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“American Idol” Top 24 Review: Watch the best and worst duets [VIDEO]

The second half of the year American idolThe top 24 concerts on Monday attracted votes from the audience, on the stage of some real musical icons, from Jewel and Josh Groban to Incubus lead singer Brandon Boyd. (Guys, remember “Incubus”?!)

Continue reading our breakdown of the night’s performance, with the following video attached:

JASON WARRIOR, 25 years old | The first solo performance of the night, “Calling My Name” in “Weekend” may have started smoothly, but things suddenly became very exciting. By the end of the Warrior̵

7;s performance, he knelt on the ground, seeming to be crying. When he met with his duo partner PJ Morton, he asked him how to bring his music outside the church wall.The solution is obviously to bring the church to idol, So that people have an unexpected impression of Bee Gees’ “How deep is your love”.There is no denying the talent of the Warriors (Lionel Richie even said: “There is nothing better than this”), but sometimes I wonder if the Warriors need to be Every which performed. No change will hurt anyone. Click here to watch.

MADISON WATKINS, 26 years old | First, Watkins managed to change my view of Justin Bieber’s “holy” (previously negative), which is a feat in itself. For her soloists, this is a good choice because it feels new and shows her range of playing. Tori Kelly is also Watkins’ partner in Stevie Wonder’s “Don’t Worry” Duo, even if she suffers from Ryan Ted (Ryan). Tedder) syndrome. (We already know that Kelly can sing. She doesn’t need to completely beat each other in the run.) Luke Bryan called her a “natural entertainer” and Richie praised her for what Kelly did. Do the reaction instead of focusing on her. The part prepared by yourself. Click here to watch.

BEANE, 23 years old | I think we are really witnessing Beane’s artistic development, even if Dua Lipa’s vulgar performance reminds me of Dua Lipa’s “Do n’t Start Now”, oh yes, he is definitely a wedding singer. “Angels” by Robbie Williams, and then he sang with Groban, a lot of Fits better. He opened his mouth and poured out cuteness, which perfectly complemented Groban’s voice. (I was Is not It was expected that he could stand against his opponent Groban, but he completely did it. ) Bain specifically pointed out that Bain replaced “she” with “he”, which is an act of “defense”. Watch:

HANNAH EVERHART, 17 years old | I really like this young rising star, so what makes me sad is the single performance of Chris Stapleton’s single “I was Wrong” Not her best. She was then introduced to Jason Aldean, and before sharing the stage with her, she shared some ribs with her. The judges liked her advice most of the time, but they urged her to believe in herself. Frankly speaking, I was disappointed. We never discovered the chicken she should have given to Claudia Conway via FedEx “dead or alive”. Which one is it, Everhart? Click here to watch.

Mary JO YOUNG, 19 years old | Real talk: I really hate hearing Ed Sheeran’s “Castle on the Hill”, so I admire Young at least changing things up a bit to show off her range.Don’t even let me here we go In a duet with jewelry. I was already excited about the “stupid game” before my ears had the honor to hear them together. Tight harmonies, growls, hats-all of them! I’m pretty sure I didn’t like anything in this performance, and when I came, I saw that I just wrote “Yes! Yes! Yes!” over and over again.it is that Ok. Watch:

Chase Beckham (24 years old) | Oh, another Hiran song? you. do not. Say. Beckham chose “Afterglow” in his personal performance this week. Although this is not unbelievable, it is definitely a good choice. As Bryan pointed out, it feels like Bruce Springsteen sang. I’m not sure if I will pair him with Boyd as his duet because their opposing voices are struggling in the mixing department, but it is still a good performance. Moreover, I will re-examine “Drive” with any excuse. Click here to watch.

22 years old COLIN JAMIESON | It’s easy to forget most of Bruno Mars’s songs because he sounds easy, but these notes are not easy. However, Jamison managed to kill “Locked in Heaven” without death. (That said, I hope he doesn’t bother to pick up the guitar, because it only eliminates his incredible voice.) Then play a duet with Kelly, apparently Kelly only works with other sweet hair. . Although their collective hair games are absolutely powerful, their singing of “Hollow” is even stronger. For me, this was one of the best duets of the night. Watch:

LIAHONA OLAYAN, 17 years old | From the first day, I felt that firecrackers can be broadcast on the air, and they are very suitable for sales. Her solo of Audrey Mixa’s “Just Friends” is just to cement this belief. Joining Morton in the dramatic “Say So” duet was a risky move for Orland, who admitted to worrying about showing her vulnerability, but it was definitely worth it. She performed on stage with Morton, and the judges were right to celebrate how far she had gone. Click here to watch.

AVA August 15 | The irony in August is that when Olivia Rodrigo sings solo, she herself is not even old enough to drive a car alone, which is not lost for me. August’s voice is unbelievable, and August’s voice quality is far more than her. Come on, if you can bring chills to Groban, then you know. “Both sides” by Joni Mitchell Enlighten The choice of duet, the final result is absolutely amazing, as if to sing to her. The judge compared her to Judy Garland (Judy Garland), I did not think about it. However, I have considered how stupid I am because August was not included in the list of (ten) early top ten forecasts. I really kicked myself for that. Watch:

CALEB KENNEDY, 16 years old | Remember the tenacious spirit that Bryan showed to Alex Miller at the beginning of the season. He constantly tried to take him away from the ancient countryside in order to find a fresher voice?My feeling for Kennedy is this, he did a great job-but not very Exciting — The cover of “Midnight Knight” by Allman Brothers. The “Fly Over States” duet opposite him and Jason Aldean is also like a snooze festival. The judges obviously disagreed with me because they praised Kennedy for being “owned by a very old and experienced compatriot.”That really is Ok What about the game? Click here to watch.

Hunter Cemetery, 22 years old | When I first saw Metts as the “triangular candlestick” of Sia, my head was bent to the sides like a puppy, trying to understand human language. But once he started to deal with the ubiquitous jam carefully, I started to get involved. However, I did feel a little sleepy, and I found that none of the judges supported it.Metts and Jewelry (who Instantly A comparison with Ryan Phillippe in the singer’s timeless classic “The Stupid Game”. She challenged hm and asked her to deliver a loud voice, but it was never fully expressed, so the performance actually only showed Jewel’s voice-by the way, it sounds better than ever.I really thought the judge was and also It’s good about this. When you need Simon Cowell, where is he? Click here to watch.

Casey Bishop (15 years old) | The best solo at night?Best solo Both at night? Either way, Bishop sang hell from Paramore’s “decoding”, when the producer chooses to spend the night with her, the producer knows exactly what they are doing. I hope she can be paired with Jewel, but Boyd is not a bad choice-“Hope you are here” is not a bad choice either. This is a song I haven’t thought of for at least ten years. There is no doubt that this girl is the top 5 material. Watch:

Of the contestants performing tonight, eight (8) ranked first among the top 16?Weigh by the following polls and then Comment with more ideas.

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