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Alice Cooper (Alice Cooper), Gavin Rossdale (Gavin Rossdale) and Lzzy Hale (Lzzy Hale) participate in the “No Cover” Music Competition TV program judges


Popular parade All-star judges announced “Undisguised”, This is the first ever music competition TV show. Alice Cooper, Bishop Briggs, Gavin Rossdale, Lzzy Hale with Tosin Abasi Has been selected as a judge to help find the second largest unsigned original artist in the world.

Although most music competition shows such as “American idol” with “sound”

; Encourage musicians to build other people’s songs, “Undisguised” The focus will be on artists and bands who create and record their own original music.At the end of the first season, the winning artist will receive a six-figure record contract Sumerian records, A representative of the booking agency from UTA, Management from Asylum Orchestra, Through the important holiday period Danny Wimmer gift, The studio time is Night Bird Studio, New equipment from Gibson, Brand recognition, licensing opportunities, etc.

The entire first season will be filmed at the legendary Troubadour in West Hollywood, California. Since 1957, The Troubadour has been at the forefront of musical exploration.From the beginning Bob Dylan, Neil Young, Jonny Mitchell with eagle Premiere to the United States Elton John, Los Angeles headlines metal products He’s debut “The Desire of Destruction” Lineup Gunner Rose.

In addition, “Undisguised” It will be filmed at the famous Sunset Marquis Hotel in West Hollywood, California. This exclusive sanctuary in the center of Sunset Boulevard is a home away from home for artists, creators and innovators, movers and magicians handed down for generations.Sunset Marquis Hotel is also a famous hometown Night Bird Studio, Bar 1200 and Cavatina Restaurant.

Encourage unsigned bands and solo artists from all over the world to participate in performances to have the opportunity to perform live. “Undisguised” Just fill in the application in this location. The works are open to the public, and musicians will submit their original songs, photos and videos for the program producers to choose. After selecting the band, our celebrity judges will rate these artists based on three key factors: originality, presence and singing skills.

Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Alice Cooper As everyone knows, he is the original “shock rock singer”, in six incredible ten years, he has achieved great success in the music industry.His hits “School out”, “No Mr. Good Mr.” with “poison” Is a staple of rock radio, his iconic appearance in movies and other movies “Wayne’s World” with “Dark Shadows” He has been loved by generations of fans.

“I can not wait anymore ‘Undisguised’,” said Cooper. “For me, unless they write their own materials, the band is really not a band. Moreover, if you know something about me, you will know that I have a high level of not only songs but also performance. I’m looking for For a band that has it all-not only can play and play it, but also someone who can play and let me be Believe it. “

Alt Pop powerhouse Bishop Briggs Have positioned themselves to empower.Platinum certified virus hits “River”, More than 3.2 billion video streams worldwide Coldplay Under her belt bishop Unintentionally slow down.

“I am happy to be a judge ‘Undisguised’,” Briggs Said. “Writing is a therapeutic method for me to express myself, so I can’t wait to learn more about everyone at every stage.”

As the lead singer, guitarist, songwriter and founder of the iconic multi-platinum rock band bushing, Rosedale In the United States and Canada alone, more than 20 million records have been sold. bushing In the “modern rock” and “mainstream rock” charts, he has been ranked in the top 40 for 23 consecutive years. Among them, 11 entered the top 5, and 6 of them entered the first place: “come down”, “glycerin”, “Head”, Swallowed, “The Chemicals Between Us” with “Winter Voice”. bushing Recently released the eighth studio album “kingdom”.

“I am very happy to be one of them ‘Undisguised’ -Which talented teams of artists to collaborate with,” Rosedale. “We have seen performances singing popular songs, and finally have a chance to find a real band with their own voice and vision. I hope we can attract some great artists to become the focus of attention.

Grammy AwardsAward-winning singer/guitarist Lzzy Hale Brings a powerful perspective “Undisguised” Because she has been in front of the band storm With her brother Alijie More than 20 years. Lzzy She is the best among her peers and has provided her young fan base with a fearless voice.She is the star of many music magazine cover stories, and she has won multiple industry awards such as Golden god And was recently named loudspeaker“Artist of the Decade”. Lzzy Also has her own Gibson Artist series guitar, Lzzy Hale Explorer.

“I’m very happy to join my friends, peers and rock band judges, Popular paradeMusic competition TV show ‘Undisguised’,” Lzzy Said. “I hope my enthusiasm and experience will help inspire and encourage these young bands to develop their own paths in this world.”

Visionary guitarist Tosin Abasi The most famous is to choreograph a metal band Animals as leaders And as the owner of a custom guitar company Abasi concept. indeed Was recently Guitar world Magazine, this is his first important role in the new movie “Bill and Ted: Facing Music”.

“I really look forward to participating in this incredible jury,” God. “This is the first time I have seen a show like this. It is actually linked to my favorite music. It will be all the rage!”

“Undisguised” Will be co-hosted by the singer Kellin Quinn (Sleep with siren, Heaven city) And radio personality Caity Babs (Siriusof Octane) And behind-the-scenes interviews conducted by veterans in the music industry Matt Pinfield (Music TV, VH1).

“I am very happy to have the opportunity to co-host ‘Undisguised’. I am very happy to participate in the artist’s journey! ” Quinn “I have witnessed the number of talented musicians waiting to be discovered! I am ready to share this experience with the rest of the world! Ready!”

As part of “Undisguised”, Participating artists will have the opportunity to establish a cooperative relationship with the most iconic American guitar brand in the world and win awards. Gibson.’S team Gibson We firmly believe in the power of music, supporting music education and putting musical instruments in the hands of those who desire to make music. This is indeed a life-changing event.

Live broadcasting is the backbone of the entire music industry, that’s why “Undisguised” Proudly collaborate with independent producers of major rock and alternative music festivals, Danny Wimmer gift (aftershock, Bourbon and beyond, Epicenter, Bigger than life, Sonic Temple, Welcome to Rockville).The winner of the first season “Undisguised” Will have the opportunity to perform in the future DWP Multi-day festival.

UTA Representing pioneer artists, storytellers, entertainers and brands. UTAIn movies, TV, news, music, sports, drama, art, books, video games, podcasts, and other social and digital content, the most acclaimed characters are customers. UTA This is where scripts look for buyers, breakthrough films look for financing, new TV series are launched, and new companies are born. UTA It’s an honor to provide an agent for the winner of the first season “Undisguised”.

Asylum Orchestra It is a modern music company whose main function is artist management, but also includes record companies, publishing companies, artist support services, marketing, branding and online/digital services.Founded by the CEO Carl Stabner, shelter Collaborate with a global roster, which includes iconic artists such as Fleetwood MAC, ZZ top, Perfect circle, Johnny Depp, Real Madrid, That’s it And the upcoming first season championship “Undisguised”.

“We are honored to participate in this creative collaboration,” Stabner. “There are a lot of undiscovered talents in the rock field, and we look forward to being part of the search!”

The winner of the first season “Undisguised” Will also have the opportunity to Night Bird Studio, Located in the Sunset Marquis Hotel.Night Bird celebrates multi-platinum and leaderboard items year after year, including and Kanye West, Ozzy Osbourne, Marron with U2.

“Undisguised” Created and produced by Sumerian Record founder Ash Avildsen with Golden god Producer Josh Bernstein.

‘Undisguised’ Will be the most authentic and unfiltered business representative and seek to make it an unsigned artist. ” Avicen. “No music competition performance can do what we want to do.”

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