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Amy Schumer’s Baldwin jokes constantly

– It is safe to say that Amy Schumer did not expect that a joke online post by Alec’s wife Hilaria Baldwin would cause a fire. This started early this week when Hilaria, a 36-year-old yoga instructor at the time, posted a photo of herself, wearing underwear, holding her new son Eduardo. Just kidding, Schumer reposted the photo on his Instagram feed and pretended that the photo was an act of her and son Gene. people. Most of the commenters accepted it in a relaxed manner, but others managed to oppose Hilaria and accused her of falsehood. Hillary used a video to defend herself, and at the same time made it clear that she had no malice against Schumer. She said in the video: “My only concern is that it seems to start to get out of control.”


Hilaria said she went all out to stay physically active, but she said that this must apply to people of all shapes and sizes, including her own. She said: “In general,’Oh, mom doesn’t look like that.’ USA Today. “Some moms do. This mom does. And I’m included.” Schumer replied in person: “I’m sorry!” Go to the video and delete the text message from her page. But after all she is a comedian. On Thursday, Schumer reposted photos of Alec and Hilaria, trying to get their children to take a group photo, and then pretending to be his family again. She wrote in the title that she was referring to her husband, “Chris and I had such a wonderful time with the children.” (Read more of Amy Schumer’s story.)

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