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Amazon apologizes for peeing and lying, and tries to change responsibility

Amazon has rarely apologized publicly, but has not apologized to employees, and has no real sense of guilt.

More than a week ago, the company was publicly lied to Rep. Mark-Pocan that its employees never felt the need to pee in a water bottle (in fact, this is a well-documented issue on Amazon. Because of how it will automatically track and fire its employees.

Now, on the Friday night before Easter weekend, rarely Geek line) Is paying attention, and the company apologizes to Pocan-no one else. Amazon also only apologized for “not being accurate enough,”

; but did not actually affect and contribute to the situation of workers peeing in the bottle.

In fact, Amazon even hinted that the whole urinal bottle thing is simply regrettable, pointing out that a few times when delivery drivers of other companies were also caught peeing in the urine, and embedded some random comments. It happens to support Amazon’s view on Twitter. You can almost hear Jeff Bezos saying: “Why don’t these people blame UPS and FedEx? Let us let more people think about them.”

The blog post also strongly suggests that this is only a problem with the delivery driver, not Amazon’s warehouse workers-although an undercover reporter discovered in an exposure in 2018 that Amazon warehouse workers were also forced to skip the restroom, and one worker Speaking to reporters Just last week She suggested that going to the toilet to rest in 2021 is still a problem. “You sit there and have to pee, but you don’t want to waste time.” motherboard.

Amazon is also currently facing lawsuits for missing the lunch break. Most importantly, all of this is happening in the shadow of the Amazon union vote in Bessemer, Alabama, which may help shape the future of the American workforce, let alone Amazon.

Amazon’s apology to Pocan is a memo that should be commented line by line, partly because one of its routes is actually quite good. . We don’t know how, but we will find a solution. “-Because it has already passed 1:00 in the morning here, as a result edgeThe blockquote tool does not allow me to embed tweets, I will only introduce you to the main content:

Last Wednesday Wednesday, the @amazonnews Twitter account sent the following back to the Mark Pocan representative:

This is a goal, and we are dissatisfied with it, and we apologize to the representative of Pocan.

First of all, this tweet is incorrect. It does not take into account our huge number of drivers, but mistakenly focuses only on our fulfillment center. A typical Amazon distribution center has dozens of restrooms, and employees can leave their workstations at any time. If any employee in the fulfillment center has a different experience, we encourage them to talk to the manager and we will try to resolve it.

Second, our process is flawed. The tweet was not properly reviewed. We need to maintain extreme accuracy at all times, especially when we criticize the comments of others.

Third, we know that drivers will and do find it difficult to find restrooms because of traffic or sometimes rural routes, especially during Covid, when many public restrooms have been closed. This is especially the case.

This is a long-standing industry problem, not specific to Amazon. We only include below some links to discuss this issue.

Whether this is the fact of the entire industry, we all want to solve it. We don’t know how, but we will look for solutions.

If the statement is incorrect, we will continue to speak out, but we will also strive to maintain accuracy.

We apologize to Representative Pokan.

You can read the full version here.After finishing, maybe take a look motherboardSix interviews female Amazon delivery drivers, the urination situation is obviously much worse.

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