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Apex Legends season 8 adds a separate queue option

Apex Legend‘The new queue is for the most enthusiastic players-or just those who want to get in and out of the game with minimal hassle.Season 8 Apex Legend From changes in balance to death traps full of poisonous caustic mines, there are new additions everywhere. The most interesting feature may just be the new queuing system, namely skip-the-line competitions, allowing players to abandon their teammates and enter the game completely alone.

When players are in the lobby, they will see a checkbox called “Fill in Matchmaking”

;. This is the standard way of playing. If you line up alone, you will be paired with a team of Duos or Trios. However, those who dare to take risks can uncheck the box, which means they will be a team.

This is not the main way to play the game-there can only be a maximum of 6 single players in any given game, and you cannot advance alone in the “ranked” mode of the game. The developer Respawn Entertainment suggests that the following solutions are very suitable for filling-free queues:

Focus on completing certain daily and weekly challenges

Warm up, fell hot, and participated in many battles

Challenge yourself-can you win a duet on your own? How about Trios?

Experience the latest out-of-print trailer for yourself

Explore the map and try to use characters you have never tried before; take this opportunity to learn more about the game at your own pace.

Update for Season 8 Apex Legend It also includes a playlist called Ring Fury, where the Wall of Death is spreading all over the map. Players can avoid these rings of fire, or drop the heat shield to reduce damage and survive the flare. As the incident continues, the attractions of Ring Fury will become more dangerous and common, so please pay more attention.

Water treatment has also been replaced by caustic treatment. This is the high-risk, high-reward part of the map. There are traps and mines everywhere, which can easily kill legends. The Mirage Voyage voyage has begun, and Respawn hinted that it will “come back when you least expect it.”

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