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Alabama vs. Ohio State University predictions, drafts, odds, line positions, spread in the 2021 college football national championship game

The first-ranked Alabama and third-ranked Ohio State University will play Monday night at Hard Rock Stadium in the National Championship of the College Football Playoffs. This may be one of the most interesting championship duels in recent memory. The crimson wave has been quite difficult throughout the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) entering the conference title, and the undefeated Buckeyes only needed six games to win the conference laurel and obtain a CFP seat.

That’s what’s really interesting. Ohio State quarterback Justin Fields exploded with No. 2 Clemson on a 385-yard pass. Despite a rib injury late in the second quarter, the entire second half of the game was slightly Backed down, but he still suffered 6 touchdown throws. Speaking of explosions, Trey Sermon, who ran past for 636 yards and four touchdowns in the past three games, benefited from the offensive line that gradually matured as the Buckeyes discovered their offensive identity. The defense showed resistance to the tiger, which is the most important development of the sugar bowl. Clemson quarterback Trevor Lawrence (Trevor Lawrence) was harassed all night, including the upper body-quarterback̵

7;s worst nightmare.

The big story last week in Columbus, Ohio involved the availability of players. All eyes are on Fields’ ribs, and coach Ryan Day insists that his superstar will be ready to set off on Monday night. Buckeyes has also been dealing with the COVID-19 issue, which may delay the game until January 18.

In Alabama, led by Heisman Trophy winner, acclaimed DeVonta Smith and star quarterback Mac Jones, there is no problem with Rose Bowl Four Notre Dame. Thanks to the excellent play style of offensive coordinator Steve Sarkisian, the offense scored 7.95 yards per game. No matter what the opposing defense gives them, he has the ability to make his organizers-including running back to Najee Harris-to perform well throughout the season. Sarkisian’s new role as the Texas coach may be a distraction, but Alabama coach Nick Saban has a wealth of experience and can compete with other positions. The assistants of the big positions prepare together for the big game.

How Saban and Defense Coordinator Pete Golding made plans to slow Fields’ plan is really fascinating. The double-threatening star has achieved great success in the air with wide receivers Chris Olave and Garrett Wilson, and he is more tense than in all seasons. .

This is what our CBS Sports Academy football experts think on Monday, Alabama will become the 2021 CFP national champion, not the touchdown touchdown favorite of Ohio State.

Alabama and Ohio forecasts, selected

Latest odds:

Alabama Crimson Wave-9

Grasp the main points, but you will not need them. Ohio State University will win this championship. The top seven of the Buckeyes performed well in the game against Clemson, especially above the middle. It will be expensive for Alabama to lack the star center and Rimington Award winner Landon Dickerson’s offensive line. On the other side of the ball, the Buckeyes’ offensive line found a stride late in the season. Under normal circumstances, this would be the middle of the twelve games. This is important. How many teams find their progress in the normal schedule? Ton. It happens every year. This is basically where the horse chestnut is located. This will be a battle. Ohio will win more battles than Alabama, which will lead to an uphill victory. Picking: Ohio +8 | Ohio State 35, Alabama 31 -Barrett Sallee

Will the horse chestnut lack some key beginnings? If so, which positions will be affected? Obstructing game development is vital information, but remember that this is not the first time Ohio State University has dealt with such issues. Even in the game against Clemson last week, Ohio State still had few players able to win convincingly. Nevertheless, even as good as Clemson, the situation in Alabama is completely different. Assuming there is no big list, this is a team from Ohio State University that can solve Alabama’s problems. The Crimson Tide is absolutely dominant throughout the season. Their offense was led by three players who voted with the winners of wide receiver Devonta Smith and quarterback Mike Jones in the top five of the Heisman Trophy and defeated Nagy Harry S. They are also one of the best offensive lines in the United States, and yes, they may also return to WR Jaylen Waddle this week. The appearance of Oklahoma State transfer Trey Sermon (rushed for 636 yards and four touchdowns in the past three games) added another dimension to Ohio State’s offense and relieved Justin. Field’s burden. The Buckeyes should be able to move the ball and score in Alabama’s defense. This is why, with the information now available, Buckeye covers the spread. Picking: Ohio +8 | Alabama 38-31 -Tom Furnally

To defeat Alabama, you must be Alabama. In other words, possessing a stable fast strike weapon can surpass anyone. Last year, it served LSU and won the third-worst defense in the national championship. For Alabama, its job is better than ever. Buckeyes have weapons to win gun battles. Durable tail? Check (Trey sermon). A high-altitude receiver? Check (Chris Olaf, Garrett Wilson). Star quarterback? Check (Justin Fields). The magic number won on Monday was at least 40 points. Both teams will get there. Alabama will continue. only. Picking: Ohio +8 | Alabama 48, Ohio 42 -Dennis Dodd

Alabama often wins this game, and this year’s winning style-creating an early advantage with a devastating first punch-makes me think that for most of the second half, the Ted will maintain the lead. So this choice depends on whether Alabama can keep the back door closed, and my intuition is that the lesson learned from Florida’s late push in the SEC Championship game is that regardless of Justin Fields and the powerful Buckeyes offense As their final challenge in the later period, Tide has made better preparations in the game. I think the spread is much bigger than the game, and Alabama has won a classic of line-to-line fashion. Choice: Alabama-8 | Alabama 48, Ohio 35 -Chip Patterson

The bombing of Clemson left a deep impression, of course, this was unexpected. For all the debate about the number of games, Ohio State University proved that it is not only a playoff game, but also worthy of shooting in Alabama. The Buckeyes have the speed and resilience to keep up with Alabama’s offense-but can they make the necessary stops? Alabama is the best team of the season. They have the best offensive players, and this advantage will prevail-just before the Buckeyes score eight points. Picking: Ohio +8 | Alabama 38, Ohio 31 -Ben Kercheval

Alabama is the best team in college football for the entire season, and I have no reason to believe that the Crimson Tide will not end on Monday night. Alabama is a great fit to play in Ohio, the weakest in the second state-can Jaylen Wadle return. The limited Justin Fields, especially in running competitions, makes it difficult for the Buckeyes to keep up. Selection: Alabama-8 | Alabama 37, Ohio 27 -Jerry Palm

When Alabama has only won a few points this season, it is difficult to regard it as a single-digit favorite. Yes, Ohio State University is probably the best team the Bama team has ever played, but despite Clemson’s poor performance in the semifinals, it did not encounter such an offense. This should be a high-scoring game, but I think the difference is on the ground. Tides answered Trey Sermon more than Buckeyes answered Najee Harris. If Alabama can consistently control the ball, it will limit Ohio State’s chances to play big ball, but Clemson cannot. Expect Tidal to report an exciting and highly competitive national championship game early in the fourth quarter. But please note: Since 2009, Ohio State University has a 7-0 record of 7 points or more. I oppose this trend, but it is worth considering. Selection: Alabama-8 | Alabama 41, Ohio 31 -Adam Silverstein

I hope this game becomes the shootout that some people hope. Justin Fields and Ohio State’s offense should continue near where they stopped in their defeat of Clemson and cause some damage to the Tide Middle School player. However, in the end, Heisman champion DeVonta Smith, Mac Jones and Alabama’s offense gained the last spot on the Buckeyes, thus making this crash classic. limit. Picking: Ohio +8 | Alabama 42, Ohio 35 -Jack Crosby

So who can win the 2021 college football playoffs national championship game between Alabama and Ohio, and which aspect of the price difference has the full value? Visit SportsLine now to find out which side you need to jump toAll of this comes from the model, ranked with 56-36 points for college football picks.

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