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Amazon Halo Fitness Tracker review: it teaches you how to become better (Kinda)

I expect Real to be extremely skeptical of new devices that use cloud-based AI to interpret biological data. After all, are interpersonal relationships too complicated to benefit from it? But he revealed that he used similar equipment in the practice, which surprised me. Real said: “HeartMath has a small object called Emwave. You clip it to your ear or place it with your thumb, and then use alignment exercises to change the light from red to blue to green. When it is green, you don’t Reactive again. I have been using it with highly reactive partners for decades.”

It turns out that real-time biofeedback is useful to a certain extent. Real said: “These tools are a way to track when people lose their shit. It can help them reintegrate into society in a more adult way. But beware of what I call objective struggles. The data proves that you are this or that. “

You need an experienced therapist to turn data into action.Because of the truth Yes As a therapist, I found myself sharing my data with him and told him in context the root causes of conflict in my marriage. I grew up outside a big city on the east coast, and my husband lives in a small town in the south. Due to the different social conditions we experienced when we grew up in these different regions, he occasionally found my way of speaking-speed, tone, interesting facts or the number of things I want to remember, or asked me to be sudden in a short time Come out-aggressive, overwhelming or confrontational.

I will give him some points, but “Halo”

; also provides evidence. In general, morning Most are cheerful and energetic, rarely irritable or angry. is that OK? Really disagree.

Riel said: “I want to say who is right and who is wrong? Who cares?” “Feedback is good, as long as you are not hypnotized by objective forces. I don’t want this technology to be more important than your human beings.” . If your husband thinks you are becoming aggressive, then your husband will defeat Halo.”

“Objectively, you are not upset. He makes up for this,” Real continued. “Subjectively, they are talking about where he comes from. The voice is slow and gentle, but you are not there, so can you speak like he used to? Why not? You will work hard. It only goes so far, and he will not be Do not accept how far you have gone. This is how real couples work.”

The Halo app is paired with the device and displays a dashboard to the wearer, which records their activity and mental state and other data points.

Photo: Amazon

Talking head

After a month of testing, I can’t wait to take off Halo. With its trivial choice of features, I just don’t think it can be used as a fitness tracker. This also did not motivate me to move as much as possible. Halo encourages wearers to collect 150 activity points every week, but I accumulated a lot in one day. And the non-display design did not help me attend any meetings on time; for this, I really need a real dial.

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