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Nick Cordero, an actor nominated by Tony, spent months fighting the virus.


After the Broadway star died of a coronavirus complication on Sunday, Amanda Kloots sang her husband Nick Cordero’s song “Life Is You” last time with fans.

The day after losing her husband, the emotional Kloots was broadcast live on Instagram Live on Monday to thank the many new global fans who gathered with the support of Cordero. In his COVID-19 battle, Kloots almost gathered with fans and wishers every day at 3:00 PM (Pacific Standard Time), singing and dancing, cheering for “Live Your Life”, and cheering for the rehabilitation of Cordero.

“3PM will always remind me of Nick,” Cruz wrote in her Instagram story.

“In the past 95 days, thank you very much for singing with me,” Kloots said on Monday while wiping away the tears under his sunglasses. “We often play this song with him in Nick’s room. We are singing to him. I keep telling him that he is singing his songs all over the world, knowing who he is and who he is.”

Broadway star Nick Cordero dies Wife Amanda Kloots, 41, after stressing the fight against coronavirus

On Sunday, Kloots confirmed that her husband was “surrounded by his family, singing and praying as he gently left the earth”. On Monday, she added: “I don’t think he wants anything else, so I think we gave him a good gift.”

Cruz said that the good wishes on social media have brought her family up in the darkest days.

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She admits: “I didn’t feel that I could sing on this social media for a few days, but I always felt better after singing.” “Singing and dancing-this is a wonderful way of healing in life.”

Cruz also said that Cordero fans helped him achieve his lifelong goals.

“I showed him (video), I just wanted him to know that his dream of becoming a rock star happened,” Cruz said. “Sometimes your dreams come true, and you don’t fully embrace them, but Nick’s dream… does happen, it’s because of you.”

After her Instagram Live video, Kloots and Cordero shared intimate family videos, including a video of the couple singing karaoke and a playful video of her husband dancing with his newborn son Elvis.

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