory and graphics. And it is upgradeable.

Andrew Hoyle/CNET

Although Grymalyuk likes to intervene in Hackintosh’s instructions, he knows that Apple’s M1 chip means that all of this will end in about five years. By then, he expects that all Macs and Mac applications will transition to Apple’s chips. At that time, Apple may begin to phase out software updates for Intel-based computers because it will no longer sell them.

As a self-proclaimed fan of Apple products, Grymalyuk said that he has recently committed to helping people run older Mac software on new computers and helping others run new Apple software on older Mac computers.

His dream is to translate all this knowledge into written documents for other technical products. He wants to help people understand the details of making computers tick, whether they are made by Apple or not.

He said: “I want to teach, not just to achieve the final result.” “I want people to maintain their machines. When you know what’s broken, how to break it, and what to fix, you feel,’Wow, I This machine can be maintained alone. No outside help is needed.'”

My last Hackintosh


It may be much uglier than the Mac, but it runs Apple’s software.

Ian Sherr

Thanks to the M1 Mac, I was inspired to build the latest Hackintosh. I decided to create a machine with the latest micro-processing technology and more than twice the storage capacity of a machine. Terabytes I use it today. I also chose an AMD graphics card similar to the latest Mac Pro computer to make sure it can work more easily on MacOS. I want to make sure that this machine can meet my needs for at least the next few years.

If you encounter difficulties, I will be happy to have the Hackintoshers community to help fix all the errors encountered. Sites like Grymalyuk’s Dortania, Reddit’s Hackintosh community and tonymacx86 are still very popular. YouTube channels like Snazzy Labs also often discuss Hackintoshes. When Apple released the first M1 computer in November, some of the communities even saw part of the reason for the surge in interest. This was because people were curious about what Hackintoshers were preparing for when MacOS was no longer available for Intel chips.

Tonymacx86 said: “There is still an active and active hacker community.” The username and the people behind the website prefer to remain anonymous to avoid fanatical fans and critics.

Tonymacx86 said that after Apple completely cut off Hackintoshes, these sites and guides are likely to be adapted as a tribute to people who have spent more than a decade building these Frankenstein-style machines. They are likely to be people who support the community because they use the computer after the time they can get any software updates from Apple.

By then I may finish Hackintoshing. I know that one day, I will not be able to make the computer I just built run MacOS smoothly. At that time, if I want to continue to use the company’s software, I need to buy a Mac from Apple.

Hopefully, by then, Apple’s computers will not be disappointingly obsolete as I first started.

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