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Almost Angie All-Star-The Ringer

Celtics general manager Danny Ainge (Danny Ainge) may be the NBA’s chief trade architect. In 2007, Ainge completed a pair of transactions that brought Kevin Garnett and Ray Allen to Boston within a few days, thus completing the transaction within a few days. Turned the worst team in the league into a championship contender, winning the 2008 championship title and a decade-long playoff run. When the juice of that super team ran out, Angie ensured another decade of success for the Celtics by swapping Garnett and Paul Pierce for the hungry Nets, removing those superstars who were eliminated. Become four future first-round picks, which will become one of the most unbalanced picks. Trade in NBA history. When the Nets were in trouble, those draft picks became number one. The No. 1

pick in the 2017 NBA Draft (Ainge) once again cleverly flipped, correctly guessing the consensus best pick Markelle Fultz (Markelle Fultz) will not live up to the hype, but instead selected the team’s new Franchise player Jayson Tatum (Jayson Tatum). 3. Soon thereafter, when Isaiah Thomas looked like a top NBA player, Angie managed to turn the short window into a few years’ premier Kyrie Irving. All in all, with Angie’s trading ability, the Celtics have been a relevant team for 15 consecutive years.

It is almost necessary for the Celtics to fluctuate sharply in the trading market. This era of the NBA is almost entirely defined by free agents, and the top players in the league completely ignore Boston as an option. Although other teams have established super teams with multiple league-wide free agents, the biggest contractors of the Celtics are Gordon Hayward and Kemba Walker. If the Celtics want top players, they must trade.

Since getting Irving, it has been very quiet. Many people think that the Celtics will make a major achievement before this year’s trade deadline because the team underperformed and tried to reach 0.50. In addition, they also have record-setting exceptions for trades. If they bring in expensive players through trades, they can exceed the NBA salary cap. Instead, Boston’s trade deadline is trivial: the Celtics have added Evan Fournier, Moritz Wagner and Luke Kornet. ). Is Angie asleep on the steering wheel? No, after the deadline, the Celtics reportedly “finalized” the All-Star Nikola Vachevic, and they have also been vying for his former Magic teammate Aaron Gordon. The two best players met before the deadline, and the Celtics almost took them away, but they couldn’t succeed.

In the past few years, this has become a trend.Every all-star do After getting the deal, the deal was quickly reported by the Celtics almost With that player. The Celtics got nothing but rumors, and those fantasies touting fans made the Celtics a better performance. All these reports may be correct-after all, Ainge does have a history of ups and downs in the trade market.But it feels like someone in the front hall of the Celtics Really Hope the whole world knows that even if the team does not recruit superstars, it is only a few steps away from closing the deal. So who might be the leaker?Well, maybe someone just wants the world to know how good the Celtics general manager is, maybe even a former Celtics player Weird range. This is the story of Almost Ainge, who trades for almost every superstar in the NBA.

Below, we have compiled a roster of the best players rumored to be owned by the Celtics almost Acquired-almost Anji All-Star.

(Some logistical considerations: It is rumored that almost every player below has been traded to the Celtics. A simple rumor that the team is interested in a player and did not cut it. We also do not include free agents, although It should be noted that the Celtics or Kevin Durant (Kevin Durant) finalists in 2019. In the end, we did not set the starting lineup. You can imagine Brad Stevens (Brad Stevens) Stevens) how will this All-Star team be deployed.

James Harden

In January, the Nets consolidated their new Big Three in exchange for the NBA’s back-to-back scoring champion, making themselves a favorite for instant championships, and ensuring that they maintain a competitive advantage in the next few years. But don’t worry-the Celtics also almost got Harden. Angie confirmed that the Celtics have conducted “multiple negotiations” with the Rockets to potentially increase the beard, but “for us, the price is really high.” Brian Robb Boston Sportsl Quoted prices: Jaylen Brown, Marcus Smart, and “draft compensation”-considering that the Nets finally gave up Harden’s four first-round picks , May be multiple first-round players.

it do It sounds like a high price, but Is not Making a deal is that the Celtics will not be the best team in their department in the next few years.

Chris Paul

In 2013, on our own Bill Simmons podcast, Ainge relayed a story about how he almost made the Paul Swap work in 2005-for Chris trades Pierce. This is unusual from the usual Almost Ainge entries. Most of the entries were reported anonymously after a few days without transactions, and this was Ainge’s own comment many years after the incident.

Jimmy Butler

When Butler was in his final days with the Bulls, the Celtics were repeatedly linked in trade rumors. After the 2016 NBA Draft, Johnson (KC Johnson) Chicago TribuneAccording to reports, the Celtics are already conducting “advanced discussions” to seek Butler’s landing. According to reports, the deal included the third pick (the Bulls wanted to use on Chris Dunn), the sixteenth pick and Jae Crowder, but Johnson wrote: “The Celtics have a reputation for winning deals and constantly changing terms. “(There is reason to believe Johnson’s report: In fact, the Bulls targeted Dunn in the 2017 package and eventually sent Butler to Minnesota.)

