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Annual Review-Nintendo’s 2020 Review-Feature

Nintento Life 2020 review

2020 may more or less help most of us through the storm, but from a gaming perspective, this is a surprisingly strong year.

Of course, in recent years, it has become Nintendo’s MO to focus on the projects that are in preparation for the year, so although we are all eager to hear such Metroid Prime 4 with Breath of the Wild 2, We hope that within a few months will not get any intriguing details.

Although this method of silence may be frustrating, it also brought some pleasant surprises this year, such as excellent games Paper Mario: Origami King with Hyrule Warriors: Age of Disaster Announce and release in a short time.

In the following article, we will review the most important stories and games of 2020 covered by our top news and comment team, highlight the most popular articles, and comment on Nintendo Life every month during this period , long year. (By carefully reading our selection of the best features of 2020, you can view longer readings from the past 1

2 months).

Therefore, although you may not want to travel along the nearest memory lane, we guarantee that the 2020 review will include Mostly positive Memories. In other words, there are still some unavoidable negative factors that we need to solve-we will try not to stay.

Therefore, let us review the past twelve months.

January-Pokémon direct, Byleth direct, but no “appropriate” direct

Pokemon Direct January 2020Pokémon Company

Looking at Nintendo’s 2020 slate, Brain training At the beginning of this year, the Tokyo Phantom #FE Encore meeting in mid-January was postponed Protect the animals Coming in March… and many other things. Although many people are eager to get full-fat Nintendo Direct (in fact, we don’t see this kind of thing all year round), “Pokémon Direct” revealed a lot of details about the Sword&Shield Expansion Pass in January. Pokémon House, Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Rescue Team DX More than 200 veterans have returned to the expanded Galar National Dex.

Elsewhere, Byleth was revealed as the fifth DLC fighter Smash Bros Ultimate Edition (And the brand new Fighter’s Pass), Bethesda’s retro DOOM has received an update, making them an essential buyer of crash games. Masahiro Sakurai revealed that he played a lot of Playstation games in 2019. The prolific leaker suggested that we will see Paper Mario games and 2D Metroid games later this year (of course, we are still waiting for the latter), and Kamiya Hideki Kamiya in Switch Home Menu (and Switch fans started to imitate their own themes) And folder creativity).

The January game includes outstanding Kentucky Route Zero: TV version, Also excellent 198X, And Sanyou To the moon.

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The most popular review: SD Gundam G Generation Cross Rays-brilliant strategic RPG action full of content

February-the wonderful return of 101, and we are waiting for the great revolution next month…

Wonderful 101©Platinum Games

The leaker who mentioned the Paper Mario release obliquely cited the planned Holiday 2020 release, which contained “tires”-it didn’t take much time, but Mario Kart: Live Tournament It was finally released in November.Platinum game teasing Wonderful 101: Remake Just before the official announcement, Nintendo was optimistic about the upcoming competition for next-generation consoles. Sakurai responded to allegations of excessive Fire Emblem characters in Smash by pointing his finger in the direction of Nintendo.

Elsewhere, we want to know the direction of “Pikmin 4”, and NL readers have voted for their favorite “Pokémon” debut (the results are somewhat predictable!). More details about “Animal Crossing” are emerging, and people are fed up with the lack of Nintendo Direct. The Witcher 3 The update on the Switch is impressive, and the story about Nintendo customer support going beyond Tetris fans gave us all the enthusiasm.

Most popular news article: Nintendo and Pokémon issue joint statement on sword and shield leakers

The most popular review: Two Point Hospital-Arguably the best version of the highly acclaimed modern classic novel

March-Dear old friends reappear in the passage of time


As events begin to be postponed, adjusted or cancelled, the severity of the global situation that will dominate for the rest of the year begins to become apparent.We got an independent world show, Nintendo PlayStation was sold at auction, Nintendo encountered legal obstacles in the ongoing Joy-Con drifting fiasco, everyone and their dogs are working hard. The ring is suitable for adventure Before the lock-in, the game event calendar took a major blow due to the cancellation of E3 2020 from the planned June edition for three months.

