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Apple TV+ is actually good

When Apple TV+ was launched in late 2019, I found its whole idea deeply annoying.

A large technology company entered the streaming game only because it is possible to invest funds in order to attract famous talents, but did not perform such an outstanding performance? The service’s large flagship drama, Morning show, Boasting about Reese Witherspoon (Reese Witherspoon) with Jennifer Aniston with Steve Carrell with There are so many other household names, but even under the best circumstances, it is only a solid performance, which is disappointing for a series of works with so many well-known talents.

And even worse than the streaming service (Amazon Prime Video) owned by other major technology companies, Apple TV+ does not have a library of favorite shows and movies to browse. Subscribers are almost troubled by Apple̵

7;s own programs. The program it provides at startup is sufficient at best.

Imagine, then, when Apple TV+ became one of the streaming services, I was taken aback. Throughout the pandemic, I turned to most people because I found more and more good shows to watch.

Ted Lasso Becoming the service’s first real success, first became popular on Twitter on TV, and then flooded among people who like TV comedies. Emily Dickinson Dickinson And alternate historical drama For all mankind It is one of the best programs currently being produced. At the same time, the service’s high-quality TV catalog allows you to kick it away and then gradually expand. (My favorite performance of this type: “Children’s Detective” black Go home before dark, Its audience is definitely not clear, but convincing. )

I don’t know yet I would call Apple TV+ an essential thing, but if you’re willing to spend $4.99 to try it out for a month, it’s a good choice. And, hey, if you have an Apple TV set-top box, it may be the best streaming device on the market, which gathers all your favorite shows into one space, so you can easily figure out which shows to watch them.

Why Apple TV+ now broadcasts so many physical TV shows, the simplest explanation is that it deliberately produces a limited number of TV shows, imitating network models such as HBO or FX, and focuses on quality rather than quantity, on the contrary The thing is, Netflix is ​​trying to flood the area with more and more floods thing. Of course, not every one of Apple’s original series will be a huge success, and some will still be terrible. But this well-planned method can lead to a more consistent and pleasant performance.

However, there is another explanation for why Apple TV+ is so good for me now: it does not have any clear intellectual property rights to mine.

Apple does not have any major movie or TV franchises, so it must seek support elsewhere

Ted Lasso, played by Jason Sudeikis, points to the outside with excitement

Technically, Ted Lasso is based on TV commercials, but you may not know it.
Apple TV+

Intellectual Property (IP) is a peculiar way of expressing “the story of company ownership.” For example, Disney’s intellectual property includes all these animated princess movies and Mickey Mouse, as well as the Marvel Cinematic Universe and Star Wars.

Intellectual property mining defines the wave of streaming services launched in 2019 and 2020.Disney+’s show is based on Star wars And Marvel superheroes, and Mighty duck series.Paramount+ has so many Star Trek Series, and HBO Max launched a new Rooney Cartoon Shorts and new features Adventure time The story soon after.Even Peacock has provided a sequel to Bell saved with Punky Brewster.

I don’t want to participate in any of these performances. Some of them are pretty good! However, there is not so much to go in order to attract audiences interested in another story about their favorite superhero, Starship Captain, anime friend, or 80s orphan. In theory, you know these names. You may feel nostalgic for the original story centered on them. Therefore, you can more easily persuade you to invest in new stories built around these names.

I don’t know that this method is particularly successful in all aspects- you Watch Punky Brewster On the peacock? -But this is the main strategy of emerging streaming media services. It will only get worse from here. Every service I have mentioned will overload the titles, characters and derivatives, sequels and remakes you have already heard of, even if you don’t have a memory that you can keep in mind, for example, Chip&Dale: Rescue Rangers (The show will get an updated version on Disney+). More mature services such as Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, and Hulu do not rely on intellectual property to some extent, but even with them, they are swallowing existing works to make adjustments.

What needs to be clear is that Apple TV+ is also very important in IP business. Ted Lasso Technically speaking, this is an adaptation of an advertisement about an A-footed American who started coaching the football team. Go home before dark Probably based on the true story of a girl who became a reporter and recorded everything that happened near her. (I’m not sure if we can call real people “intellectual property”, but let me say that stories based on real people are some kind of adaptation.)

Apple also adapted books and refurbished old TV shows, and produced shows featuring Snoopy and many other characters in comic strips peanut. Eventually, this will bring a hit movie, Stranger thing Or a Bridgetown, One Maid’s story Or a boys, This will go all out. (It’s also worth noting that the company produces and acquires movies and is a distributor of good documentaries. Boy state And huge animated movies Wolfwalker.)

But there is a crucial difference between Apple’s IP strategy and the ongoing Disney+ (also launched in late 2019) strategy. Apple TV+ is mainly adapted for books, and most of them choose titles that have not been adapted as screens before. However, when the Disney vault was in place, Disney+ was not particularly interested in buying book rights because it had IP that could be reimagined in the streaming era.This is not to say that Disney+ will never be adapted to the attributes of a movie or TV show (its 2020 movie The only Ivan For example, the book is based on a previously unadapted book), but it points to how projects built on the foundation of successful Disney properties can cheer up.

Apple TV+ has no choice but to look elsewhere. When you combine challenges with a focus on producing fewer, more stable successful shows, it seems more likely to make exciting original projects look like other content on TV.Tell me about your thoughts on M. Night Shyamalan’s creepy gothic horror drama servant, But now it’s difficult to compare it with any other content in the live broadcast.

Do viewers think that Apple TV+ is the home of high-quality programming? It is already working on the edge. Ted Lasso Is a real blow, and Dickinson, all mankind, with Little America (An anthology drama about immigration stories produced by Epic, a subsidiary of Vox Media) attracted a large audience. Putting good enough shows together like this, Apple TV+ may change from curiosity to a must-have for many TV fans.

Apple TV+’s approach doesn’t always bring great TV effects-its Jason Momoa car Look Very funny-does not always cause memorable TV broadcasts.Even if its overall quality is improved, Apple TV+ will still perform some memorable shows, such as musicals Little voice, Which contains new songs by Sara Bareilles, I can’t tell you anything other than songs I know I’ve seen at some point.

However, producing fewer programs based on fresh ideas is a wise way to build streaming services and focus on standing out in the long-term, especially if these programs come from creative voices, which may bring new ones. View. (Dickinson For example, the creator Alena Smith was a guest writer at Showtime Affair Before she released a beautiful mix of romantic yearning, real history and dramatic drama. Time will tell whether this method is more successful than simply providing a streaming service with familiar titles and characters, but will become a fan. For fresh original TV, I am working hard to make it work.

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