After not trading Butler, Celtics boss Wyke Grossbeck said that the deal offered to the team on draft night was “a series of attempts at robbery, which we laughed at.” (in 2017 The Celtics will continue to keep in touch with Butler before the trade deadline, when the Celtics were close to the deal again, but according to NBA.com reporter David Aldridge (David Aldridge) refused to join Jae Crowder. That summer. , ESPN’s Zach Lowe reported that the Celtics ultimately did not trade for Butler because the team’s [Gordon] Hayward and Butler will be on the court and personalities. ”

The Celtics may laugh at Butler’s offer to join the Celtics trade, but I think it’s interesting that the Celtics may have vetoed a future all-NBA player deal because they’re worried. He would refuse to be friends with Gordon Hayward.

Kawhi Leonard

In 2019, Leonard created one of the greatest playoffs of all time, leading the Raptors (who traded with him last summer) to their first championship title. He only stayed in Toronto for a year, but it was worth it for the Raptors, because Leonard may be the most successful superstar in NBA history. But there might be another team that would benefit from Kawhi’s services that year: Chris Mannix, Sports Illustrated According to the report, Boston “could have made a deal for Leonard” and Jaylen Brown and Marcus Smart would also join. Mannix reported that the Spurs preferred the Celtics package deal more than the Celtics, and “certain people in the Celtics feel a little sorry for not pulling the trigger.”

It’s worth noting that Mannix made this report In fact, when the Raptors reached the Finals and defeated the seemingly unstoppable Warriors. You can really see the mental image of the Celtics in the frontcourt, watching the Raptors break into the championship and thinking: “People need to know that this may be us!”

Paul George

Like Butler, the Celtics have been chasing George for most of 2016 and 2017. Adam Himmelsbach This Boston Globe Wrote an article entitled “The Celtics’ Long-Term Pursuit of Paul George”, which detailed the Celtics’ transaction for George. Himmelsbach reported that before the 2017 trade deadline, Boston provided the Pacers with four first-round picks, including the pick that became the number one pick in the 2017 draft; before the draft, the Celtics Provided “three starters and two first-round picks.” The Pacers eventually won two All-Stars for George, Victor Oladipo and Domantas Sabonis, but neither player looked like a star at the time. The Pacers must have incredible vision to reject Boston’s war proposal that seems to change the franchise.

Kevin Love

I’m breaking the rules a little bit here-the Celtics’ reports of the 2014 Battle for Love are mainly before He was eventually traded to the Cavaliers instead of all the other players on this list. But I have to include my favorite Almost Ainge tidbits of all time: Gary Washburn (Gary Washburn) This Boston Globe According to the report, Ainge was “troubled” in the pursuit of “love”, but the Timberwolves demanded unusually high returns because they “do not want to repeat the same mistakes.” [Garnett] Since seven years ago. ”

Essentially, because Ainge had torn Minnesota so severely before, it wanted to make sure that it never tore it so severely again. Alas, this is Angie’s curse! What a cruel fate! Good at trading, no one will trade with him!

Anthony Davis

The 2019 Anthony Davis trade legend is defined by his upcoming 2020 free agent. The Pelicans want to make some money for their superstar center, but everyone knows that he will eventually make his own choice on his long-term destination (read: Lakers). It has always been clear that Davis’s long-term goal will not be the Celtics. His father said he would never want his son to sign with Boston, and his agent warned the Celtics not to trade for him. “They can trade for him, but it will be a year,” Rich Paul told SL Price of Sports Illustrated. “If the Celtics trade Anthony Davis, we will go there, we will abide by our contract obligations, and we will enter the free agent market in 2020. I told them this. In case he walks away… …Don’t blame Rich Paul.” But Angie couldn’t stop it. After Davis was finally traded to the Lakers, Paul told ESPN’s Dave McMenamin: “I don’t think this will stop Danny Anger from trying. It’s just that he may not have the trade he wants. He is unwilling. Give up young players.” What the Celtics provided has never been reported.

The Celtics’ participation in the Davis trade market may be the most impressive thing Angie has ever seen. Even though the Celtics were clearly not an important destination for Davis, and trading for him could be a disaster, he still managed to document it publicly, so much so that he is still working hard to achieve this goal.

Myles Turner

In the past short offseason, it was reported that the Celtics were working hard to make a signing deal, which sent Gordon Hayward to Indiana. At the time, it was reported that Indiana provided Miles Turner and Doug McDermott, but the Celtics wanted Turner and Victor Oladipo. For a while, it seemed that the transaction did not materialize due to Ainge’s hard work. However, after Hayward switched to signing with the Hornets, the Hornets did not get the Celtics, with the exception of the aforementioned trade that they had not used. ESPN’s Zach Lowe reported that Indiana’s trade It collapsed because the Celtics didn’t think Turner was doing so well. Lowe said that Ainge has asked in the league whether it will provide any team he Turner’s trade found that the trading market was lower than the Pacers thought.

It feels like a typical “Almost Ainge” story. The Celtics have the opportunity to land the guy who might win the Defensive Player of the Year this season, and they basically get nothing, because Hayward will leave the free agent market anyway. Angie rejected the deal, and somehow, reports still surfaced, highlighting his respectful negotiation strategy. A report portrayed him as tenaciously fighting for better returns. Another shows that he shrewdly surpassed the Pacers by testing Turner’s market before acquiring Turner. This is the legend of “Almost Ainge”. Even if the Celtics failed, we heard about the hard work of their general manager.

Nikola Vucevic, Aaron Gordon

As mentioned earlier, the Celtics almost Got these guys a few days ago. Angie’s lack of a trigger is probably the best thing-I don’t see how these guys play in the frontcourt of Butler Cavy-George Davis. In addition, Luke Kornet looks great.

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