However, this is not bad news for the gaming industry. March foretells that the old darlings around these parts will bring gratifying and major rewards: we certainly mean the resurrection of our dear sister site Pure Xbox. Glad you are back, old friend.

In other news, Nintendo has launched some random little life simulation games, and you will find yourself doing nothing.Except for people on other platforms, all eyes are on it Eternal Doom, And even occasionally get distracted by the pleasant Doomguy/Isabelle fan art and mode.

Yes, “Animal Crossing: New Horizons” will dominate the news cycle for several months, partly due to its outstanding performance and part of the reason why millions of people find comfort and escape from Nook Resort Island Promoted by the global environment. An island full of creatures, for ease of convenience, Isabel and Doom both appear in animation form-you can name it Animal Crossing.

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April-Locked, reviewed the bomb and returned to Wrath Street

Angry street 4Dotem

The animal crossing craze has taken over people, and people are busy showing off their talents through incredible island projects and custom designs (and lamenting for the “Bunny Festival”). The beginning of April was full of habitual pranks, Super Mario Maker 2 After receiving the “final” update, thousands of Nintendo accounts were reported to have been compromised, and the “Lord of the Rings” star and Almighty Egg Elijah Wood randomly accessed his carrots on the Internet.

A series of online speeches in the summer of 2020 were announced to fill the void left by the cancellation of E3 2020. As the world reacted to COVID-19, the Japanese ratings organization CERO was temporarily closed, although Nintendo’s largest release this year failed to stop making headlines, and the game was evenly ranked among all shocking news related to the pandemic Home page article of “Financial Times”.

In terms of games, Jupiter ranks 472 Picross title, Mana Trial The much-loved and long-lost RPG classic is released to the West in a reimagined 3D form, and Sam Barlow continues to push the boundaries of the FMV detective genre lieWith Dotemu, Guard Crush Games and Lizardcube take us back to the 90s in a brilliant retro revival Angry street 4.

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The most popular comment: Cooking Mom: Cookstar-definitely needs more time in the oven

May-Animal Crossing Mania sweeps the world, surprise announcement

Nintendo released some very healthy sales figures and revealed Paper Mario: Origami King It is scheduled to be released in July. Nintendo Switch Online products have added four more products, “Pikmin 3” rumors have spread, and the company has also suffered a large number of leaks of development materials.

However, because the game exceeded Nintendo’s lifetime sales forecast in the first six weeks of its release, the news was led by Animal Crossing. Toom Nook clung to the spirit of the times and refused to let go. Gary Whitta’s “Animal Talking” chat show attracted huge celebrities. The artist reimagined the character as a human being. The player used the small Malfunction, even the person who wrote the bass joke admits that he was tired.

Elsewhere, Pac-Man is 40 years old, Indivisible Sneak into the Switch eShop without the developer’s knowledge, and Xenoblade Chronicles: The Definitive Edition Launched at the end of the month.

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June-Armor Island, Club Games, Lego Mario Kart, and more Animal Crossing

51 world classicsNintendo

With the release of the first “Island of Armor” DLC, Pokémon Presents broadcasts (actually the second one, although the second is a wet burst pipe). Pokémon Sword and Shield And showcased many new games and products related to Pokémon (including New Pokémon snapshots). People are a bit confused about which DLC to buy, but the extension itself is pretty good.

In other news, Min Min was revealed as the next Smash fighter, the Joy-Con drifting legend continued, the opening of Super Nintendo World was postponed to 2021, supply restrictions eased the production of Switch, and Nintendo and Lego lifted restrictions. Their Super Mario collaboration.

Fans started to create their own Direct presentations, Ori developer Moon Studios let us get rid of the smell of Switch port The will of the elf, Land boundary At the age of 25 in the United States, Sega launched a very cute (completely useless) Game Gear Micro. Animal Crossing continued to rampage on the press booth, and many brands jumped on Nook’s band wagon.

Nintendo Club games: 51 world classics Landing on Switch in June, so does the free download title Rope skipping challenge Help you stay active during lockout.Include other important versions XCOM 2, BioShock: Gathering with Frontier Legends Collection.

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The most popular comment: Outer World-Obsidian’s radial RPG is worth seeing

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