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AMD may benefit from Nvidia’s mistakes

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Nvidia’s RTX 3070 is officially released Hit the retail store tomorrow. After the fiasco RTX 3080 released, Actual buyer Hope will Be able to put your hands on these cards instead of seeing them Snatched by robots to scalp on eBay.

After the last incident, Nvidia stated that it was not prepared for this overwhelming preparation, nor did its partners demand.but Nvidia forum members and Twitter users quickly pointed out Nvidia hasn’t Use verification code Prevent buying robots during inspectionCome out, which musicd many manyOtentiAll customers see “Out of stock” Noticed oneASAP RTX 3080 went on sale.

Nvidia stated that this time not only the verification code was implemented at checkout, But also moved its store to a “dedicated environment”, which has a higher capacity and more robot protection“And” implemented additional security protection for the store API. How these will work with the RTX 3070 released tomorrow remains to be seen.

If all goes well, that would be great! But the inventory of RTX 3080 is still sold out everywhere. Amazon, gone. New egg, gone. The Nvidia store is gone. Best Buy, gone.One of the only ways to get an Nvidia RTX 3080 immediately Is to buy a pre-installed PC, not everyone is willing to do this (or need). You may be able to find some items on Micro Center, but you have to purchase an item yourself, and there are only a few stores around the United States. I found an item for sale in the 3080s, Sellers on Amazon did not let their prices fall below $1,000.

It is difficult to know if anyone is trying to obtain 3080, but chooses 3070. My guess may not. The performance improvement from 3070 to 3080 is worth an additional $200. If this inventory situation continues until next month (there is currently no consensus on when or what retailers will start to replenish RTX 3080), this will open the door for AMD to attract more buyers. Upcoming RX 6000 series cards It is indeed possible to obtain performance comparable to or better than the Nvidia 3000 series at a cheaper price.

But AMD will have to prepare for this potential A large number of customers poured in and hoped to take all measures to prevent zombies and scalpers from ruining all the fun. Nvidia’s business cards are the more popular business cards, but evil individuals may wish to take advantage of this situation.Currently, the best thing consumers can do is wait and hope-both AMD’s new card not only has the company’s performance Say they do, then Have Inventory moves around.

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